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Keepa Review - Amazon Seller Tools

Amazon makes the largest e-commerce website today. It has millions of items all listed for sell. There are also millions of sellers on the platform. These sellers sell different types of items. Millions of buyers also meet on Amazon looking to purchase different types of items. Each buyer is confronted with many options for the item they are looking for. Making a decision in such a scenario is difficult. As a buyer, you need to perform price comparisons between different items and choose the cheapest one.

Tracking an item's price movement is also helpful in another way. You can time to purchase an item you are interested in at a time when its price is at its lowest. This can help buyers save money when shopping on Amazon. This will also improve their Amazon shopping experience.

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amazon price checker

Keepa Review

Keepa is a tool that helps amazon sellers and buyers view the historical movement of an item's price. It also watches the price fluctuations of various items on Amazon. This is very useful to amazon sellers as they can adjust their item prices to match those of their competitors. Buyers can also track the item's price fluctuations and purchase it when the price is low, hence, saving money.

Keepa is a browser extension for tracing the prices of Amazon items. The extension can be installed in the following web browsers:

The goal of Keepa is to help Amazon users on Amazon to track the prices of items. This helps buyers improve their shopping experience on the platform.

With Keepa, you can know how an item's price has been fluctuation for a particular period of time. You can then compare the previous prices of the item with its current price and know when the right time is for you to purchase the item. If it's not the cheapest price, you can wait for another time to purchase the item.

Other than that, Keepa helps its users compare the price of an item on Amazon with the price of the same item on other e-commerce platform. Such a comparison is good to both buyers and sellers. For buyers, they can determine the best site where they can get the item they are interested in. If the price is offered at a low price on Amazon, they can head over to Amazon and purchase the item from there. If the item is priced low in another site, the buyer can head over to that site and purchase the item from there. This will help the buyer some money. The saved money can be used to make more purchases, or it can be saved to be used for future purchases.

For sellers, knowing how the item is priced on other platforms is of importance. If you want to start selling that item, or even if you are currently selling that item on Amazon, you can know the right amount of price that you should set for that item. Since buyers will compare the price of the item on various sites, they will prefer purchasing your item as it will be offered at the most fair price. This means you will make more sales, generating more revenue.

The Keepa chrome extension is supported on all Amazon marketplaces including:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Japan
  • China
  • India
  • Australia

The price tracking feature can also be used in 10 different currencies. The Keepa interface can be used in different languages including:

  • English
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Japanese

Keepa Main Features

The users of Keepa can enjoy the following features from the tool:

  • Ability to access the prices of items on Amazon
  • Receive notifications when the prices of items drops below the set threshold
  • Compare the prices of items on Amazon to the prices of the same items on eBay
  • Import the list of items you're interested in for easy tracking.

Keepa Amazon price tracker

The Keepa tool works automatically. Once you've installed its extension, an icon will be added to your web browser. You will then be using the tool anytime you visit Amazon. You simply turn it on and off depending on whether you need to use it on the current Amazon page or not.

The tools embeds information on amazon's item pages automatically. When you scroll down, you will be able to see a chart that shows the historical price movement for the item.

keepa chrome extension

By default, Keepa shows the price history of an item for the past 3 months. However, it's possible for you to change this to another range. You can view the history for a day, a week, a month, a year or view the whole price history that is available for the item. It's also possible for you to unlock and view other information on the same page. this information includes the list price or sales rank for items.

The interface comes with many options and links that may sometimes intimidate some users, especially those just beginning to use the tool. However, you can show the highest, the lowest and the average price for the item for the past 90 and 180 days.

keepa plugin

If you click the "Compare Amazon prices" option, you will be able to see the prices of the same item on other Amazon stores. the price information will be displayed on the interface. This information will be helpful to you if it's possible for you to purchase the item from those stores. You will purchase the item from the store that is selling it at the cheapest price, helping you save some money that you can to purchase something else, or save it for future purchases.

