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Helium 10 Review - Amazon Seller Tools

Selling on Amazon is one of the ways people are using to make money online. Amazon has made many online sellers dollar millionaires. Everybody now wants to join Amazon and promote their brand there. However, selling on Amazon is not a guarantee that you'll become a dollar millionaire. There are factors that determine whether one succeeds or fails when selling on Amazon. Examples include item selection, competitor analysis, keyword research etc. For you to record success in your Amazon journey, you must take of the above factors. But how can you do it? A lot of questions will pop up from this and some can't be answered, especially when not using tools. This article will guide you on how to run a successful Amazon business using Helium 10.

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What is Helium 10?

Helium 10 is an online software suite that helps Amazon sellers automate most of their selling activities. Examples of such activities include item research, SEO, competitor analysis etc. If these tasks are done manually, the seller will spend too much time and have little or no time left to plan their business.

With Helium Ten, you will save much time, helping you focus only on what is necessary to you. See it as an all-in-one software package for providing solutions to the needs of Amazon sellers to stay ahead of their competitors. There are many tools that you can use to run your Amazon business. However, Helium 10 is more comprehensive because it has 17 tools in it. Each of these offers a different feature for performing various tasks on Amazon.

helium 10 reviews

Helium 10 can be used in two ways:

  • Web application
  • Chrome extension

Helium 10 Pricing

Helium 10 pricing provides different plans. It has a free option. In addition to that, it offers 3 paid plans. This makes it a bit complicated when compared to other Amazon seller tools. However, this is for good reasons.

As you're aware, Helium 10 has 17 tools. It allows you to subscribe to a single tool that you are interested in instead of subscribing for the whole package. Again, most of these tools provide free limited use.

Those are the four plans offered by Helium 10. These plans are broken down below:


This plan is available for free and is good for sellers who need to be introduced to the tool. This allows sellers to use this tool for completely free. This is not the case with other Amazon seller tools as they only offer a free trial period running for 7, 14 or 28 days. However, the major and larger tools in this tool are limited to 30 days.

Platinum Plan

This plan is suitable for sellers who need to use Helium 10 minimally. It costs $97 monthly.

Diamond Plan

This plan is good fro sellers who need to use the software more and need more capabilities from Helium 10. It costs its users $197 monthly.

Elite Plan

This is the best plan for sellers who need to enjoy bit of the Helium 10 features. It's suitable for Amazon sellers who need to run successful Amazon businesses. It gives its users advanced training, VIP networking, in-person classes and others. Its users have unlimited access to all Helium 10 features. The plan costs $397 monthly.

helium 10 cpr

If you are skeptical about Helium 10 cost, you can start with the free plan then move to the paid plans gradually. This will give you a nice experience. Get your Helium 10 trial for 30 days.

Helium 10 Tools

Let's discuss the Helium 10 tools:

Black Box

Helium 10 Black Box is a tool offered by Helium 10 Amazon for product research. It helps Amazon sellers find the right and most profitable products to sell on the platform. The research is done based on advanced data and smart filters.

Note that product research is a very important step for any Amazon seller. The item a seller decides to sell determines whether they record success or failure on Amazon. Helium 10 Black box allows you to analyze various items by considering factor such as price, ales volume, competition and weight. This simplifies product research, with sellers spending only seconds in what could have cost them hours of their time.

The tools allows saving of findings for future sorting in the future to ensure sellers don't forget. When researching products, you can use keywords. You need to identify terms that customers use when searching for items on amazon. You then find items related to that search term. Currently, there are many tools that research products based on keywords. However, none of these tools do it faster that Black Box. That's why you must consider using this tool.

With Helium 10 Black Box, you can scan up to 450 item ASINs and get the most profitable item to sell.


helium 10 plan

You can find this feature in helium 10 chrome extension. The tools gives sellers insights from a wide range of metrics and data as they browse through Helium 10 vAmazon.

Some of the insights the feature gives include prices, revenue estimates, PPC analytics, sales trends and others, all together and at a glance. Xray works better when you have narrowed down your search using Black Box filters. It simply checks into your results and extracts the most useful insights and presents them to you.

Review Downloader

You'll also find this feature in helium 10 chrome extension. This features allows sellers to extract item's reviews, sort them and export them into a spreadsheet for analysis. It provides an easy way of doing research about Amazon reviews. It will tell how customers think as far as your item is concerned, the competitors and the item you are interested in.

With Review Downloader, you can download reviews about your competitor's item. The helium 10 reviews can be analyzed to see his strong and weak points. This will helps you come with a better item that you competitor. Your item will fetch more sales, have an improved rank and fetch even more sales.

