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With IO Scout Chrome Extension, you can instantly perform product analysis without any need to leave Amazon. Go ahead and find your bestseller!

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What is the Amazon Chrome Extension?

Our Extension for Amazon offers access to the most important product data required for product analysis and scouting directly on Amazon pages. In order to start using it, simply install it to your Google Chrome.

Estimate product sales and revenue

Use IO Scout Chrome Extension to estimate the product’s monthly sales and revenue without leaving Amazon. Simply launch the Extension and get instant access to sales volume and revenue for products on Amazon.

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Product Sales and Revenue

Calculate Amazon FBA fees

Selling on Amazon FBA? It’s always important to understand fees associated with it. Calculate Amazon FBA fees right in IO Scout Chrome Extension to understand the product’s net and margin.

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Amazon FBA Calculator Chrome Extension

See product trends and history

Interested in learning more about the product to make the decision whether to go after it? If so, our Chrome Extension is here to help. Get access to review trends, rank and price changes. IO Scout offers access to the product's historical data to track its demand trends.

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Product trends Chrome extension

Validate your product hypothesis

Do you want to analyze a specific niche or a product category? Go to Amazon and type in what you are looking for. Launch IO Scout Extension and it will instantly bring up the most important information for you about your search request. See the niche’s sales, number of sellers and much more.

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Chrome Extension

Do all of this and more with IO Scout Chrome Extension!

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IO Scout Chrome Extension

Selling on Amazon means constant product hunt and market analysis. This is applicable for any type of a seller. It doesn’t matter whether you are an FBA or an FBM seller, a Private Label or a wholesaler, a brand new business or an experienced Amazon seller - product scouting and demand analysis is always something that is there.

There are tons of tools used by Amazon sellers that promise to answer the most common questions that the Amazon seller has, such as:

  • What is the demand for this product within the last 90 days?
  • How much in sales does this product make?
  • How popular is this niche?
  • Is this product trending?
  • What does my competitor do in order to win so many sales? Is it the price that they change over and over again?

In order to get answers to these questions, sellers need to dig into the details of multiple products and explore them. This takes time and money.

IO Scout has a great alternative to this - a Chrome Extension that can be easily accessed while on Amazon pages. For many users, browser extensions are easier to use while on the go and they are not usually as complicated as applications

To start using IO Scout Chrome Extension, simply go to “Widget” in your IO Scout application or simply find IO Scout in Chrome Web Store. Install the app and open Amazon.

IO Scout will be available instantly. There are several ways how to use the Chrome Extension.

To perform niche analysis

If you have a specific product idea, feel free to start exploring it directly on Amazon. Go to Amazon search bar, type in the product idea and click on “Search”. Products matching your search request will appear. You already know that the lower the BSR, the faster the buyer will find it. So, the products with low BSR will appear on the top of your search result.

Interested in knowing more about these products? Our Chrome Extension is here to help!

Go ahead and launch IO Scout Chrome Extension. It will provide you with the most vital information about each and every product that is available on the page of your niche analysis.

In order to see if this is the niche you would like to go after, simply check out the most important details about it, such as:

  • Average product price in the niche
  • Average product rank
  • Average number of reviews
  • Average product rating
  • Total revenue
  • Total sales
  • Total number reviews

Each product in the niche you are exploring is enriched with the data that is not available on Amazon. This data includes:

  • Estimated number of monthly sales
  • Estimated revenue
  • Fees associated with selling on Amazon FBA
  • Net in case you are selling with Amazon FBA

With IO Scout Chrome Extension, you can instantly calculate product net and margin by adding the fees associated with shipping the product to Amazon, product cost as such and any other expenses. There is no need to leave the page you were on! Chrome Extension has the FBA Calculator embedded into it.

If you come across a product that catches your eye, feel free to bookmark it for further analysis. This can be done directly in Amazon seller Chrome Extension. The product will be added to one of your product groups and the data about it will be updated on an hourly basis, so that you can get access to the most relevant data about it. This will allow you to make the decision whether you are interested in going after this product or not.

To analyze the product category

Our Amazon extension for Chrome is also a great fit for sellers that want to research the specific category on Amazon. To do this, simply go to and choose the category you are interested in knowing more about.
Once the product list appears, IO Scout will bring up the most important product details as in niche analysis (see above).

To get product details right on its page

Found the product that you want to explore more? Go ahead and click on it to see more information about it. IO Scout will provide you with more details on it.
We offer you a possibility to analyze the product’s pricing strategy changes, its rank and review changes for up to 180 days. If the product looks appealing - feel free to start the supplier search right from IO Scout Chrome Extension! No need to hassle between the browser tabs - IO Scout Chrome Extension is there for you! Look for suppliers on Alibaba, Aliexpress, Tmall or other sources. IO Scout Amazon FBA Chrome Extension provides you with a possibility to find the right supplier just for you!