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best selling amazon products

Founded in 1995, Amazon used to be an online bookstore and within one month it sold a lot of books in different areas and started to gain popularity. It then expanded its business and added more categories. Today, it is the largest online retailer with every category consisting of almost every item. Whether you are looking for a kitchen towel holder or you want to purchase a washing machine, this platform has everything the one may need. Be it kids, women or men, everyone loves to purchase their favorite stuff from this marketplace.

Because it is a big name and has proper procedures in place to ensure that buyers have the best shopping experience, millions of people trust this platform. Moreover, shoppers also love to purchase from here because they have so many options available and get their desired items at a reasonable price. Amazon even has separate sites for different regions and countries.

It is not only a great platform for shoppers but it also offers excellent opportunities to those who want to run their online business and earn a good income through it. You heard that right! The marketplace has thousands of third-party merchants offers different kinds of stuff which means every item you buy from this platform is not necessarily sold by Amazon.

Selling on this marketplace is now considered as the most reliable way of launching your online business and people from all over the globe are making use of this platform to earn a handsome amount from the comfort of their home. This has however resulted in rising competition on the platform due to which launching and item successfully on this marketplace is now not as simple as it once used to be when you would pick any random item, put it up on the marketplace and start getting large orders.

Now, you have to focus on all the factors whether small and big that can help you in enhancing your performance. As we said the environment is quite competitive and one item is being offered by various merchants which gives shoppers different options and in the end, they will only purchase from one of them. This means you have to compete to get the order which in turn means you have to offer shoppers something that can attract them to your item. This makes it necessary that you conduct proper research to pick the right item before introducing it on the platform.

The first thing that you need to do is to evaluate the potential of the item in terms of how much units it can sell and how much profit will you be getting from it. You need to pick that item which shoppers are actually looking to buy and but still isn’t offered by too many merchants.

To determine the demand of the item one of the most efficient ways is to examine its sales over a period of time. If there aren’t too many fluctuations in the trends, it clearly reflects the item is desired by buyers all year round, meaning you have a good chance of earning. To get the data you need to examine the key info of other similar items especially the top selling items on amazon

 Now, why is this step so important for running s successful business? Let us say, you launched any random item which you had an interest in and it turned out to be something not desired by the buyers. What will happen? Loss! Because shoppers won’t be purchasing something they don’t need. Just like any other business, the number one priority of your business should also be to fulfill the needs and demands of the buyers because they are the ones your business actually gets its money from.

Another important factor that has a great impact on the performance of the item is how well its listings are optimized. If you completely optimize your listings through the appropriate keywords, they will have a higher probability of landing on the first page of the search results for a relevant query. This way your item will be more visible to the buyers and hence there will be more chances of conversion.

If you are thinking that all of this will be too hectic and tiring for you, don’t worry, because there are several efficient tools available for this purpose which brings accurate and exact results within a few minutes, making the whole process easy and simple.

Are you trying to discover the best selling items on amazon for your business? Read this detailed article to get useful insights into it.

How to Choose the best selling products on amazon

As we mentioned earlier, not every item is destined to perform well. They have to have certain characteristics and you must consider these while choosing the item you want to launch. This will also help you in shortlisting the items because when you conduct research it is possible that you find 20-30 items that you feel have the potential but you can not analyze all of them as it would be too time-consuming.

  • Good Daily Sales
  • Lightweight
  • Reasonable Price
  • Improved Item 

  • Good Daily Sales

Since the sales rank of an item is depends on how many units it is selling every day and it is assigned by comparing the sales of other items in the category, it is important to choose an item that has the capacity to sell at least 8-10 units every day. This is possible if the item is desired by the shoppers. To determine this, you need to examine the daily sales of a similar item. Furthermore, when an item has a high number of sales, it is a profitable one given it is being sold at a profitable price.

Gooв daily sales also mean that the item is not seasonal. As a merchant, you would want to stay away from the seasonal items because they can not generate sales throughout the year and you want regular income all year round. Let us say, you are offering Halloween masks, they will only be desired by the purchasers during Halloween and you won’t be able to make sales the rest of the season.

