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IO Scout vs Viral launch

Viral Launch is a well-known tool for Amazon sellers, which will help you gather essential data and make better decisions for your online selling business. But how the Amazon market is spreading, also does the available offer of Amazon solutions for sellers. Different people have different criteria, but they all need a comprehensive set of solutions that will provide the most accurate data for the fair price. IO Scout is an all-in-one solution for Amazon sellers , and it was launched after the Viral Launch. Regardless of that, IO Scout is an excellent set of tools that will maximize any seller's potential, whether you're a newbie or a professional.

In this article, we will compare the features, prices, and benefits of both solutions so you can decide which one is a better fit for your business. 

Viral Launch

IO Scout better than Viral Launch

Viral Launch Chrome Extension

With Viral Launch Extension, you'll be able to research the market extensively and get the data about products' sales numbers, monthly sales and revenue, historical trends, and much more. You will be able to spot the most profitable products on a dime while you research the marketplace on Amazon. You will be able to get instant sales estimates and market analysis. 

However, with Viral Launch Chrome Extension, you won't get all tools that this solution is offering to Amazon sellers. For more extensive toolset, you should switch to their web platform. 

Viral Launch Keyword Research

Keyword Research feature will help you discover specific phrases that are relevant to your product, and you should use them to reach your target audience with a beneficial search rank. 

Keywords and search trends often change, but Viral Launch is accurate and will provide you with real results. Viral Launch is checking Amazon's system a few times a week to update the keyword data properly. 

After you type the initial keyword, the tool will generate thousands of relevant keywords along with their research statistics. 

Also, you will be able to spy on your competitors by having an insight into their keywords and figure out what they're trying to rank for. 

Viral Launch Product Discovery

Your business success as Amazon seller mainly depends on the products you choose to sell. Great marketing strategies are worth nothing if your products have extensive competition and low demand. Hence, the product search is one of the most critical processes. 

Viral Launch combines several factors, such as demand, competition levels, and potential profit margins, when determining the most profitable product.

Viral Launch Competitor Intelligence

Competitor Intelligence is the tool for spying on your competitors. You will be able to track your competitors' performance levels and strategies. Viral Launch will show you their ranking keywords, the high volume keywords, underutilized keywords, top-performing keywords, and those that your competitors have left out. 

This tool will also help you maintain market dominance over your competitors by keeping you one step ahead of them. Competitor Intelligence will monitor rivals efforts and notify you as soon as an important change happens. 

Viral Launch Market Intelligence

This feature from Viral Launch provides you with extensive data about the market, such as the required upfront investment amounts, estimated product sales, estimated item profit, etc. The data also includes historical trends, current proceedings, and predictions based on complicated prediction algorithms.

IO Scout

IO Scout vs ViralLaunch

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IO Scout FBA Calculator

This essential tool saves your time by instantly calculating all Amazon fees related to the FBA selling model. By doing that, you will be able to estimate your potential profit better and decide which products are more profitable. Simply type the ASIN number of your product of interest, and IO Scout FBA Calculator will generate all amazon fees, Net profit, and Net Margin.

IO Scout Sales Estimator

Sales Estimator will show you the number of monthly sales in a particular product category according to the product's sales rank (BSR). This tool is also known as Amazon's best sellers rank calculator or Amazon BSR calculator. 

Every product category has a different sales volume per month, and IO Scout Amazon Sales Estimator is particularly useful when you're trying to track trending niches with best selling potential. With this free tool, you can easily spy on your rivals, estimate the volume of your sales, and strategically decide whether your niche is perspective enough to make a significant profit.

IO Scout Product Finder

IO Scout product finder is a product research tool that covers more than 200 million Amazon items . It's renewed daily, so all the data about the products this tool provides is highly accurate.

With customizing filters, you will be able to track down rockstar products to sell on Amazon.

Besides filters, you can search for products based on ASIN or title, and you can include, or exclude, keywords to track down the product that fits your criteria. Also, advanced filters are available, so you can search only for oversized products, or track down those without the BuyBox. You can search only for FBA or FBM products, or track down the products that are out of stocks but high in demand. 

You can save filters and have easier access to them. This way, you will not have to adjust the filters according to your criteria whenever you want to search. 

When you find products that fit your desired criteria, you can bookmark them and track their data changes hourly to have easier access and more bright insight into the value of the product. This step will help you with the strategic decision-making process, whether to go for the product or not. 

IO Scout Product Tracker

Product Tracker will keep all your product ideas in one place! There is no need to switch between countless tabs and apps. After you've saved your products of interest in your bookmark, the IO Scout Product Tracker will show them all in a user-friendly, intuitive board. 

This tool also provides accurate data about products, such as the detailed report about the changes in the product's rank, reviews, and price over time. Intuitive graphs and charts will help you understand and track the trends and come up with an excellent pricing strategy. 

IO Scout Google Chrome Extension

With IO Scouts Amazon Chrome Extension , you will have instant access to the most important product data directly on the Amazon website. 

After you install and allow IO Scout Chrome Extension in your Google Chrome, it will be available for use on the category and search results as well as on the product pages.

Once you go to the product page, IO Scout will provide you with the data about that particular product such as name, ASIN , category, BSR , rating, price, reviews, etc. Also, you will have access to data such as estimated revenue per product and month, Amazon FBA fees, and monthly sales.

Besides data about the particular product, you will have access to suppliers from more than dozens of resources. 

Pricing plans

Viral Launch

  • Beginner Plan - It costs $59 monthly, or $50 if it's billed annually.
  • Pro Plan - Costs $99 per month when it's billed monthly, and $83 for a one-time payment;
  • Brand Builder Plan - $149 when it's billed monthly and $125 for annual payment;
  • Kinetic Plan - Costs $199 per month for monthly payments and $166 per month billed annually.

IO Scout

Startup package - $22.50 per month, and it covers:

  • 25 products in Product Tracker
  • 25 keywords in Keyword Tracker

Seller subscription - $32.50 per month, and includes:

  • 45 products in Product Tracker
  • 45 keywords in Keyword Tracker
  • IO Scout Chrome Extension

Business subscription - $42.50 per month, and includes: 

  • 85 products in Product Tracker
  • 85 keywords in Keyword Tracker
  • IO Scout Chrome Extension

The final verdict

As you can see, IO Scout is offering a much better deal for an even better price. 

Also, here is the final visualization of the main differences between Viral Launch and IO Scout:

better than Viral Launch