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Refund Policy

Last updated Dec 1, 2020

Last updated Dec 1, 2020

All fees and charges associated with IO Scout are nonrefundable and there are no refunds or credits for any partially used Service (including partially used subscription periods) except (i) as expressly set forth in this Agreement, (ii) as otherwise required by applicable law and (iii) at our sole and absolute discretion.

However, if you contact us within 5 days as of your first-time subscription being made, we may grant you a Voluntary Refund. To receive your refund, please contact us at no later than 5 days following your first-time subscription and ask for return of a paid amount. Any contacts made after that 5 day period will not be eligible for our Voluntary Refund. Only your first-time purchase is subject to such refund; any renewals are not eligible for the same under any circumstances. Specifically pay attention that it is our voluntary proposal that does not constitute an obligation – we reserve the right to reject your application for a Voluntary Refund without giving any reason.

DIRECTIVE 2011/83/EU of 25 October 2011 is not applicable to IO Scout since the service is not delivered to natural persons who are acting for purposes which are outside their trade, business, craft or profession.