Inventory Levels

This feature is also provided by the helium 10 chrome extension. It helps you monitor the inventory level for the item you've listed on Amazon. This helps you keep your item stocked.

With Inventory Levels feature, you can monitor the level of your competitor's inventory. If they are running low of stock, you can restock your item and take advantage of that. Your item will fetch more sales. Note that you will be able to do this without having to log into seller central.

ASIN Grabber

With the ASIN grabber, you can copy and paste ASINs quickly in order to generate targeted PPC ads or find items that are more likely to rise in demand.

helium 10 pricing

Profitability Calculator

It's found in the Helium 10 chrome extension. It consider the manufacturing costs per unit, weight, dimensions, shipping costs etc., to help you determine the amount of profit you can earn from selling an item.

helium10 x 4


See it as Google Trends for Helium Ten. It helps sellers check the seasonality of an item. Sellers can tell whether an item is currently showing upward or downward trend. Note that it can show the item's trend for the past few years. It's simple to use but a useful tool of helium 10.

Any seller should know whether an item generates sales all-year round or whether it' a seasonal item. Trendsetter helps you learn this.It works by analyzing the keywords and ASINs for an item to show its pricing history and sales ranking. It give susers the option of entering the item's ASIN but those in need of entering a keyword related to the ASIN will get a Google trend graph.

helium 10 reviews

You can also choose the date range, and once you click the graph in results page, it will allow viewing of different sales ranks and price points. The tool helps sellers know whether item's demand is increasing or decreasing.


This is one of the many options Helium 10 provides for doing keyword research. it comes with a huge database full of Amazon keywords.

It helps sellers find high volume keywords that are relevant to the items they need to sell. You get very broad and vast suggestion that you did not even expect.

helium 10 cerebro

There are many tools that can perform the same tasks as Magnet. However, Magnet does it with a high degree of accuracy and finesse. Its search results are returned instantly, they are more accurate. If you have not subscribed for Helium 10, Magnet will allow you to use it 2 times a day, meaning that you can try it out before subscribing. Most sellers like it for its ease of use and high degree of accuracy.


This is another tool for keyword research and keyword optimization offered by helium 10. It gives accurate search volume for each exact query, but also gives broad search volumes related to the search terms.

There are several long-tail search functions and filters that give much about each item or keyword. Items are scored with Cerebro IQ score and Helium 10 Cerebro Product Rank to help sellers know what it will take them to have their items reach first rank.

Helium 10 Cerebro will not simple provide you with keyword ideas, but it will show you what your competitors are using to rank their items. This will help you find new product ideas. You will analyze the ASINs of your competitors and know each single keyword that they are using for ranking. You can then apply the ones that you had not applied to your item.

This Helium 10 app is well known for its reverse ASIN search feature, which shows all keywords that a particular item is indexing and ranking for.


Scribbles is good for creating item listing and it ensures no one misses an important keyword or feature. It checks the number of keywords that you use for a listing, ensuring that you don't use many or less. Scribbles also stores drafts of your previous item listings, allowing you perform comparisons and switch back if necessary.

Scribbles also maintains a list of unused keywords and ticks them off as the user types them. This will ensure that the seller doesn't miss to use good keywords that can attract good traffic and generate sales for an item.

Scribbles is a very beneficial tool that we have not seen in any other Amazon seller tool, making it easier for sellers to optimize their item listings with keywords with much ease. Just make sure that you have used this tool even if you have already listed your items, and this will save you from missing anything important.

io scout amazon listing optimization service


Frankenstein is simply bringing together many parts that are useless into one useful thing. Frankenstein helps your item rank higher on Amazon using the A9 algorithm. It achieves this by bringing together jumbled keywords, then it splits the keywords into separate lists that are cohesive.

This makes it easy to perform sorting and filtering using different metrics get valuable insights and remove duplicates. Sellers are showing keywords that are doing better and ones that are doing worse.

The keywords can be sorted by frequency with which they appear in the listings, to remove the ones with less or no impact and add ones with much impact.

If you combine Frankenstein with Scribbles, it will be difficult for anyone to catch up with your listing optimizations and it will be easy for you to achieve the top ranking quickly.

Index checker

This helium 10’s app feature is used for checking whether an item listing has been indexed for a particular keyword in A9 algorithm. It helps you know whether your items are indexed for most valuable keyword.

Your item could also be raked for irrelevant keywords. Index checker will show this, and these will be shown as negative keywords. You also do same for competitors' items, to know whether they rank for any keyword that you can steal.

