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Best Amazon Review Checker [2020 Updated]

If you are a frequent buyer or seller on Amazon, chances are you have come across fake reviews among the many reviews. How do you know which reviews are legitimate? To truly figure out which reviews are fake and which are real you will want to use an Amazon Review Checker.

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So, how exactly do you use an Amazon Review Checker, and which one is the best for your needs? AMZ Reviews Tracker is the cream of the crop. You can’t go wrong using that application to not only check for fake Amazon reviews, but to also boost sales of your product.

Anywhere on the internet that has products for sale is also going to have fake customer reviews because owners and sellers of the products know that people are more likely to buy their product if other people positively review it first. Amazon Review Checkers exist purposely to serve as a fake review finder. As a consumer you will be able to make a better decision, and as a seller you can also address fake reviews used by your competitors.

Read on to learn all about Amazon Review Checkers and how to spot fake reviews on Amazon!

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One-Tap Reviews and Why They Are Important For Your Business?

If you own an Amazon business, it’s always good to have reviews for every product you sell. Reviews that are mostly positive will often leverage the momentum that you need in order to sell more of the same product. Now, it’s easier for customers to utilize what is known as “one-tap reviews”

Let’s explain in detail what they are and why reviews are great for your business :

Why are Reviews Important for your Business?

Customers depend on reviews

If there is one thing that can help a customer make a more informed decision on a product of interest, they look no further than the reviews. The more positive reviews a product has, the likely it will be sold due to the value given by other customers. More than likely, they’ll look for a pattern of positive reviews before they make a decision.

As a seller, you want to make sure that these reviews are authentic. Amazon has a “verified purchase” label next to the reviewer’s name, so it gives the review more credibility. Reviews without this label won’t be taken lightly by customers. 

Provides the seller with market intel

Reviews are great for market intel. Especially if you are using reviews for a product that your competitors seem to be selling. You can also get a look at what the buyers like, dislike, and what should be improved. As a pro-tip, check the three-star and four-star reviews.

You’re bound to find some honest opinions about some of the not so good stuff about a product if you see read the three or four-star reviews. They should be considered suggestions on how a product should improve. In other words, the one-star reviews shouldn’t be as reliable for market intel since it consists of people who hate everything (not everyone, but there are plenty of people who leave one-star reviews out of spite). 

Positive Reviews = More visibility

The higher the positive reviews, the more likely your product will be more visible to competitors. The goal here is to make sure that your product is delivered on-time, in good quality, and does exactly what the customer wants. You can also find the top products just by filtering out the products with different ratings (i.e. -- 4 stars or higher). 

Amazon One-Tap Reviews

Amazon’s One-Tap reviews are quick and easy. A customer can leave a quick review with just one tap on their smartphone. Because of people leaving reviews at will without even purchasing the product, this feature is only limited to verified purchases. 

This is popular for sellers because it also protects them from fake reviews . Yes, in the past even some competitors will play dirty and leave negative reviews on other product pages that belong to other sellers in order to inflate their visibility. Not only is that unethical, but it can also get a seller banned (so please, don’t even think about doing this). 

It also makes the review process a lot easier for the customer. You can leave anywhere between one or five stars and then leave a brief explanation of why you left a review. Short, sweet, and to the point is what you’re aiming for.

What are Amazon Review Checkers?

Positive Amazon Reviews can make or break an Amazon business. To be profitable, you need as many good reviews as you can get, but you do not want fake reviews as you will lose the trust of your customers. So, how can you successfully weed out the fake Amazon Reviews?

Any good Amazon Review Checker is going to find fake reviews, and it can also help to isolate the negative reviews. This can be just as important as finding fake reviews. While you do not want to delete negative reviews, spotting them will help you take action specifically with the customer who is unsatisfied, and you might be able to improve service. Then the customer might change their review to be more favorable.

What can you do in addition to an Amazon Review Checker to look for Fake Amazon Reviews?

Amazon Review Checkers are not fool proof, and you will want to apply a little common sense and the human element to looking at reviews to determine if they are legitimate.

  • How personal is the review? If it is filled with emotion there could be two reasons for this. They might really hate your product, in which case the review would be genuine. In that case, you should work with the customer to improve your relationship and your product. But, the review might be filled with emotion and slander if the reviewer is looking to promote his own or his friend’s product instead of yours. Some people will use fake reviews to take down the competition and make you look bad.
  • What is the reviewer’s history? Take a look at the history of the reviews submitted by this customer. Some things to look for… If he has only bought a handful of products, but they are related to each other, like part for a lawn mower for example, he is probably a valid reviewer who is buying parts for a specific project. However, if he has done thousands of reviews all for similar products, he might just be spamming the system.
  • How does he normally rate products? For example, if this reviewer has a history of leaving negative remarks on every review, he might be trying to beat the system. Some companies will reach out to negative reviewers and offer them discounts or products for free if they will change their review to positive. He could be writing fake reviews just to try to get free products.

Using an Amazon Review Checker is the most reliable way to spotting fake Amazon reviews.

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How Does Amazon Review Checker Work?

