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Sellics Review - Amazon Seller Tools

The first thing that you are required to do is to assess the capacity of the goods with respect to how much units it can sell and how much profit will you be getting from it. You are required to pick that item which shoppers are actually looking to purchase and but still isn’t offered by too many merchants. To figure out if the item is desired by purchasers, the most efficient way is to examine its sales over a period of time. If there aren’t too many fluctuations in the trends, it clearly reflects the item is desired by buyers all year round, meaning you have a good chance of earning. For this, you need to examine the key info of other similar items especially those producing high sales.

To assist entrepreneurs expand their start up and compete within the marketplace, Sellics is recognized as primary listing optimization and Advertising optimization software all around the globe. Sellics is computer technology, offering a variety of unique and distinct functions and tools to help the businesses grow by gaining visibility in the online marketplaces among many other things. Along with visibility, the app helps businesses with its analytical tools to monitor sales, stock handling, and feedback management. It also assists you to automate the businesses of all sizes with an efficient internet marketing tool for the advertisements.

With all such modern tools for marketing, helping the merchant to operate effectively, this marketplace has established itself as the most credible forum for eCommerce. In this regard, this tool developed for merchants needs is very helpful. It aids merchants in the tracking of goods as well as with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), advertisements, ROI and Buy Box tracking. This outstanding model has significantly saved the time of the merchants, vendors, and brands by reducing the time previously spent on manually designing the marketing campaigns. The Advertising automation software by this tool has made the marketing process easy and more effective.

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If you are eager to learn the basis of this toolset and how it can be utilized for your benefit, this Sellics review is perfect for you.


What is Sellics?

As described above, Sellics is a comprehensive toolset for Amazon merchants and is packed with various useful and effective features that not only help you operate more efficiently but also save you time.

The easy-to-use app is developed to fit all the needs of merchants. This toolset will aid you with every aspect; from identifying the most suitable keywords to running an efficient PPC campaign. The research tool helps in discovering the most appropriate keywords is the most popular feature of this computer software.

Founded in 2014 as a company for market analytics, this German based brand started by offering a simple tool for monitoring ranking of keywords. After the success of this tool, it started expanded and added more useful features and now it is an all purpose tool that offers everything merchants needs for enhancing their performance. Its salient features include PPC, Profit Measuring, Analytics, Budget Management, Inventory Control, Campaign Management, Review Management, and other ranking improvement tools.

Amazon provides merchants, brands, and agencies with a lot of data, but it can be frustrating to try and analyze it all manually. This toolset is designed to help in such a time-consuming task and keeping all the data organized. It helps in keeping a check on revenues coming from a particular item, how much stock is available, and how is the advertisement campaign working.

Moreover, the toolset also provides some other significant pieces of information that help in taking real-time and more informed business decisions especially when it comes to finding info on good similar to those you offer, details of how your goods perform on the marketplace, and competitive resources for comparison .

We have discussed all these functions of this app in detail in this Sellics review.

Sellics Pricing

sellics amazon

The tool offers three different editions and each edition has its own packages.

For seller edition, the Sellics price plans are monthly, biannual plan, and annual plan. The Sellics price on the monthly plan costs $67 per month while the biannual plan costs $57. The annual plan of this version can be purchased for $47/month paid annually. Users can utilize the free trial of this edition to get the taste of what it offers.

When it comes to vendor edition there are two packages Amazon SEO & Analytics Modules and Amazon Advertising Module. These packages cost $269 an $449 per month respectively.

Sellics Features

sellics review

With the aim to make it easy for businesses to grow, Sellics amazon offers a wide range of functions and tools for discovering the perfect item, enhancing your listings and advertising optimization. Three key functions of this toolset are the three separate specialized platforms for merchants and brands etc.

All these features and tools provide specialized solutions proportional to the needs of a particular merchant. Therefore, special care should be taken while choosing these tools and functions so as to achieve optimum market goals.

Here we will discuss the seller edition in detail and will give you the overview of other editions as well.

  • Seller Edition
  • Agency Edition
  • Vendor Edition
  • Seller Edition

Once you log in to your account for this edition, different features are visible on the screen for you to use. The first and most useful feature presented on the page is that of Item Detector or Research tool. In addition to it, at the top of the app, there is a useful navigation bar that lets you toggle between the analyzing tool, and monitoring tool for keeping an eye on your rivals.