Traditionally, this was done by adding a keyword to listing and observing the movement of the rank over time. There are many tools capable of reading from the Amazon's algorithm to give insights, but none can give insights with this level of insight for every keyword that a listing is ranked for and with such effectiveness.

You also need to know whether you have done the right optimization for a keyword that can generate high traffic. This is possible with Index Checker, strengthening your keyword search strategy.

Keyword Tracker

This tool does exactly what its name suggests. IT allows its users to track the ranking of their item listings ad how they have changed overtime. This can tell you what works well and what doesn't work so that you can optimize it.

You can also track your competitors through their listings. You can learn some of the tricks they are employing to stay at the top. you can then implement them into your item listing. You will increase your item' rank.

Keyword Tracker is a great tool of helium 10, allowing you to make sound decisions regarding your Amazon business.

io scout keyword tool

Helium 10’s app tools go further to improve accuracy, processing speed, color-coded dashboards, unique design or they make everything design. This is what makes helium 10 stand out in the market when compared to the other tools.


This is the tool that shows live data about your business 24/7. Some of the information shown by the tool include gross revenue, profit, sales trends, margins, promotions, ROI, refunds etc.

All this data is provided and is live, providing you with nice dashboard, do analysis and evaluate the performance of your Amazon business. Profits will tell you when the inventories of your items are low and when they are at their peak, helping you take necessary action in time. You will also work out a more efficient schedule.

Profits shows analytics for past 24 hours, past 1 weeks, 30 days, year. This gives freedom of manipulating numbers and seen whatever they need to see. It's one of the best seller analytics dashboard available.


The Alerts feature of helium 10 helps protect your items. It provides sellers with a dashboard where they can view their items' listings and the Buy Boxes at a go. Anytime someone hijacks your listing, you will be alerted via SMS or email. It also offers report templates allowing for reporting of any offending Amazon seller to the Amazon team immediately.

Alerts will take screenshots of your listings daily then send them to you. This will help you save time that you could have spend checking this manually. All these will prevent your competitors from devaluing your item, hijacking your listings or selling counterfeits of your items.

It is not better compared to AMZAlert or any other tool but it works and it's easy to setup. It acts as the insurance policy, protecting your items and profits.

Inventory Protector

The Inventory Protector helps track your stock, telling the total units available in stock, their worth, and gives the running totals for the past 24 hours, 7 days, or for any custom time period that you've setup.

With the handy widgets, you can see the sales of different items and tell the ones that are increasing and ones that are decreasing. This way, you can respond quickly, you can respond in time and take appropriate action by ordering a new stock or investigating and dealing with the cause of decreasing demand.

The Inventory Protector allows sellers to set maximum of inventory to order for a certain item. This will prevent people from using discount/coupon codes to wipe out your whole stock.

See it as insurance policy, just like Alerts tool, but this one will help you when your competitor adds many of your item into the basket simply to check your inventory, or when somebody else uses discount to purchase all your items.

Refund Genie

The process of processing refunds on FBA is a headache. However, you can process and get your money back using Refund Genie. The process is also made easier, so you get your money back with less work.

It checks 5 major reasons for refunds and offers filled message templates. These can be send to Amazon for processing, showing amount that should be paid. This fastens the processing of reimbursements.


This is a Helium 10 feature for email automation. Most Amazon sellers are busy, lacking time to send emails to all their customers.

With Follow-Up, you automate the process of sending emails to customers, especially after certain events. You can automate emails to be send to customers immediately they've purchased an item, thanking them for purchasing your item.


After getting all keywords that are necessary for marketing an item, it doesn't mean you have all resources to drive traffic towards your item. Misspellinator finishes the work.

It gives sellers misspellings of keywords that they can add to the list of keywords. This helps improve visibility of the item, generating more sales and improving ranking.


Amazon is a great platform for sellers. It provides them with a platform for selling their items to customers located worldwide. However, much work is involved before one can make the first sale on Amazon. Some of the tasks that are involved include researching best item to sell, researching best keywords to use, analyzing competitors, etc. When doing these tasks manually, it takes sellers a longer period of time. An automated way of doing these tasks is needed. Helium 10 is a tool that can be used to automate these tasks.

io scout chrome extension

Helium 10 can be used as a chrome extension or as a web app. The chrome extension provides users with an easy way of using helium 10. With Helium 10, you will save much time, helping you focus only on what is necessary to you. See it as an all-in-one software package for providing solutions to the needs of Amazon sellers to stay ahead of their competitors. Helium 10 pricing provides different plans. It has a free option. In addition to that, it offers 3 paid plans. This makes it a bit complicated when compared to other Amazon seller tools. It has 17 tools.