Another thing to consider while you are examining sales of an item is that whether it is sold by too many merchants or not. If it is, you shouldn’t go for that item because it would be extremely difficult for you as a newbie to attract the purchasers to your item.

There are many such cases where merchants commit the mistake of choosing the item which was already being offered by too many competitors and even though the items had a good demand they failed to perform because of very high competition.

Moreover, sometimes an item is not sold by a large number of shoppers but the market is captured by 1-2 big brands that have the trust of the shoppers and when you enter the market it becomes too tough to convince those loyal shoppers to try your item. So when you are searching for the right item, pay close attention to this aspect and don’t go for an item if this is the case.

  • Lightweight

What most of the beginners want when they are planning on launching their first item is that it requires minimum investment. To minimize the costs you need to pick your item carefully. Go for the item which isn’t too big and is lightweight. These types of items are sold easily, have less shipping and fulfillment fee and less storage charges. Another factor you need to pay attention to is the category of the item because the referral fee depends on it. It is better to choose a category with no more than a 15% fee so that you don’t have to invest much.

While you pick a lightweight item also look at how strong or fragile it is and focus on its structure to determine if it is easy to manufacture or not. Items like glass are too fragile and have higher chances of getting damaged during shipping so avoid such items. Furthermore, electronics items are a bit difficult to manufacture which will increase the cost so don’t go for such items rather opt for the simple ones.

Packaging must also be considered and the best item is the one which is easy to pack and doesn’t get damaged during the process. This means it is better to avoid heavy and large items.

  • Reasonable Price

It goes without saying that a top selling item is the one that can sell a lot of units regularly. Now if you go for items that are too expensive it won’t make that much sales because such items are not purchased by too many people as a common man opt for affordable items. So you must choose an item which has a reasonable price so that it can sell in bulk. For example, if you choose a branded LED which costs thousands of dollars, people won’t buy it regularly.

You should also look for an item that is required by the shoppers again and again so that you can have more sales. Now, this doesn’t mean you offer them a low quality item so that they have to buy it again rather it means the item is as such that it fulfills its purpose and then shoppers need to buy a new unit. Let us say, you are offering a good quality cleaning solution for carpet cleaners, it will finish after some time and will be bought again by shoppers if it is actually fulfilling its purpose.

  • Improved Item

A great way to launch the best item is to explore the reviews of the shoppers on the pages of the item and examine what they don’t like about the item. By using this information, make changes to the item and offer shoppers a new and improved version which consists of what they need. When you do this, they will definitely buy this improved item and you will have high chances of becoming a top seller.

For example, you are interested in launching a pair of running shoes and you discover that shoppers are not happy with its grip, you can offer them an item with better outsole.

Best selling amazon products and categories

best selling amazon products

Below we have mentioned some of the most popular categories and the best items in those categories on the basis of their performance.

Here you must note that all the stats mentioned below are the current starts which may change as the time passes.

Toys and Games

This category is quite popular and has several opportunities mainly because this is the era of online shopping and parents are now purchasing the favorite items of their children online where they don’t only have so many options in one place but can also get them at a good price.

As of now, some of the top items in this category include:

Cards Against Humanity: This is simply a card game but with 4.8-star ratings from the average of astounding 46,207 this is definitely among the top selling amazon products. If you look at its weight and dimensions you will find that it is very lightweight (2.25 pounds) and measures only “8 x 4.1 x 2.7 inches.”

Play-Doh Modeling Compound: With sales rank #2, 4.5 stars rating from the average of 5,514 total ratings, an item as simple as play-doh is among top items in this category. Again, it is lightweight and a small item that is easy to ship.


Amazon started as an online bookstore and its still quite popular for purchasing books especially now that it allows publishing of books through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

If we look into the best items in this category, they are as follows:

The Ultimate Retirement Guide for 50+: As the name suggests this book is about retirement and tells readers the strategies of using their saved money in a proper way to keep earning money after retirement. Since people usually struggle with properly utilizing their money, this book among the top items in the category.

Where the Crawdads Sing: This book is the no. 1 bestseller of the New York Times. No wonder it is among the top books on Amazon as well. The book has 40,399 ratings leading to 4.8 stars.


