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IO Scout Blog

What to Sell on Amazon - Finding Profitable Products

A seller simply has to open an account and choose FBA as the method of business. With this simple choice, you have access to billions of customers worldwide who frequently shop from Amazon. More information about how to sell on Amazon you will find in IO Scout comprehensive guide.

26 Nov, 2020

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A detailed guide to Amazon Brand Registry

When Amazon was founded in 1995, it was simply a platform for selling online books but it sold a lot of books in the first year and became a popular marketplace for purchasing books. After the successful launch, it started to expand and added more categories. Today, it sells almost every kind of stuff. Whether you are looking for a pair of socks or laptops and LED TVs, everything is available on this marketplace. It has now become a huge company and in 2019 it generated a revenue of $87.4 billion.

06 Nov, 2020

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Helium 10 Review and Guide

Today, people want to make money online. Selling on Amazon is one of the ways people are using to make money online. Amazon has made many online sellers dollar millionaires. Everybody now wants to join Amazon and promote their brand there. However, selling on Amazon is not a guarantee that you'll become a dollar millionaire. There are factors that determine whether one succeeds or fails when selling on Amazon. Examples include item selection, competitor analysis, keyword research etc.

24 Feb, 2020

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FBA Toolkit – An Ultimate Guide

When Amazon was founded in 1995 it was just a platform for selling books online and it started to become a popular site just after a few months. Slowly more categories were added and now it has become one of the largest online retailers offering different items in all types of categories. From health and household, home and kitchen to pet supplies and art, crafts, and sewing, it consists of all types of categories.

21 Feb, 2020

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Amazon Product Research & Finder Tools [2020 Updated]

The popularity of Amazon is rising every day. Every seller wants to join Amazon and grow their brand globally. A high number of sellers join Amazon daily. This has made Amazon a very competitive platform for sellers. Luckily, the process of choosing items for Amazon has been automated. There are various Amazon Product Research Tools available in the market today. IO Scout Amazon Product Research Tool make the task of choosing items simple and faster.

17 Nov, 2020

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Best Amazon Price Tracker

Price tracking is essential for both Amazon sellers and buyers. Amazon is a competitive platform. Millions of sellers visit the platform to sell different items. As a seller, you will find thousands of sellers selling same item as yours. You need to use all possible means to stay competitive and make sales. One of the ways to remain competitive is by offering an optimal price of your item. Your item's price must be optimal compared to that of your competitors. This requires you to keep tracking the prices of your competitors' items. You will then keep adjusting the price of your item continuously. As an Amazon buyer, you're looking for the best deal on the platform. The price of the item you are interested is critical. You need to check the prices of different items and choose the one with an optimal price.

17 Nov, 2020

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AMZScout Review - Is it an Effective Tool?

Amazon is among the most popular and trusted platform for both selling and purchasing goods as it has millions of shoppers which brings the opportunity for merchants for earning a handsome amount through it while one of the reasons for it being popular among shoppers is that it offers almost any all types of items. From hairpins to laptops, the marketplace has everything you need.

20 Feb, 2020

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Amazon FBA Fees: Learn Before Investing

Amazon reached an estimated $258.22 billion in sales by 2018, which is half of the online sales worldwide and around 5% of retail sales happening around the US. Naturally, medium and small businesses utilize this as an avenue to reach a massive number of shoppers that were unaccounted for previously. In fact, third-party sellers make up for almost 58% of annual gross merchandise sales for Amazon.

19 Nov, 2020

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Merchant Words Review – Still in the Game?

How would you like to know what shoppers are interested in before you list an item on Amazon? No, it’s not strange voodoo or some kind of mind-reading. What is MerchantWords? MerchantWords collects this precious data from Amazon and bundles it into a handy tool. Sellers can use this to list popular items and increase their revenue.

19 Feb, 2020

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Viral Launch Review: Is It Worth It?

To be a successful seller on the Amazon marketplace, one needs to have the proper market insights as well as concrete marketing research information.

18 Feb, 2020

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