You can know about all these features and their functions in the following sections.

Discover Right Item

This tool as the name reflects helps you in discovering the best items that you can introduce on the platform to earn a good profit. This tool helps merchants to develop their own niche and differentiate themselves from others. In this way, the choice of selection gets expanded, and you get a chance to pick the most appropriate option that suits your requirements the most. Thus, if you are unclear whether your item belongs to a distinct category or not, this tool would help you pick from the available options and help you create your unique niche.

Through its massive database, the app brings the details of around 10,000 top merchants on the platform with respect to the goods they offer. Along with this, separate filters such as sales, expected sales, amount of reviews and matching items are offered so as to help the users to develop their own niche.


When you have selected what is to be offered by utilizing the above mentioned function in this version, this tool will aid you in examining the volume of units sold and how much you are required to compete in the niche. In this way, you can get an understanding of where you stand in the market and what level of effort would be required to create your own market share.

Competition Monitoring

A useful and efficient feature of this version is that it helps the users in keeping tabs on their rival’s costs and discover the top merchants in the market. This tool not only helps in minimizing the risk by tracking the amount of units sold of other competitors but also gives you an opportunity to devise your plans to fit the market dynamics. Once you are aware of how much units sold of other items, you can also manage your stock accordingly.

Through this tool, you can evaluate the total units of the item that are being sold and examine how the maximum and minimum costs grow and pick up their trends for your goods at a glance. This monitoring tool also allows you get the alert that will warn you when some merchants want to "add" low prices to your goods and rob your income. This way any noncompetitive practice that may be going on in the marketplace that can disturb the market dynamics can be taken care of.

In a nutshell, this tool helps you gain a competitive advantage by letting you keep tabs on the capacity and rankings of your rivals. You can also keep a check on the costs and receive notifications in case of changes in the prices.


This feature contains all the useful information that you would require to be a successful merchant which includes units sold and income, performance, reviews, search ranks and PPC campaign. It will present you with all your goods with their sales, income share, and sales rank. It’s ideal for examining how your goods are performing at a glance.

Keyword Rankings

This great tool helps you in keeping tabs on ranks of your rivals so that you can enhance your listing rank accordingly. This feature assists you in picking the suitable keywords for which your rival ranks for while all the combinations of keywords are also provided. Users can also see how many times a particular keyword has been used by purchasers when looking for a certain item. This is an important parameter as it can help you shortlist the best words. This tracker helps you to manage your listings.

Review Management

This feature, as the name reflects has to do with managing the reviews on your item. We will discuss how but first let us discuss the importance of feedback.

We all know how important reviews are for getting on top on this platform. Reviews are basically the comments that buyers leave on the item’s page. It is a platform for them to give their feedback and express what they liked about the item as well as what are the features they are unsatisfied with. 

Now, reviews have a great impact on the conversions as they impact the purchasing decisions of the shoppers because buyers these days trust the feedback given by other buyers who have actually purchased and used the item.

Furthermore, reviews greatly impact your search ranking because the search algorithm takes into account the amount of reviews on the item’s page along with many other factors such as sales, etc. to rank the item. This means reviews can help you rank better in the results of different search queries of the buyers and hence they can improve the conversions.

On the contrary, bad feedback can significantly dent your reputation as well as your presence on the platform. This is why you must pay special attention to them and resolve any problems of shoppers quickly.

To help you with this, Sellics has designed this useful feature that helps you in responding to your buyers as quickly as possible. When you respond to shoppers quickly, it shows them that you are a responsible merchant who cares about them and hence they have more trust in you. This is a wonderful opportunity to gain your buyers’ loyalty.

What this tool does is that it notifies you when a shopper leaves a review on your item so that you can answer them. If it is not a positive one, respond to the buyer and assure him/her that you are looking into the matter and will get back to them quickly. Then try to resolve the issue and provide your shopper a great experience. This way the negative comments can be dealt with efficiently and hence you can build a good reputation.

Inventory Management

Managing inventories all by yourself can be a problem, particularly if you have various different items. On the basis of your present level of stock, sales frequency, the tool determines the perfect refresh date for your goods automatically. Through this tool, you can maintain your inventory level and update it in accordance with the frequency of your units sold. Particularly, you can calculate the time in which your inventory usually gets sold out. This feature is designed so you never run out of stock.

