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We conduct a deep product research, find the most prospective opportunity and share the data with you exclusively.

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My first attempt to sell on Amazon was a few years ago. I was very confident so I picked a product by myself. I failed. Now I decided to launch on Amazon once again, but this time I ordered a product research from the IO Scout team. Well, the opportunity and the analysis they created for me looked very powerful. Years ago I was not even close to this kind of estimation. As of today I already sold a few items and if I hold to a plan I will become profitable in 5 months.


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I ordered a product here at IO Scout and made my small business profitable in 8 months. Definitely worth its price. I can recommend it to everyone.


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Great assistance for beginners. I have a job so I didn’t have time for all these Amazon courses and stuff. So I just ordered a product research here and it was worth it. Now I have an additional income and I feel much more confident than I used to be because of pandemic. Priceless.


Your product is everything.

Finding a product to sell can be very tricky. Many beginners fail at this stage because they just don’t know what to look for and how to make the estimations. This is why it is so important to get professional assistance.

No guesses. Our research is based on many years’ experience of million-dollar Amazon sellers.

Unique Product Package

A regular Product Package includes:

  • a unique product opportunity researched for you exclusively;
  • product data, estimated costs and profits, suppliers’ pricing and more;
  • top competitors analysis, their strengths and weaknesses;
  • list of the keywords to use in order to be found by your buyers;
  • suppliers contacts, pricing, and MOQs.
Unique Product Package sourcing

Product Package Order

Here is how you get your personal opportunity:

  • You submit a request on our website.
  • We contact you and discuss all your requirements, categories you would like to sell in, and your initial investment.
  • We make an offer based on your requirements.
  • You make an order and we start our research on the same day.
  • We deliver the best product opportunity to you within 14 days.
  • In case you have any questions you contact us anytime via
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Product Examples

Product category
Estimated ROI

your return on investment

Estimated Profit (annual)

your estimated future profit per year

Returns in

how long it will take your business to become profitable


if this Package is available for order now

Electronics 120% $85K 12 months


Baby 115% $48K 8 months


Home & Kitchen 90% $54K 9 months


Toys & Games 110% $89K 6 months Book now
Toys & Games 119% $50K 5 months Book now
Automotive 120% $160K 15 months


Home & Kitchen 98% $153K 11 months Book now
Pet Supplies 135% $98K 10 months


Jewelry 120% $170K 13 months


Office Products 105% $100K 12 months Book now


What if you send me a product I don’t like?

We will discuss all your preferences before we start the research. You can specify the categories or even products you don’t want to work with.

Can I order more than one product?

Sure, you can order as many products as you want.

How many times do you sell the same product package?

Only once. Each product opportunity is researched based on your requirements and is exclusive.

Do I need an active IO Scout subscription to order a package?

No, you do not have to be an IO Scout subscriber.

Can I pay after I get the product package? Or refund my order?

Once we send you a ready product package we share a unique research, all the product and suppliers data. So you can not pay after you receive the package. There are also no refunds for these orders.

How long does it take you to send me the package?

Most researches are made from scratch, so it usually takes up to 14 days. It can take longer if you have some custom requests, in this case we will notify you in advance. Sometimes we have ready packages that we created in advance, they are listed on this page.

Make a first step to your financial freedom.