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How to get Reviews on Amazon Quickly

Product reviews are critical selling points, and they can make or break your business success on Amazon. Reviews are one of the most precious tools you offer to potential buyers so they can make informed buying choices. The more reviews a particular product has, the higher chance potential customers will pick that one and make a purchase. When potential customers see a lot of reviews on a product, they automatically and subconsciously think the product is right, and it's totally safe to purchase it. Reviews trigger social proof and potential customers think right away if the product was suitable for so many people, it would be good for them too. 

Sale more products on Amazon and get more positive reviews on your products by using IO Scout Amazon FBA Tools . If you forgot where your reviews are located, read: How to Find My Amazon Reviews ?


Reviews system works even if the product isn't so good. In fact, studies have shown that products with 350 reviews and 4.2 stars rating will sell more than a product with only ten reviews and a 4.9 rating. In October 2016, Amazon banned and removed all incentivized reviews. For many sellers, this was a hard knock, because getting reviews on newly launched items became pretty tough. Aldo, the task of getting reviews, may be time and effort consuming, it's not so hard after all. You will need some tracking and planning, but eventually, you can build great customer testimonials that are 100% valid. 

Before we show you how to get product reviews on Amazon, think about your products. Is that item you're listing for sale something that you would use? Would you recommend your products to your friends and family? Having quality products is the first step towards rich and positive customer testimonials. If your products are good quality items, don't worry. We will show you how to get reviews on Amazon legally and fast!

How to get reviews on Amazon 2020 - Amazon methods


Amazon knows that reviews have a crucial impact on your products. In their best interest is to assist you in getting more reviews and, therefore, sales. After all, if you're making a profit, so do they. 

Amazon automated follow-up system

Amazon has an automated system that follows customers who buy products. Amazon will remind your customers and encourage them to leave a review for the product they recently purchased. 

This platform will send only one review reminder to the customer's e-mail, but you can submit another request through Amazon's Request a Review feature. Check the image below to find out where you can find this option and remind your customers to leave you a review in just one click. 

Request a review button

You can find this feature within your Seller Central, in the Order Reports section. By clicking on this button, you will send an automated e-mail request to your customers to remind them to leave a review on your purchased product. 


This option is available within four to 30 days after the purchase is made, and this is a one time feature, meaning you get to click only once. 

Along with the first automated Amazon's reminder, your customers will be suggested twice to leave you a review. 

Software bulk review request

This option is available within specific Amazon tools, such as AMZFinder . You can send a review request for all your orders in bulk. 

Enroll with Amazon Early Review Program

This program is designed to help sellers gain their first reviews on newly launched items. The chosen buyers who are also enrolled in this program can leave reviews for products applied to this program. In exchange, customers receive $3-5 gift cards and credits. 

The Early Review Program will cost you $60, and it can be applied to products that have less than five reviews. Also, sellers who wish to enter this program must be brand registered. 


Critical requirements for Amazon's Early Review Program:

  • The price to enter this program is $60
  • You will pay the cost after you receive your first review
  • Suitable for items only
  • Only can be applied to products with less than five reviews
  • Reviews are honest, no conditioning for a 5-star review
  • Product's price must be more than $15


Overall, this program is a great opportunity and offers excellent value, especially for sellers who are just starting and struggling on how to get reviews on Amazon. 


Enroll with Amazon Vine program

The Vine program is an excellent opportunity for sellers with brand-registered products to gain more early reviews. A seller needs to submit 30 pieces of inventory so that Vine reviewers can try them and leave an honest review. This program applies only to products with less than 30 customer reviews. Amazon's vine program is free for third-part merchants, but that probably won't last much longer.

To enter this program, you need to go to the Advertising menu within Seller Central. Sellers provide their products for free in an exchange of real Amazon reviews on their products. 

Amazon says that 25% of reviews received happen within five days after the order is received, while 99% of reviews obtained happen within 35 days after the order is received. The Vine program is a game-changer if you need to receive reviews fast. 


How to get reviews on Amazon 2020 - Seller methods

Seller's methods refer to ways to get reviews outside the Amazon.

Third-party automated e-mail responders

Similar to Amazon's automated e-mail system, many merchants use 3rd-party methods to send messages through Amazon's seller messaging system. With these 3rd-party tools like AMZFinder , sellers can design e-mail templates and send e-mails to customers who've purchased their items. 

But lately, Amazon began to limit the number and the type of e-mails that can be sent through its Seller Messaging System. Because of Amazon's strict rules, we predict that this option will be pretty soon banned. 