Profit Measuring

This smart dashboard flawlessly synchronizes with your merchant profile to display your precise income after all your expenses are subtracted in real-time — fulfillment charges, delivery costs, ads expenses, Amazon prices, promo value, product cost.It is refreshed after few minutes and it can be used all day to keep track of the income for all of your goods. To get more exact data, you can provide your expenses and see the capacity of each item instantly, and figure out where you need improvements.

PPC Manager

This great tool lets you view, examine, and enhance your advertisements ' performance. It presents your ad's key parameters organized by sales, expense, etc., so you won't need to examine the result sheet provided on the merchant account to examine your campaigns.

The tool can classify non-converting words and phrases and even give new ones on the basis of each keyword's Advertised Selling Cost ( ACoS ) and impact value. To make your promotions process automatic and create customized sets of rules that edits your bids for ads automatically on basis of the keywords. Furthermore, users can also link it with the Brand Advertising API.

With this important and smart tool, you can sell more units. This sophisticated tool aid you to deduce exactly what affects the output of your campaign. Eventually, with its automated solutions for bidding, it decreases your work hours and automates your campaign management.

Agency Edition

If you are an agency, you can utilize this function to control your clients’ accounts more efficiently. It will assist you in measuring ROI which you can then show to your clients and gain their confidence.Below are the key characteristics of this version:

Amazon PPC

This feature lets you improve the ROI of your clients through ads and marketing on the platform. You have the option to select from manual management or automation through rules, or AI etc. so that it can help you with proper bids and optimization of keywords.

Content & SEO

Through this feature, you can improve the content of your client by optimizing it using keywords so that the brand of your client is more visible and hence it can produce more sales and profits.


Through this feature, you can efficiently manage the customer care of your clients and build a good reputation of their brand on the platform. When you use this feature, it will notify you whenever there is new feedback or review so that you can answer it immediately and resolves the issues if any. In short, it is a perfect way to make buyers happy.

Monitoring of Buy Box

sellics pricing

Another great tool for keeping an eye on the rivals of the brand and learn about their strategies so that you can utilize them to get your client a competitive advantage. Through this feature, you take your client on top so that they can get the order through the buy box every time.

Vendor Edition

As the name reflects, it is an excellent feature designed especially for vendors. It is among the most used vendor software. From enhancing your listings through the most suitable keywords and efficiently managing the feedback from shoppers to getting the order through buy box by monitoring it and making perfect ads that are fully optimized, this feature helps you with everything.

As Sellics is a complete toolset, it brings with it every tool that a merchant might need to improve his/her performance. Below are the features of this edition.

Advertising on Amazon

Make your ads more effective and run more profits through them by using the PPC tool offered by Sellics which provides full automation of the ads. It lets you run a great PPC campaign without much effort and saves you time.

Content & SEO

Just like the previous edition, this feature lets the vendors shape effective content for their listings by helping them discover the most suitable keywords. When you have the right words in the listings you have more chances of landing on the rest of the related queries and hence have more chances of generating high sales.


This feature lets the vendors interact with their buyers in a more efficient way as it notifies them immediately when shoppers leave reviews on their page.

This edition also offers other features such as buy box tracking etc.


Before you launch an item on Amazon you need to pay attention to several aspects. This includes discovering the right item which is desired by the shoppers and that can produce good no. of sales and income for you. For this purpose, you need to analyze similar items and examine their key details such as sales, ratings, and rank, etc. Furthermore, after launching your item, you are supposed to make it visible to the purchasers by optimizing your content through the appropriate keywords. These words will assist you in better rank on the results of relevant queries.

Since all of this will be so tiring if you do it manually, Sellics Amazon offers you an all purpose solution. It also helps you with PPC campaigns by letting you automate the procedure and earn better profits. It offers three editions and you should opt for the one that best fits your requirements. IO Scout hope that Sellics review will help you to choose the right tools for Amazon sellers.


Can it be accessed without any payments?

Contact Sellics through this link for a free demonstration so that you get the taste of how the software actually works. Besides this, a free trial for 14 days is provided by Sellics.

How can I reach the support center?

This service center can be approached via email or live chat through Sellics’ homepage. The quick team of Sellics would get back within 24 hours. However, the time-zone difference should be kept into consideration while reaching out to them. Therefore, it is suggested to send in queries on working days between 9 am and 6:30 pm CET.