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Why we cheaper

Why is our product cheaper than competitors?

IO Scout has the same set of functions that you can find in AMZ Scout, Helium10, Viral Launch, etc. and has the same level of quality, similar database of products and even better data accuracy.

So, why are we cheaper?

  • You don’t pay for the brand.
  • We don’t have a huge staff of employees, such as Marketing Managers, Recruiters, Office Managers etc.
  • We don’t have an office - we all work remotely.
  • We are legally based in Cyprus, which has some of the lowest taxes in the world.
  • We don't pay huge amounts of money to influencers to recommend our product.
  • We’ve decided not to make a profit at all, but to invest all the income in the product and in our personal assistant service.

We try to make IO Scout as affordable as possible so that you can invest more money in your Amazon business. With us, you pay exclusively for a quality product and a personal assistant.

Most affordable All-in-One Solution for Amazon Sellers

  • 10+ tools in one powerful solution. Product Finder, Chrome Extension, Keyword Research, Listing Optimizer, Sales Analytics and many others.
  • Our customer care team helps you build a successful business on Amazon.
  • You can get this powerful solution with plans that start at just $25/month.

What our customers say about us

Thousands of sellers trust IO Scout


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Based on 1252 reviews

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I switched from AMZ Scout to IO Scout and was absolutely happy with this decision. I got the same set of tools and quality for a more affordable price.


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Thank you guys!

IO Scout Customer Care Team is the game changer. You can succeed without any experience and expensive courses. Thank you guys.


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The most helpful and affordable

The most helpful and affordable all-in-one software for Amazon sellers. Without a doubt.

Helen Banks

Why is now the time to start an Amazon business?

Amazon is a large and fast-growing marketplace. There is still little competition, but soon there will be much more. The sooner you start, the better are your chances to succeed.The only thing Amazon successful sellers regret is that they didn't start selling earlier.

Why is it impossible to work without IO Scout or similar products?

The main reason for the failure is the wrong choice of products that you decided to sell on Amazon. Tools like IO Scout will help you save money and make your business on Amazon more successful.

Can you help me to choose products to sell on Amazon?

Yes sure. IO Scout helps you choose the products you can earn from. In addition to product selection, our product helps you select keywords, optimize listings, manage inventory, analyze sales, and much more.

Why is the IO Scout better than other tools?

IO Scout is the most affordable solution on the market, without compromise on functionality. A comparison of the 5 most popular tools for Amazon Sellers can be found here.

I am a new Amazon seller, can IO Scout help me?

No worries about your experience with selling on Amazon. 62% of successful Amazon sellers who started with us didn’t have any experience. IO Scout Customer Care team is here to help you with any aspects of your Amazon business.

Do you have a free trial?

We do not offer a free trial, but we do offer a 5-day money back guarantee. If you decide the product isn’t the right fit within 5 days we will give you a refund. It’s almost the same as a free trial.

Our customer care team is the game changer

IO Scout is not only a powerful All-in-one solution for Amazon sellers, but we also provide customer service to help you build a successful business on Amazon.

  • Our customer care team has a lot of experience with Amazon business, so rest assured that you will succeed with us.
  • Ask any questions about the Amazon business, not only about the product.
  • Receive tips through live chat.
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One of the most powerful all-in-one solution for Amazon sellers

Any tool you can imagine for a seller is available in our product.

  • 10+ tools in one powerful solution. Product Finder, Chrome Extension, Keyword Research Tool, Listing Optimizer, Inventory Management, Sales Analytics, FBA Calculator, Sales Estimator and many others.
  • 351 users switched from other tools to IO Scout last week IO Scout has the same set of functions that you can find in Helium10, AMZ Scout and other tools for Amazon sellers, but with much less limitations.
  • We provide highly accurate data for over 450 million products on Amazon.
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Most affordable All-in-one solution on the market

Get 10+ tools with plans that start at just $25/month.

  • It’s not a good idea to spend a lot of money on tools. It is much better to invest more in products and promotion.
  • Our helpful support can help you save money and time on webinars, expensive courses, books, etc.
  • Try it risk-free for 5 days with our money-back guarantee.
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Chrome Extension

Explore product opportunities right on Amazon

Confirm your product ideas right on Amazon. No need to hassle between the tools to get answers to your questions.

  • Get information on product sales and revenue
  • Calculate product fees and net revenue
  • Discover product trends and its demand
Chrome extension screen

Product Finder

Find your next bestseller

Use IO Scout Product Finder to find your next rockstar product. Choose the strategy to go after and use an unlimited number of searches to find your perfect product.

  • Apply multiple filters to find your next top-performer
  • Get instant access to product’s sales and revenue
  • Check out your competitor’s product performance
Product finder screen

Product Tracker

Track Amazon products over time

Get access to the most accurate product data. Save your product ideas, track product updates and its historical trends.

  • Store product ideas in one place
  • Calculate product FBA fees and net revenue
  • Start supplier search right from IO Scout Product Tracker
Product tracker screen

Keyword Tool Updated

Discover keywords to optimize your Listings

Get access to real customer search volume data from Amazon to optimize your listings. Identify market trends and concentrate on the niches with high demand.

  • Monitor keyword trends and focus on the ones with high demand
  • Get access to broad and exact search volumes to optimize your listing accordingly
  • Go ahead and use keyword ideas for your niche hunt
Keyword Tool screen

Optimize your listing New

Create your top-notch listing

Listing optimization has never been easier. Use Listing Optimization tool to create your next rockstar listing. Import saved bookmarks and start editing the listing. We will inform you about the keywords used and the recommended ones based on the search volume.

  • Use saved keywords to embed them into your listing
  • Save listing templates for later use
  • Copy templates directly into Amazon
Listiong optimization screen

Sales Analytics New

Оrganize and track all your Amazon sales data in real time!

Sales Analytics allows you to focus on profit-building and cost-saving strategies to earn more money with your Amazon business.

Sales Analytics screen

Inventory management New

Calculate Amazon inventory needs

View real-time status of your Amazon FBA inventory so that you can quickly assess when and how much stock you should reorder.

Inventory management screen


sellers use our sales analysis and research tool


products are available for research

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IO Scout vs. Jungle Scout

Information updated 09/21/2020. Source.

IO Scout logo Jungle Scout
Plan IO Scout Pro $39/month Suite $69/month
Money-back guarantee
Cancel any time
Included seats 3 1
Chrome extension
Product Tracker Unlimited 150
Historical product tracking data Unlimited 3 months
Keyword Tool
Historical keyword data Unlimited 1 year
Marketplaces 9 10
Supplier Finder
Listing Optimizer

Get the most helpful All-in-one solution starting at just $25/month

Try IO Scout risk-free for 5 days with our money-back guarantee.

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