With the increasing use of technology, electronic gadgets are now very much in demand. The items below are the top selling products on amazon in this category:

Alexa streaming media player: This powerful device is on top with 4.5 starts and 144,669 ratings.

Alexa 4K streaming device: Again a streaming device is among top items with 167,800 ratings and 4.6 stars.

Both the items are super light with a small size but desired by the shoppers. However, if you notice, both of the items are sold by Amazon itself which means if you choose such items to sell, it will be quite difficult to generate sales because your competitor will be Amazon. So before choosing any item from this category pay attention to who is offering it.

Discovering Best Items with IO Scout Tool

most sold items on amazon

IO Scout is one of the most efficient and powerful tools that lets you discover the best items to launch on Amazon by giving you accurate and real-time details of any item you want, thanks to its massive database of over 130 million goods that is updated on hourly basis to ensure users get the latest data and can make an informed decision.

Whether you want to introduce you branded items with a private label, looking to offer wholesale goods or you are thinking of retail arbitrage, the tool will help you with all your selling needs. Due to its accuracy and ease of use, many merchants from all over the world are using this tool to operate their online business more effectively.

When you want to discover the best selling items in any category through this tool, just go to their web-app, sign in and from the left side click on “find.” There you can select the category you are interested in and the tool will display all long list of items along with their, price, ratings, sales and much more. It will also tell you the average price, total revenue, and average rank, etc. of the items in the category. These stats will help you in understanding the capacity of the category as well as the individual items. You can also find a specific item by providing its ASIN.

If you have any requirements about the reviews, price, and weight etc. for the items apply these filters and mention your range in terms of minimum and maximum value. The tool will show you the top items that best match your requirements. For example, if you want to see the best items in electronics categories that don’t cost more than $100 and have a weight of less than 4 pounds you can mention it through filters and the items in results will only be those which meet these requirements. This way you will be able to shortlist the item and save time.

The tool can also be used to keep tabs on the performance of the goods sold by competitors and you can learn from their details what you need to do next to gain a competitive edge. To view your tracked items, simply go to the bookmarks tab on the left side of the tool. The details of the tracked items can also be exported to excel easily. On the left side is you can also find a detailed tutorial on how to use the toolset.

 The tool also allows you to examine the historical rank, review and price trends of the tracked items. These will help you in understanding if there are any fluctuations in these trends or do they perform regularly.

Another great feature that this toolset offers is the “FBA Calculator” to determine the expenses linked to selling a particular item. First of all, you have to enter the ASIN of the item you want to determine the charges of. The tool will then scan its database and find your item within a few minutes.

 It will then ask you to enter the weight and dimensions of the item and based on these and its category, it will determine the referral fee as well as FBA fees. It will also ask you to enter the cost and other expenses of the item if any and based on all these expenses it will determine the net margin and net profit. With these two parameters, you can easily judge if the item is worth investing in or not.

This outstanding tool is also available as a chrome plugin which is ideal for those who want to see details instantly right on the page of the item while browsing Amazon.

IO Scout comes in the form of 3 subscription plans; start-up, seller and business:

  • The start-up plan is designed by keeping the needs of beginners in mind and it costs only $29 per month $174 for those who wish to pay yearly. You can track up to 25 items with this package but it doesn’t give you access to the chrome plugin.
  • The seller package costs $49/ month or $294/ year. It lets you track up to 45 items and also comes with chrome plugin. Furthermore, you can export up to 10000 rows in excel with this package.
  • Lastly, the Business package is available for $69/month or $414 per year. It also gives access to the chrome plugin and allows tracking of up to 85 goods while 20000 rows can be exported.

All three packages come with a free trial so that you can get the taste of how they work and what the tool offers. You should choose a package based on your requirements.


Introducing items on Amazon is not an easy process and you have to pay attention to every aspect that can have an impact on your performance. One such aspect is choosing the top selling item. For this, you must consider how much sales it can generate and the profits you can earn. You can also use tools such as IO Scout to make this process easy.


Q: Can I join Amazon as a merchant?

A: Yes anyone can join this platform. You just need to make a seller account.


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