Keepa can also show the new and used offer count, the review count and average count for the item. With keepa, you can keep on tracking the movement of prices for various Amazon items. You simply feed into the tool the items that you're interested in tracking their prices. Keepa will then begin to track the price of the items. Anytime the item's price reaches the threshold that you've set, you will get a notification. The good thing is that you can track the price movements of various Amazon items without registering for an Amazon account.

keepa chrome extension

For you to begin tracing a particular Amazon item, simply click the "Track product" tab. You are allowed to set the price threshold for the Amazon item you're interested in. If you wish, you can also track the price movement of items offered by Amazon directly or new and used market offers.

Click "start tracking" and then choose "continue as guest" on the next page. With Keepa, you can choose to be notified through any of the following options:

  • Email
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Twitter
  • Telegram Messenger
  • Android app
  • Web Push Notifications
  • RSS Feed

If you want, you can enable notifications through more than one channels. Keepa has lightning deals information. You can also receive notifications about an item if it previously reached the threshold you've set and Keepa had notified you about the same.

The Keepa allows you to do a free registration on their website and start tracking items of interest. You can also access information like versions of the item and the list of all available variations. Once you have installed the extension, ensure you check at its settings and check whether they are correct or not. You may need to change some presets like tooltip date format or change the graph to show only the Amazon price information.

The tools comes with a currency conversion option that you can find below the add-on settings. This allows you to convert the price information that Keepa returns into the currency that you desire.

Keepa API

The Keepa api is a great feature of the tool. It comes with more than 900 millions items under tracking. The price fluctuations of these items are tracked and the user is notified when the threshold is reached. You can request for data about live pricing and availability and you will get it.

It shows the price history data for nearly all types of offers including Amazon, Warehouse Deals, Marketplace New and Used, FBA, Collectibles, FBM, and Refurbished, eBay.

The api also shows the offers count, sales rank, Review and rating count history. There are normally different offers on Amazon. Each amazon marketplace has different offers. With this api, you can access all offers that are available in the different Amazon marketplaces.

The api also shows images of price history graphs. The good thing with these graphs is that they are customizable. You can then customize to appear the way you want and get the most detailed insights from the graphs. The api gives an extensive Buy Box information like seller and price information.

If you need information about the various categories of items, the Keepa api will give you. The best seller items are shown, and the tool can return up to 500k ASINs for items. If you are looking for an item that meets a particular criteria, you can search with the api. You can also get metrics for third party sellers. You can get information about rating and rating count history, storefront access for up to 100k ASINs and top seller lists.

You can use the api to search for deals that meet the criteria that you've in mind. During the search, you will be provided with the ability to search, filter and sort the results. The api can be used with much ease. You can request for data and get it in JSON format using RESTful APIs . The data can be TLS encrypted .


There are many deals on Amazon run on a daily basis. The Deals feature of Keepa shows you all the deals that are currently available on Amazon. These deals run up to hundreds of thousands each day. If you could keep monitoring these, you can land the best deals and save money.

keepa chrome extension

The feature the number of deals available in the various categories. Of course, Amazon items are grouped into categories. Items that are related are placed in the same category. Items that are different are placed in different categories. You can browse for the deals on a per category basis. If you are looking for a deal in the Apps & Games category, you can browse through and land to them. First, you will see the number of deals that are available in that category. Once you click the Apps & Games category, you will be able to browse through all of them.

keepa plugin

On the left side of the Deals feature, the Keepa tool shows the type of deals that you can get on Amazon. You can choose whether it's a New, Used, Sales Rank, Collectible, Refurbished or any other type of deal.

The Deals feature gives you the ability to view the available deals in either Table or Product Boxes format. The Product Boxes provides an easy way of viewing the available deals. Only the slight details of the deals are shown. However, if you want to know more about the deals, you can view them in the Table format. In this format, you will be able to see how the prices of the items have been fluctuating over different periods of time.