Create a contact list for e-mails

This is another alternative way to communicate with your customers. As long as your buyers come only from Amazon, they are actually Amazon's customers. It's always a smart idea to build your brand outside this selling platform. One of the best methods to do this is to create a massive e-mail customer list. 

There are various ways of how you can build your own e-mail audience. One of the methods is through social media channels. Another way would be by creating your own blog with related content and then asking your visitors to subscribe. But you need to come up with an excellent strategy to draw the audience to your blog. Also, you can add product inserts into existing items, prompting people to subscribe. After you build your own e-mail list, you can easily request reviews from customers who've purchased items from you. 

Request reviews from customers who left you a positive seller review

Many people don't distinguish product reviews from seller reviews. You have probably seen many times that people are leaving item reviews on the seller feedback section. 


Use this and e-mail any customers that have left you a product review in the wrong place, asking them for a review on your product. You can also send e-mails to all customers that left you positive seller feedback, asking for a review. 

Utilize product inserts

Another way to encourage customers to leave reviews is by putting cards into product packages, kindly asking for a review. 

General guidelines for product inserts:

  • Request a review but don't demand anything. Your tone must be neutral. If you tell customers to leave you a five-star review or even showing them, the image of 5-star reviews is against Amazon's rules.
  • Always provide information about your business and the product you just sold. This way, customers will be able to contact you if they have any issues with the order. If you provide excellent customer service, people won't leave you with a negative review even if they had problems with your product.
  • You can't financially incentivize reviews with package inserts, but you can ask people to join your e-mail list or follow your business on social media platforms. Additionally, this step will ultimately help you build your brand outside the Amazon. 

Alleviate negative reviews

Even if you receive a negative review, it would be best if you simply mitigate it. You need to show that you care about your customer's experience with your products and always address the problem or try to resolve it even after the negative review is made. 

With additional software solutions, you can get notified as soon as you receive a poor review. That way, you can quickly address the issue by writing a comment on the review, since you aren't able to contact the unsatisfied customer in any other way. 

Request reviews from buyers you've provided customer service to

In case you have a conversation with people trying to provide them with excellent customer service, feel free to request a review on your products. Customers who are happy with your service will happily provide positive feedback. But this refers to real conversations and not automated services. These conversations include:

  1. Communications regarding the product prior to the purchase 
  2. Technical support once the purchase is made
  3. Product returns when buyers don't need your product anymore
  4. Conversations when you are trying to make an unhappy customer happy


Launch your products on promotional marketplaces

You can add your goods to promotional websites such as IO Scout. With the money-saving advertisements given by these websites, shoppers often feel obligated to give to Amazon sellers positive feedback.

Still, these marketplaces can't request reviews from customers in trade for a product. Reviews from massively discounted or free goods are not provided.

Follow the rules - prohibited ways to get product reviews on Amazon

If you try to manipulate with reviews, in any way, you can get banned from the selling platform. You need to understand the difference between allowed methods to get reviews and black hat tactics that will result in a suspension from Amazon. 

Friend and acquaintance reviews

Many people probably have done this, but avoid it at any cost! This is entirely against Amazon's TOS, and Amazon will easily find any connection between reviewer and seller, such as IP address, shared shipping address, etc. You don't want to be banned from the platform because of one or two reviews. 

Facebook review groups

There are many Facebook groups where people give away free products in exchange for a review and provide a refund after the review is received. There are tons of Facebook groups for these purposes, but don't fall into the trap! Remember, any kind of review manipulating is prohibited, and you can get banned from Amazon permanently! Explicit transfer of a money return for a review is one of Amazon's most suspendable assaults. Aldo, the entire process is made outside the Amazon, and there are minimal chances for getting exposed, only one message of the impatient customer on Amazon, requesting a refund for a review will result in an immediate arouse significant suspicion from Amazon.


Zombie accounts for reviews or brushing

Amazon came across a severe problem, especially amongst Chinese sellers. Fake reviews are escalating enormously, resulting in dozens or hundreds of false reviews. Primarily these services practice false Amazon accounts to buy a seller's products and then leave fraudulent reviews. Frauds became so sophisticated that Amazon has a constant battle to discover these fake reviews. For $1 to $3, frauds offer reviews, depending on the possibility of these reviews recognized by Amazon. Amazon is becoming more skilled at identifying these fake reviews and suspending sellers who use them permanently. However, many sellers use this black hat method to obtain a significant number of reviews. 


E-mail Append Services for targeting customers

These services use Amazon shipping information and pair it against Big Data databases to get a buyer's e-mail address or phone number. Amazon is strictly against any possible use of customer's personal information, and they try to secure all customer information keeping them completely private on the platform.