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How to Find My Amazon Reviews?

In case you have your Amazon account for a very long time, you most probably wrote so many reviews that you can't even remember for what products all your reviews were made. 

You may want to edit a review that you wrote because you have insightful information about some products that you know will be precious for other users too. Or maybe you were too harsh and frustrated, and you wrote an unfair review that you need to delete. But you simply can't find your Amazon review despite the endless scrolling and searching through countless customer testimonials.


Did you know that you can locate all of your Amazon reviews in one place? If not, read on, and IO Scout will show you a few easy steps on how to view your reviews on Amazon.

Where to find my reviews on Amazon?

Step 1

Type on your PC, laptop, mobile phone, or any other device you're using. You must log in to your account, obviously.

Step 2

Located right beside the search bar, you will find the Accounts & Lists section on your screen's upper right corner. Click on it.


Step 3

Under the Ordering and shopping preferences column, you will find the option Your Amazon profile located in the third row. Choose this option.


Step 4

Under the Community Activity segment of your profile, you will see the option View: All Activity. Click on the little arrow sign right beside the View: All Activity. On this page, you will be able to check all your past activities on Amazon, divided into different sections. The drop menu will reveal:

  • Reviews
  • Posts
  • Idea Lists


Step 5

Choose the first option, Reviews. Here you will find all your reviews in one place and for what product each review was placed. 


If you wish to edit or delete your review, simply click on the three dots located by the review to reveal more options. 


You can't find a specific Amazon review?

In case that you can't find a specific review, you placed in the past, think about the content you wrote. If your review was abusive in any way or violated any of Amazon's TOS rules, maybe it was entirely removed by the operators. 

Also, any reviews that were made for an exchange of any gains will be removed from Amazon. If you purchased goods from your close friend or family member and left a review, Amazon will remove it.

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