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Viral Launch Review - Amazon Seller Tools

In comes Viral Launch, a software and consulting company, to support small sellers in their journey to become top-selling powerful brands on the Amazon marketplace. Viral Launch Amazon offerings cover the entire gamut of software solutions ranging from identifying the right product mix to devising a suitable marketing strategy with the help of in-depth research and data intelligence.

It also offers a wide range of services that include managing product launches, professional product photography, listing optimization, and PPC campaigns.

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What is Viral Launch?

viral launch chrome extension price

Viral launch offers to bring a comprehensive toolset that competes with these products on its merit.

At a glance, the viral launch features seem comprehensive.

  1. The product research component lets sellers validate their ideas for new products. It scouts potential competitors for that same product and estimates the demand. This way, it is easier to make a smarter decision in terms of launching a product. The product research tool is a failsafe from launching a product that will flop in the market.
  2. The competitor tracking tool allows you to dig into the ranking of your competitors. This way, you can snoop into what higher ranking sellers are doing and replicate their strategy to achieve success.
  3. A keyword research tool is a must for any eCommerce business. Using the right keywords is at the root of generating sales organically.
  4. Listing optimizer tool is created to optimize the product listings that will convert more customers to buy, instead of window shopping. To improve the conversion rate, you can test out various product photos and descriptions and see which one garners more attention.
  5. The product launch tool is connected with the seller dashboard and will launch your product with the best possible ranking.
  6. The PPC tool will allow you to improve your marketing campaigns.

Overall, Viral launch offers a healthy combination of ranking optimization, product idea validation, and advertisement tool. We will individually analyze each tool shortly in this article.

Viral Launch Pricing

The packages offered by Viral Launch pricing:

viral launch extension

  • Beginner: this plan will cost you $40 per month in the annual plan. $48 per month in the monthly plan. It is ideally suited for entrepreneurs who are just starting up.
  •  Pro: The annual plan costs $66 per month and the monthly plan is $80 per month. This plan is ideal for sellers with an idea of expanding the brand and improving sales numbers.
  •  Brand Builder: $100 per month in the annual plan. $120 per month in the monthly plan. This is suited for established brands who want to weed out competitors and grow the business.
  •  Kinetic: $166 per month in the annual plan and $199 per month in the monthly plan.

If you opt for any of the annual plans, 2 months of usage is free.

The following is a breakdown of what the plans offer in detail.

Viral Launch Solutions

We have analyzed each of the Viral Launch tools for Amazon sellers according to their function, effectiveness, and capabilities. Read on and decide for yourself if the Viral Launch cost is justified for the package it is providing.

1. Kinetic PPC

This tool allows you to automate advertising when you are using Pay per Click. In PPC, sellers pay for every click that is generated from an advertisement. The motive is to buy traffic to your site.

With Kinetic, you can set rules specific to when and where you want to increase spending or reduce it. If you have bid on a search engine or platform for PPC and it is generating sales, you can automatically increase spending bid there to advertise vigorously to pull in more sales. Alternatively, pull out from platforms where your PPC campaign is not performing well.

Your entire PPC campaign can be optimized by tracking spending vs. sales data. 

Several templates are available in this tool which will help you decide how to set the rules.

The tool also generates a report with the data from ads.

It tracks the sales generated from all the PPC campaigns, spending per campaign, and organic sales for thorough analysis.

Amazon’s PPC campaign has been hugely popular with sellers and it makes sense to establish a selling strategy based on this.

2. Viral Launch Product Discovery

io scout product research

Viral Launch Product Discovery will help you to d ecide what product you are going to launch, is not an easy task. Amazon database has close to half a billion products and not all of them sell equally or generate similar revenue. For a new seller, it is crucial to launch a product with as much market intelligence as possible.

The Viral Launch Product Discovery tool allows searching the entire amazon database of products by how many times it was sold in a month if there are any patterns to when the sales rise or fall, categories or niche of products, the size of shipping and even the amount of money required for investment.

You can add a selection of criteria and Viral Launch Product Discovery tool will uncover various products that fit this category. It will even warn you in case the product is highly popular. This means there are a lot of sellers who want to sell the product in the market.

When a product has too many sellers, it poses a very tough competition for someone new. And it can be super difficult to generate any revenue. According to our market research, sellers have reported the sales numbers of a product to be mostly accurate.