The current price of the item is shown and how it's price has dropped over the past 1 day, 7 days, 30 days and 90 days. There is also a section for sales rank which shows the rank of the item on Amazon.


The Keepa app comes with a huge database of various amazon items. If you want to get details about a particular item, you can search for it using the Keepa's Product Finder tool. If you are interested in tracking the price movements of a particular Amazon item, you can search for it using this tool. You can then add it to the list of items that you need to be watching.

Keepa comes with a Product Viewer tool that allows you to import and export huge product lists that you need to know their prices and other details at a go.

The Data section of Keepa also has the Best Seller Lists feature that show the best items on Amazon on a per category basis. The lists are sorted out based on the sales rank then updated on a daily basis. In some cases, the reference category of the sales rank is not identified correctly, and this may make items be listed in the wrong list.

There is also the Top Seller Lists feature that shows all the Amazon's top selling merchants. If you are interested in getting information about any of the top sellers, you simply click their names and see their storefronts and metrics. The list of merchants is mostly sorted based on the number of ratings a seller has. This makes it easy to tell the sellers with the highest number of ratings and those with the lowest number of ratings.


The Information feature of Keepa amazon gives the users more comprehensive graphs about the price history of items. It is also the section from which you get availability and price drop alerts.

In this section, you can tell the total number of items that are being tracked by the tool. These are further divided to help you know the number of items that are being tracked under each Amazon marketplace.


With such information, you can easily tell the marketplace where you can land the best deal. Of course, the marketplace with the largest number of items being tracked can mean that there are high chances of landing a deal in them. The reason many sellers are tracking items is that they are used to landing deals on the marketplace, hence, you should also not be left out.

All the above features make Keepa a great tool for both Amazon buyers and sellers. They can track the price fluctuations of various items and take advantage of the fluctuations.

Keepa Pricing

Initially, the Keepa tool was available for free use by amazon sellers and buyers. However, they have changed this. To use the tool, you are required to pay $15 monthly. This policy was implemented in 2019.

However, Keepa team did not just add pricing for the tool. The payment plan was introduced after a continued upgrade to the tool. Many features have been added to the tool, and the existing ones have been more efficient. The user interface has also been upgraded to meet user needs and make the tool simple to use, even for beginners.

However, when you compare the cost of $15 with what you will get for using Keepa, you will realize that the cost is negligible. if you an Amazon shop, especially a regular Amazon shopper, you will save more than the $15 per month. That's why Keepa is the best tool for you. For Amazon sellers, this tool will tell you whether an item is worth your investment or not. This will ensure that you sell the right on Amazon, increasing your chances of recording success on the platform.

Also, note that some of the basic Keepa features are accessible for free. You don't need to pay to use such features. However, for you to access and use the advanced features of the tool, you must pay.

Final Thoughts

There are many items being sold on Amazon. Some of the items are similar, while others can be used as substitutes for others. If you are a regular shopper on Amazon, you are always confronted with several options anytime you need to make a purchase on the platform. In many cases, it is a challenge to make a decision on the kind of item that you will purchase. Little do you know that many are the times you miss out on the best deals on the platform. If you could know or find a way of landing on the best deals on Amazon, you can save money and use it to shop more. A way of tracking the price of the various Amazon items is important. If you are interested in purchasing a particular item, you should be able to track it and be notified when its price is at its lowest. You can purchase the item at that point and save some money.

amazon product trends and history

As an Amazon seller, you need to know the performance of an item before you can commit yourself into selling it. This means having a look at the historical price fluctuations of an item is important. This will tell you whether the item is worth selling or not. At the end of it, you don't need to sell an item that fluctuates widely in terms of price. A huge swing in the item's price can leave you having made a devastating amount of loss. Knowing the historical price movement of an item will tell you the range of price that you should set for an item that you need to sell on Amazon.

The Keepa chrome extension is a great tool that helps you achieve all the above. It is a great tool for both Amazon buyers and sellers.