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Bookmark your product ideas and keep track of their changes with IO Scout Product tracker. Receive the most vital product details available for you updated on hourly basis.

Product Tracker

What is the Product Tracker?

IO Scout Product Tracker is among the best Amazon tools to keep track of product ideas for selling on Amazon. Data is updated on an hourly basis in Product Tracker so that you are always ahead of the competitors.

Track product trends

Use IO Scout Product Tracker to check the product’s seasonality, review the reviews’ and rank trends, track the competitor’s pricing strategy and much more. Do all of this and much more with IO Scout Product Tracker.

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Store product ideas in one place

Stay organized and save your product ideas in one place. To do this, create product groups in IO Scout Product Tracker. List your chosen products sorted according to your preferences. There is no limit to the number of groups you can create, so go for it!

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Find suppliers

With IO Scout Product Tracker you receive instant access to top-notch suppliers from 10+ resources. Simply choose where you would like to start your search and we will be there to help. Go ahead and choose your rockstar supplier right in IO Scout Product Tracker.

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You can do all this and much more with Product Tracker

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Updates on hourly basis

Product Tracker updates data associated with your saved products on an hourly basis.

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Most vital information at your fingertips

Get instant access to product totals right in the product ideas group.

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Analyze your chosen products in any comfortable format.

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IO Scout Product Tracker

Finding your next Amazon ASIN is not always an easy thing to do, but it’s always achievable if you follow several easy steps in your Amazon product research. You start off with a product search using multiple filters in Amazon Product Finder. There are more than 150 million products available for your Amazon product analysis, so you may tune your strategy however you want. You may go after products with low quality listings or after products with low rating, but high number of sales. Or you may go after products that are of high demand at this point of time and are out of stock.

Once you are done with narrowing down the product list, evaluate the options available and save the most appealing ones to your product ideas to Product Tracker.

The number of product ideas you may have is enormous. To segment your product ideas, we added groups for you in Product Finder to stay organized. This is handy to have all your products structured nicely when you want to make sure that you are tracking the most vital products.

Once the product is bookmarked in Product Finder, IO Scout will start updating its data on an hourly basis so that you receive the most accurate product details for your chosen products.

With Product Tracker, you receive all vital data right at your fingertips. Each group saved in the product tracker displays the most important information about the saved products in it. Such details include:

  • Average price of the products in the group
  • Average rank
  • Average number of reviews
  • Average rating
  • Total revenue
  • Total sales
  • Total reviews

In the list of products available in the group, you receive the possibility to review the most important information about each product, including: the most accurate product price, fees associated with selling the product on Amazon FBA, net, accurate product rank, rating, number of reviews and much more. IO Scout product tracker gives you insights on projected number of sales and revenue for each product saved in the product tracker.

Apart from overall information available in the list of products, you have instant access to the FBA Calculator available directly in Product tracker. To access it, simply click on “Calculate fees” in the product list and it will pop-up. Most of the information will be automatically filled in for you (selling on Amazon fees and fulfillment by Amazon fees are already calculated for you). You simply need to add costs associated with shipping to Amazon, cost of product and any other expenses. Once done with all the remaining expenses, click on “Calculate” and you will receive the insights on Net Profit and Net Margin.

All product details in the group may be exported into Excel for your convenience.

To get access to the data updated on an hourly basis, simply open the product and you will see extended details about it.

Track down product history! When drilling into product details, you will get access to the historical information about the product’s rank, reviews and price for the last 24 hours / 7 days / 30 days / 90 days / 180 days. When clicking on the required time period and metric, you will:

  • receive instant access to the product’s pricing strategy changes
  • have the possibility to see if there was any increase in reviews meaning there was an increase in sales or if there was a decrease in reviews
  • have access to product rank changes to see whether the product sales were growing or dropping

To track the product’s seasonality, simply use 180 days to see if the product has seasonal demand or if the demand has been increasing or decreasing.

With IO Scout Product Tracker, you have the possibility to start looking for sellers directly in product details. Choose where you want to start your search. You may go ahead and start your supplier search on Alibaba, Aliexpress, Google, eBay, 1688, Walmart, Tmall, Sears, Kmart, Target or Bonanza.

Feel free to start contacting suppliers on any of the platforms or on all of them at the same time. It is recommended to get in contact with a few of them and to check their responses as well as the reviews in order to be on the safe side.

Amazon market research is something that is done on a regular basis by any type of Amazon sellers. You may be a guru Amazon seller or just a beginner, finding your product is always a job to be done. Don’t worry about it, we are always here to help.