However, the profit margin is an estimated value and it is completely dependent on you how you can source the product and utilize various marketing strategies to generate sales.

3. Viral Launch Market Intelligence

viral launch review

Viral Launch market intelligence provides a holistic view of how your entire product list is performing. It has all the detailed statistical analysis that is needed to confirm if a product is right for your business before you start selling it. 

The market trends feature in the app keeps track of whether the product you chose is seasonal, or if it is popular at a particular time of the year and does not sell as many other times. 

At Viral Launch Market Intelligence you can also see the sellers who have ranked in the top spots for a product, which enables you to understand what the top sellers are doing right. 

The review count will show you the number of reviews for the top listings for a certain product. 

The last, but most important row decides the number of sales required to rank at the top.

4. Keyword Research

An Amazon selling kit is never complete without a good keyword research tool. Viral-launch provides an impactful tool in this category. Not only does Keyword Research looks into effective keywords that can boost your sales, but it also helps you to use the keywords more effectively by building a complete listing.

The search framework of Amazon is very similar to how Google search engine works. Buyers can launch the app and enter keywords into the search box. It can be any search criteria. Amazon A9 algorithm will list products depending on whether or not sellers have listed the search words in their product. 

With the help of this tool, you can identify words that are in demand when it comes to searching for a product. Add these phrases in your product to get an audience that will want to buy your thing.

To do that, Viral Launch scans into the search data of Amazon which keeps a detailed listing of all the search words buyers have used for a single product. The keywords are updated weekly to ensure you can keep your listing up to date with the changing market demands. 

Open any of your product listings in Amazon and search this tool for getting insightful keywords. When you enter the ASIN of your product in this tool, it will instantly generate thousands of results for you. 

There are various factors for choosing the right keyword. Let’s look at the specifics.

  • For every single keyword, there is a historical search trend that will show you whether the keywords are still in demand or they have lost the market appeal. Remove any existing keyword that has lost the market trend to make space for more relevant ones, as the character limit is fixed for product titles.
  • The keywords your competitors are making sales with are also listed. If the other sellers can get ranking with these keywords, so would you.
  • It also has an opportunity score which a combination of various factors. The competition for a product, demand in the market. All these parameters will give an idea of whether a product will have success on launch. Higher the opportunity score, the better the chances that a product sells well.
  • Every keyword comes with a search volume and the total number of times they have been used in listings. 

This tool also provides details of PPC keywords of competitors. If you are using the PPC campaign, this is how you ensure you are banking on the success that comes from using the right keywords. It also shows the bid cost of their sponsored ads. Customize your spending accordingly.

You can drill down on each individual for analysis, or even download the details in a CSV report.

The keyword research tool is integrated with another great feature, rank tracker. Together they provide you a report on how your competitors are doing based on ranking for specific keywords they have used.

io scout keyword tool

5. Competitor Intelligence

Using the old-timey tactics to generate sales, like giveaways and normal ad campaigns, are just not enough to generate sales. You will be falling behind competitors constantly who have a good marketing strategy based on various avenues that are available in the market so how do you ensure you are not falling behind them?

The easiest way is to spy on them, find out what is making them successful, and emulate those same decisions in your business to bank on their success.

The competitor intelligence tool is pretty good at tracking the performance of your competitors. It will alert you any time the search rankings change for your competitors against your products.

Understand their strategies by uncovering the keywords they are using. Monitor the effort they are putting on each sector to stay ahead of them. The alerts can be customized to keep you in the loop based on when a product is improving or declining in rank, how their sales numbers are doing, the kind of product reviews they have, etc.

6. Listing Optimization

Product listings are what your entire brand is about. It is how Amazon’s A9 algorithm decides which products should rank first. Perfecting a product listing will significantly improve your sales prospects.

The listing optimization feature will give you templates to fill in the required details, with the right keywords in the title, description and other places of a product. So, any time a customer searches for a product with any variation of a name, you rank in the search results. That is what generating sales is all about.

io scout listing optimization

7. Product Photography

Good product photos are paramount to success. Any buyer who shops through eCommerce platforms decides whether to buy a product based on the available photos. It is the deciding factor in converting clicks to sales.

To capitalize on that, you need professional-grade photography of your products that accentuate the qualities. The product photography tool will create the perfect photographs for you, which will attract customers. If you are not using a photography service already, this is a bonus on top of the marketing strategy tools that already exist in this suit.

