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Trends and History

Visualize product trends with intuitive graphs

Use IO Scout to analyze product history and trends to get insights on its sales, demand and seasonality. No need to dive into tons of numbers: easy-to-use graphs are here to help!

Trends and History


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Check seasonal trends

Use IO Scout to check if the product sales are seasonal or if the product has demand all-year-round. This will help with deciding when to start preparing for the season!

Check seasonal trends

Keep an eye on prices and sales fluctuations

How did this product make it to such a BSR? Was there a change in sales strategy? How did the product do after the price drop? Answer these and many more questions with IO Scout!

Keep an eye on prices

Identity market trends

Interested in learning more about the niche? Use IO Scout to see if the product is trending now or its popularity is decreasing. Stop losing money on products that are not in demand.

Identify market trends

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IO Scout Trends and History

Launching a product on Amazon takes some time and effort especially if you are just starting your journey with Amazon. Launching the first product may take much more time compared to the following products. Well, Rome was not built in a day!

The most common steps that include product launch on Amazon are:

  • Setting up an Amazon account on Amazon Seller Central. Registration process may take around one month, so you have time to get ready with everything else.
  • Picking your product niche and exploring it. All depends on you. You may go after niches that you have expertise in or you can start from scratch and pick niches, which are brand new. Go after any approach and dig into it.
  • Engaging in product research and narrowing down the product ideas generated during your product niche hunt. Amazon product search is something that may be the most time-consuming and at the same time the important part of your process. This is something that will require an investment and the decision you make at this step will influence your success on Amazon.
  • Establishing your product sourcing, which includes:
    • Finding a supplier either locally or internationally.
    • Researching shipping options and choosing the one that is right for you.
    • Shipping your product.
  • Establishing your brand. This also contains several steps, such as:
  • Creating your product listings. This is something that will require an investment, as you want your product to catch an eye of a buyer, right? To create a product listing, you will need to perform these steps:
    • Taking professional product photos.
    • Preparing detailed product titles.
    • Writing your product descriptions.
    • Filling in all relevant information.
  • Marketing your products. This is also an important step, which promotes your product on Amazon. Go ahead and start doing do the following:
    • PPC Advertising.
    • Elicit Lots of Product Reviews.
    • Start using social media to promote your product.
    • Buildup your email list.

As we mentioned before, we believe that amazon product research is one of the most vital steps that a seller needs to take. There are a lot of steps that follow amazon product analysis. In order to make the right product choice and to start its launch, it’s important to perform detailed product analysis.

This means that product analysis is not only about checking the product data that is available on Amazon, such as the product price, number of sellers, product availability, but also it’s important to see how the product has been performing within some period of time.

There are many tools that can be used in order to get answers to the questions associated with the product trends. It is recommended to go after products that have stable demand.

Google Trends will help with performing overall demand analysis. Google Trends is a free tool provided by Google that offers a possibility to check out what people have been looking for. Google Trends offers “Recently trending” on its main page to check out what people are currently looking for.

Google Trends

Let’s say, you are interested in learning more about the product niche you would like to go after. For instance, this niche is “jade roller”. Go ahead and check out how active people have been looking at this niche recently. Check out how this niche has been performing within the last 12 months. How does the interest look now?

Jade Roller

Compare it with other niches. Let’s say, you are interested in comparing a rather narrow niche “jade roller” with a more wide niche “face roller”. Go ahead and check out how the comparison looks.

Face Roller

Unfortunately, Google Trends will not answer the questions associated with the sales associated with such a demand. Looking for something and buying something is not the same thing. Google Trends shows what people have been looking for, rather than what they have been purchasing. In order to get the insights on what people were actually purchasing, it’s important to have a tool that will help with this.

IO Scout is such a tool. With IO Scout amazon research tool, you have an opportunity to see the history of every product in order to make the decision whether or not to go after it.

Let’s say you have chosen to explore the “jade roller” niche. What’s next? Check out how jade rollers are performing on Amazon.

There are several ways how to do that:

  1. Go to, search for “jade roller” and launch IO Scout Chrome Extension to see how the products are performing. Check out the monthly sales, revenue and other important details associated with the products right on the spot.
  2. After performing step 1, visit the pages of the products that you are interested in. Check out the information available in IO Scout Chrome Extension that will show the most important details about the product’s trends and history. They include:
    1. History of product’s rank.
    2. History of product’s reviews.
    3. Price fluctuations.
  3. Go to IO Scout Amazon Product Finder, search for “jade roller” and check out the information available for the products listed. Bookmark the products that caught your eye and come back to them in IO Scout Product Tracker to see the information associated with the product’s trends and history. Choose the time period required for you to analyze the product’s trends.