You have decided to use an Amazon Review Checker, but now you are wondering exactly how a Review Checker works as a fake review finder. One of the biggest advantages to using an Amazon Review Checker is that you will be able to see who the negative reviewers are. This will allow you to easily contact them directly and remedy any problems they had.

Amazon reviews are so vital your success as an Amazon seller that it is imperative to find the fake reviews

If you allow fake reviews to continue on your seller’s page, you are likely going to drive up the business and profits of your top competitors.

Review Checkers also use an algorithm. This algorithm is designed to compare reviews to each other and look for similar words. It can easily spot fake reviews that are just copies of other reviews.

Checking to see if the purchase is a verified purchase is another way to spot fake reviews

Verified Purchases are purchases that have been confirmed as valid and purchased by a specific person. That person’s review is guaranteed to be legitimate.

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Amazon Review Checker 🥇 IO Scout Rating

Let’s look at some of the best Amazon Review Checkers for you to choose from:

  • AMZ Reviews Tracker – Sometimes the originals are the best. While this was one of the earliest products to track and spot fake Amazon reviews, it is still considered the gold standard of Amazon Review Checkers. In fact, some other review checkers just mimic and copy this one. This was also one of the first review trackers that help sellers offer monetary incentives to shoppers as payment for them leaving positive reviews of products.

Eventually, Amazon caught onto this practice of paying for good reviews, and it is no longer allowed. But, AMZ Reviews Tracker is still a good choice for Amazon sellers looking to increase their sales numbers. Instead of buying good reviews, now it helps your legally promote your product. If improving sales is your number one goal, and not necessarily finding fake reviews, this is the product you want to use.

  • Fakespot – If finding fake reviews is your top priority, you want to use this app. It is the top Amazon Review Checker for eliminating fake reviews and anything that is counterfeit on your seller’s page. It is a good choice for not just sellers. Buyers can use this app to make sure the product reviews they are reading are legitimate. Then they can make informed decisions about what products to purchase. Fakespot relies on an algorithm to analyze patterns in reviews. The patterns tell it if a review is fake.

Of course, spotting the fake reviews is the biggest challenge. Once you use Fakespot to find the fake reviews, now you can make informed buying decisions, or address concerns if you are the seller to weed the reviews off your site or off your competitors’ sites.

  • Product Review Monitoring – This is the app for you if you are a seller and want one place to keep track and look at all of your product reviews. You can instantly analyze all of your reviews with this app, making your life easier. Any time you receive an unfavorable review, you can instantly address that with the reviewer, which should help improve the image of your company.

You will also be able to analyze trends, which is going to help you market your product better. You might be able to project when people are going to rate you negatively based on trends in the market. You can head this off by offering sales or discounts and keeping customers happy even through a downturn in a trend.

Fake Review Spotter

Why is someone going to leave a fake review and what can you do about it? It’s important to understand the why, so you can address that, which will help you increase sales more than fake reviews will. There a couple different reasons people leave fake reviews:

To help out a friend or family member – Any time someone has a new product to sell the first place they are going to go for help is to their friends and family. He will probably ask everyone he knows to advertise on social media and to leave good reviews about his product, whether or not they actually want to leave a good review.

Someone is paying him – Whether it is your top competition or someone just starting out in your market, people and companies will pay for fake reviews. Fake reviews can be negative, designed to make your product look bad, or they can be positive, designed to make other products look good. Either case is going to affect your product and your sales.

Looking at why people leave fake reviews can help you analyze trends and find the fake reviews.

Amazon Fake Review Checker

What is the best way to check Amazon reviews? By far, the most simplistic method to get you the best results is going to be for you to use an Amazon Review Checker. There are plenty of tools that you can use to do most of the heavy lifting for you. Do not do more work than you need.

If you have a tool that can make your life easier, use the tool. In this case, that tool is an Amazon Review Checker. These tools will use algorithms to automatically check for fake reviews, when you would have to do that manually, which would cost you a lot of time and effort.

Final Thoughts

Selling products online is a great way to make money in today’s society. However, a key component of being a successful seller is spotting and eliminating fake reviews. You don't want fake reviews turning off your potential buyers.

As a buyer, you also want to be able to spot a fake Amazon review, so that you can make a good buying decision that is based on real reviews, and not flawed data.

Before deciding on how to check Amazon reviews, you need to decide what your primary goal is. If your biggest need is to increase your sales, then you should use AMZ Reviews Tracker, as it will help increase traffic to your product’s page. If your top priority is to spot and eliminate fake reviews, then you should use Fakespot, which is the best tool for finding fake Amazon reviews.

While you should let the Amazon Review Checker do the work for you, do not let the tool make you lazy. They are certainly helpful and make the process a bit faster, but they're not automated.

You will still need to put in some work and do a little legwork on your own. Anytime you are a consumer and you are reading a bunch of reviews that are all the same, whether they are 5 star or 1 star, you should question why they all seem so similar. Is it somebody copying the same thing over and over? Or maybe the reviews are all about the same length, or maybe they use an obvious formula or template. There are several different ways scammers do a fake reviews. Use the tools available, but also apply some common sense and logic, and you will soon be spotting fake Amazon review faster and easier.