Viral Launch Chrome Extension

viral launch review

The Viral Launch tool seems to have a lot to offer. Another useful feature of this application is that it is available in Chrome extension as well as in-app. The V iral Launch market intelligence chrome extensio n is a much lighter and simpler interface. You can find it in the web store of Google chrome. Add it to Google chrome and you are good to start using the tool.

You can do extensive market research, gather information on your competitors, find out sales data, revenue on a monthly or annual basis and see the trends of products in a historical format.

In short, the extension lets you do all the things that the app has. The best thing about it is that you can use it while browsing Amazon, instead of using this in a separate tab and making several back-and-forth trips to analyze products. The extension interface is seamlessly easy, and the information is presented in concise data formats for quick understanding.

Beginners will have an easy time working out the kinks of the tool. The functions are stripped down to bare scales so there is no need to sweat about how to use everything.

However, it is a basic product and is only good for discovering new products. If you want a more detailed analysis than that there is no other option than to simply use the app.

Still, we like it for the existing functionalities.


How do I cancel the Viral Launch?

If you are signed up with the app and decide not to continue your subscription after a period, there is an easy way of canceling your subscription as Viral Launch Amazon does not bind customers in a legal contract.

You can discontinue the use of the tool any time you want. However, the tool does not give you the money-back guarantee if you do choose to stop the membership. Monthly plans are, therefore, much more flexible.

Since there is no refund, you can contact the support team. They will take the necessary actions to cancel the subscription. It will, however, happen at the end of the current billing cycle.

Therefore, in a monthly plan, you have the flexibility to end the membership whenever you want. But for annual plans, you have to continue for the rest of the year.

At the end of that period, your product membership will be automatically canceled, and you will not be charged for another renewal.

Can I use a free trial?

Viral Launch Amazon does offer a free trial of 14 days. If you are not sure how accurate the tools are, you can utilize this time to do your analysis and see the results it generates for you.

The Viral Launch features , however, have a limited capability in the trial period. We believe it should be sufficient to evaluate the effectiveness despite the limitations.

The yearly plan also has two months of free usage in case you want to go for any of the paid plans at the end of the Viral Launch free trial period. There are Viral Launch  coupon code, discount on many coupon sites available that will get you a discounted price for the product suit.

How accurate is Viral Launch?

Worldwide, Viral Launch Amazon is used by thousands of sellers who have estimated a good amount of improvement in their sales. There are, however, far more powerful tools that can provide much better analytics on products.

Viral Launch accuracy depends on whether you understand the features and usage of each tool in the suit. Using just one or two tools is not enough. Product discovery is not effective if you are not employing Kinetic PPC for campaigns and keyword discovery to get the right keywords. You must also effectively utilize the competitor intelligence tools to do what your rivals are doing to achieve success.

There is no shortcut to success on Amazon. But having all the right answers in one place is as far as you can get to make sure you come out on top. In that aspect, the basic tools perform pretty well in the viral launch. 

We recommend starting with the free trial version. If you see a considerable improvement in sales by implementing all the strategies in 14 days, it is a safe bet to assume you can use it. Or if you feel an annual plan is risky, go with the monthly plans for a while, so you can cancel at any time.

When you can see the sales numbers rolling in, then you can gauge the accuracy of the strategic suit.

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There is no denying that when it comes to individual tools, there are much better options available in the market. If you compare standalone tools like KeyworkX or Listing Eagle with the listing builder and keyword analysis features in this app, you will see that these standalone tools can provide huge insights that can best your selling a lot.

They will also protect your listings from being hijacked. In many situations, rival companies have tried to copy a seller’s ASIN and sell counterfeit products, or outright hijack their inventory. These tools can protect that from happening with you, which is a functionality that Viral Launch is lacking.

However, the overall package is attractive because having all the features in one place allows you a level of diagnostics that individual solutions cannot provide. The optimization and launch features could use some improvements but the overall product suite is worthy of attention and is one of the best tools in the market still.

These are a few issues with the app. Along with the factor that the manual services are charged at a higher price than we would like. And sellers can hire outside help for these things without paying as much. But when it comes to product and keyword research, it remains one of the best tools in the market. 

The Viral Launch packages are pretty attractive and do not cost as much as other expert apps out there. There is a Viral Launch free trial that we suggest sellers must experience before committing to the full service.

And if you are still not convinced, just start with the Viral Launch extension, which is a full-blown product research aid to decide if it is worth it for yourself.