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Amazon Product Finder

Amazon Product Research Tool

Find rockstar products to sell on Amazon just in a few clicks

Use IO Scout Amazon Product Finder to:

  • find the right products to sell on Amazon based on your criteria
  • research product data and trends
  • analyze your competitors sales
Product Finder

What is the Amazon Product Finder

IO Scout Product Finder is an Amazon research tool, which provides instant access to more than 200 million products available on Amazon. Simply use dozens of filters to find exceptional products to sell on Amazon.


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Based on 1252 reviews

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I switched from AMZ Scout to IO Scout and was absolutely happy with this decision. I got the same set of tools and quality for a more affordable price.


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Thank you guys!

IO Scout Customer Care Team is the game changer. You can succeed without any experience and expensive courses. Thank you guys.


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The most helpful and affordable

The most helpful and affordable all-in-one software for Amazon sellers. Without a doubt.

Helen Banks

Find high margin products with low competition

Use IO Scout Product Finder to scout for products with high margins and low competition. To do this, simply use the number of sellers and revenue filters available for you in the Finder.


Explore what you are good at

Not ready to dive into brand new niches? No worries! Go ahead and choose the product categories you already have experience in. Alternatively, use the “include keywords” tab to find out more about the specific ideas you have in mind.

good at

Try out new niches

Ready to start with something new? Feel free to check out all categories available on Amazon! Apply filters associated with product rating, number of reviews, number of sellers, revenue, sellers and much more to see what is there for you.

New Niches

Think outside the box

IO Scout filters provide you with the possibility to try out as many searches as you wish. Narrow down your search however you want. Choose the strategy to scout for products and test any of them! IO Scout Product Finder is always there for you.


Save filter ideas for later

Ready to start your brand new product search? Save your current filter for later and get back to it whenever you want. Simply use “Save this search” and save it for the next time.


Bookmark products

Use bookmarks to have your product details updated on an hourly basis. Get access to the saved products in Product Tracker.


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Do all of this and more with Amazon Product Research Tool

FBA Calculator

FBA calculator

Calculate associated Amazon fees directly in Product Finder

Sales estimator

Sales estimator

Estimate the number of monthly sales right in Finder

Export results

Export results

Export up to 20,000 rows into Excel spreadsheets

Start your product research today!

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IO Scout Product Research Tool

It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced Amazon seller or you are just making your first steps to start selling on Amazon, Product Finder is always there to help you with finding your product. IO Scout Product Finder is a great tool to help you find your exceptional products to sell on Amazon.

IO Scout is among the best Amazon product research tools to consider when you scout for your rockstar products.

Amazon product research has never been easier! Simply go to IO Scout Finder and use the filters to find your best match.

If you feel frustrated with going after something brand new, we recommend focusing on the categories that you are comfortable with. Simply choose the categories that you are familiar with and go after them.

If you are ready to explore more possibilities available on Amazon, don’t limit your imagination and go after all categories.

Choose the pricing strategy to go after and limit your search only to the products that match your criteria. If you are just starting to sell on Amazon, it is recommended to go after the products, which are neither too expensive nor too pricey.

If you are looking to work on the product quality, feel free to look for products with lower ratings. It is recommended to go after products or niches which are not over saturated. To find such products, try limiting the number of reviews in your search results.

Try to look for products that don’t have too many competitors to decrease the chances of going after an over-saturated product niche.

Decide what revenue you want to go after and use the revenue filter available in IO Scout Product Finder.

To look for specific niche or product categories, use “search title and ASIN”. Make sure you don’t have brands that you cannot go after (use exclude keywords for this). If you want to check out your competitors sales and progress, feel free to use the brand title.

For pros, we recommend looking at Tier, Delivery type and Advanced filters, such as making sure that you only look at products without BuyBox, products that are out of stock or only unique products (filter, which is used for products with variations).

To start your Amazon product analysis, click on search and start analyzing the search results.

IO Scout offers you a possibility to review the important numbers for the first 50 results on the page, such as the average price, average rank, average reviews and average rating. The totals for the first 50 results are also available. They include: total revenue, total sales and total reviews.

When conducting Amazon FBA product research, it’s always important to pay attention to the fees associated with selling on Amazon. Such fees include:

  • selling on Amazon fees (Amazon Referral fee and Variable Closing Fee)
  • Fulfillment by Amazon Fees (Monthly storage & Fulfillment fees).

IO Scout provides you with a possibility to calculate your Net Profit for each product right in Product Finder. Simply use “Calculate” button to see the fees associated with selling on Amazon FBA. Add expenses associated with shipping to Amazon, the product cost and other expenses and you are all set!

Pay attention to the number of sales the product makes. The number of sales is calculated based on IO Scout internal algorithm and shows the average monthly sales for the product.

It is recommended to pay attention to the number of sellers that sell the product. If the number of sellers is high and the number of sales is not too high, we recommend looking for something different. Revenue is also an important metric to pay attention too. For instance, if the revenue is $4,500 and there are 3 sellers, the average revenue for this product will be $1,500 / monthly.

To receive product updates on an hourly basis, use bookmark next to the product name to have it saved in the Product Bookmarks.

If you want to export your search results, IO Scout is there for you. Simply use the “Export” button and a CSV file will be generated in a few seconds with up to 20,000 rows of product results.

Amazon Product Finder is designed to make selling a breeze. This product research tool conducts Amazon product research to narrow down the market and help you find the best product to sell for the best results.

With the Amazon FBA research tools that the product finder incorporates, you can choose to find a new niche that can really open your market or you can find better ways to do the things you are comfortable with. In fact, you might just find a new product within your comfort niche using the Amazon product research tool.

The tool is ultimately designed to take out the guesswork. It provides you with estimates and recommendations so you know where to turn your focus to get the most out of your online selling business.

The Amazon Product Finder is ultimately an Amazon Research Tool that can provide a lot of unique data. Here are a few things to take note of:

  • FBA Calculator

    One aspect of this Amazon seller research tool is the FBA calculator. This calculator takes fees into consideration and will calculate any fees that you might run into with any product that you research.

  • Sales Estimator

    You can use our Amazon product research tool to find products, calculate fees, and estimate monthly sales before you make a decision. This estimator is based on true sales data and is designed to give you an outlook at the success you might find if you try the product in question.

  • Export Results

    You can use the product research tool for any number of searches and start browsing your options. You can save your searches and bookmark products that might be of interest to you. And then, any data returned in your research can be exported. You can export to Excel with up to 20,000 rows, which is most likely more than you will ever need!

  • How it Works

    Ultimately, here is how the tool works. You can look into any category and any niche on the market. If you have a product in mind, then you can base your search off of these products but be aware that the tool is far more intuitive and may help you find new categories or products if you are open to the suggestions.

    The product finder tool uses Amazon product research to help you choose a product and narrow down the fields. There are useful filters where you can stick to specific categories if you prefer.

    From there, you can choose a specific pricing strategy or you can search any pricing strategy, depending on what you are after. You can even narrow down options based on ratings of current products and looking for fields that are not already overrun with products.

    You want to avoid products that have a lot of competition already in place but you also want to strive for revenue, after all, that’s why you’re here! This Amazon seller research tool can narrow down the market as much or as little as you want to with the filters and how you utilize them.

    Don’t forget to look at the fees for both selling and Amazon fulfillment and include those in the calculator information so you get a clear picture of what you can expect for sales and revenue overall.

    IO Scout has the functionality to calculate a net profit through the calculator, which makes it much easier for you to truly determine the bottom line and calculate your possible revenue.

    Once you run your searches, remember to bookmark the product or export results to Excel so you can continue to review the information in order to make the best decision for your business.