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Get enriched product data right on Amazon pages

With IO Scout Chrome Extension, you can instantly perform product analysis without any need to leave Amazon. Go ahead and find your bestseller!

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What is the Amazon Chrome Extension?

Our Extension for Amazon offers access to the most important product data required for product analysis and scouting directly on Amazon pages. In order to start using it, simply install it to your Google Chrome.

Estimate product sales and revenue

Use IO Scout Chrome Extension to estimate the product’s monthly sales and revenue without leaving Amazon. Simply launch the Extension and get instant access to sales volume and revenue for products on Amazon.

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Product Sales and Revenue

Calculate Amazon FBA fees

Selling on Amazon FBA? It’s always important to understand fees associated with it. Calculate Amazon FBA fees right in IO Scout Chrome Extension to understand the product’s net and margin.

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Amazon FBA Calculator Chrome Extension

See product trends and history

Interested in learning more about the product to make the decision whether to go after it? If so, our Chrome Extension is here to help. Get access to review trends, rank and price changes. IO Scout offers access to the product's historical data to track its demand trends.

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Product trends Chrome extension

Validate your product hypothesis

Do you want to analyze a specific niche or a product category? Go to Amazon and type in what you are looking for. Launch IO Scout Extension and it will instantly bring up the most important information for you about your search request. See the niche’s sales, number of sellers and much more.

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Do all of this and more with IO Scout Chrome Extension!

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Analyze niches

Get access to the most important details by simply opening Amazon category

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Start supplier search

Look for suppliers right from the Chrome Extension

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Bookmark product ideas

Save products you are interested and come back later to them

More than 45,000 sellers trust IO Scout

IO Scout is an all-in-one tool for Amazon sellers built to help with launching, growing and scaling Amazon business.

It’s the reason why sellers are choosing IO Scout:

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Most helpful support in industry

We offer free 24/7 customer support from consultants who helped thousands of Amazon sellers

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Affordable solutions

IO Scout is the most affordable solution on the market with much less limitations

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Powerful All-in-one tool for sellers

10+ tools in one powerful solution. Product Finder, Chrome Extension, Keyword Research, Listing Builder, Sales Analytics and many others.