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How do I know if an Amazon review is legit?

Using an Amazon Review Checker is the easiest way to know if an Amazon review is legit. You also want to analyze the other reviews for that product. Are they similar to each other? Do you see any patterns? What about the review? What is his history of product reviews? And, does the review itself have a lot of words or is it just simply a star ranking? Ideally, you would see a review that has a star ranking, but also has a well thought out, unique description that supports why the reviewer ranked it the star he did.

Are Amazon reviews reliable?

This is no different than asking if the internet is reliable. It is and it isn’t. If sources are fact checked and reference factual evidence, then the sources are reliable. But, there is a lot of junk out there as well. Amazon reviews are similar. In most cases, they are written by honest people looking to review a product and provide feedback.

As long as you are reading reviews with intention, they are reliable. What that means is, do not read reviews and take them literally word for word. Think about what you are reading. Does it make sense? Was it written by a robot looking to spam the system? Analyze the reviewer who wrote it to look for trends. Also, consider reading the reviews of the “Exceptions.” If most reviews are 4 and 5 stars, read the couple reviews that are 1 or 2 stars. What bad experience did those reviewers have? Does it look random or like it could be a systemic problem with the product? Is it a verified review? That means they actually bought the product through Amazon. Although this doesn't guarantee the review is legitimate, it's a good starting point.

Does Amazon have fake reviews?

There is no denying that fake reviews have crept into Amazon and are a part of the Amazon buying and selling experience. Some sellers use fake reviews to drive up their own sales or to make their competitors’ products look bad. Sometimes, fake reviews are used by people looking to climb the “best-seller” lists, as the more reviews a product has, the higher the product can climb up the lists. For these reasons, it is always a good idea to use Amazon Review Checkers when you are shopping on Amazon.

What should you do if you find a Fake Amazon Review as either a Buyer or Seller?

You have used the best Amazon Review Checkers and now you have stumbled upon the black hole of fake Amazon reviews. Maybe you only found one fake review, or maybe you’ve found dozens. What now? Do not contact the reviewer directly. Instead, you can consider some different options.

If you are the buyer, and you spot a fake review on a product you are looking to purchase, you can reach out directly to Amazon. Amazon is an enterprise with resources to fix any problem that comes its way. Amazon is aware that fake reviews are a problem, and has a support team whose job it is to fix fake reviews. Contacting them directly allows Amazon to take charge of the situation, and properly handle the fake review.

As a seller, the answer is also to work with Amazon. Let the behemoth company do the heavy lifting. As an individual seller, you are not equipped to deal with fake reviews, nor should you have to. Amazon is taking a portion of your profits for listing on their website, so let them do what they are paid to do.

Remember, this is for fake reviews. If there is a negative review, and it is legitimate, you can calmly and professionally work directly with the reviewer. Maybe you can reach out to them to politely ask what drove them to leave negative feedback. Find out if there is anything you can do to improve the product they received or increase their satisfaction level.

Videos about the best Amazon Review Checkers

You should check out some YouTube videos to witness just how helpful Amazon Review Checkers can be when trying to fake review spot and gain a better overall understanding of Amazon reviews:

  1. Where Amazon Reviews Really Come From – Here is some good insight into how Amazon reviews really originate. Start with this video, as it is an in depth look at people who are paid to write fake reviews in exchange for free products. You can get some insight into how to spot fake Amazon reviews.
  2. Amazon Sellers are paying for Fake Reviews - Insight into how some Amazon sellers are paying for fake reviews. Some sellers are paying as much as $10,000 a month. This is not small potatoes. Fake reviews are not usually a problem for an individual seller who lists the occasional product or two. This video gives insight into big sellers taking over and using fake reviews to run an industry.
  3. How to Find if Amazon Product has Fake Reviews – Here is a good video to help you learn more about spotting fake reviews on a particular Amazon product.

Sometimes there is more good information in a video than in an article or blog post. If videos are your thing, there are even more available on YouTube on the subject of Amazon Review Checkers and spotting fake Amazon reviews.

Are Amazon Review Checkers better for Buyers or Sellers?

Any consumer on Amazon should check for fake reviews. If you are a seller, you do not want fake reviews driving up the sales of other sellers. As a buyer, you do not want to be incorrectly influenced by a review before you make your purchase. For these reasons alone, it is equally important for both buyers and sellers to use Amazon Review Checkers.

What does an Ideal Amazon Reviewer Look like?

Aside from using Amazon Review Checkers, the next easiest way to look for fake reviews is to analyze the person leaving the review. Here are a few things to pay attention to when analyzing the reviewer:

How many products have they reviewed?

An average person is not going to review thousands of products, mostly because they just can’t afford to buy thousands of products. If you are looking at someone who has reviewed more than a normal amount of items, they might be fraudulent.

What types of products have they reviewed?

If someone leaves a review on a toaster, check to make sure he has not left reviews on 100 other toasters. Apply some logic here. If it is a product that the average person only purchases a couple times in their lifetime, they shouldn’t be leaving reviews on hundreds of different products in the same category. This is a sign where they might be leaving a variety of negative reviews on competitor’s products, in order to make a certain product look better.