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Ultimate 2020 Guide to Amazon Best Sellers Rank

Fun Fact: Amazon’s Marketplace’s current listings stand at over twelve million products. 

That’s an awful lot of listings right there.

So how do you establish which are going to be the best products to sell on Amazon , when it’s a massive obstacle, of both products and categories?

how to check amazon sales rank

Best Products to Sell on Amazon

Amazon offers you something very special indeed. A list of best-selling products. And this list is updated hourly. Bonus.

Amazon Best Sellers List

Amazon’s Best Sellers List contains the categories on Amazon that sell the best at that present moment in time, and the items which also sell the best on Amazon’s Marketplace. 

This really is the place you need to be to do your product research. Amazon actually have all the information you need . It’s all there for the taking. You just need to look for it. 

Best Amazon Selling Categories in 2020

  • Toys and Games
  • Cameras and Photos
  • Electronics
  • Video Games
  • Cosmetics
  • Books
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Health and Fitness

Tips and Tricks of Great Products to Sell on Amazon

As a good starting point, take note of these below tips for obtaining your next best seller, as, chances are – if your proposed product fits all (or some) of these principles, you may well have a star purchase on your hands!

  1. The item has upwards of ten transactions in a day
  2. The item is eligible for Prime Shipping
  3. The item is simple to manufacture
  4. The item is not seasonal
  5. The item is small
  6. The item is light
  7. The item sells for around $21-$200 currently on Amazon’s Marketplace
  8. The item is nice and simple to package, and to ship
  9. The item has fewer than 100 reviews already listed

One of the keys in establishing best-selling products is two-fold:

Find what products people want and need in their lives

Find out how much said people are prepared to spend on said products to have in their lives

If you can put yourself in your consumers’ shoes, and visualize what they want and need, and then deliver this to them (via Amazon), you’re onto a winner. 

Don’t get too carried away however with thinking the product you’ve sourced is a perfect best-seller.

Research, research, research Using IO Scout Amazon Product Research Tool.

Look at the potential profit margins, the competition for the product, and the niche the product sits in.

To uncover the next Amazon best seller, you’re going to want detailed data on:

  • The current sales of these items
  • The keywords these items are currently standing at
  • Item seasonality of these items
  • The long-term potential prospects of the product

Products to Dodge Selling on Amazon

  1. Items which are sold in great volumes every day
  2. Items which are already sold in successful, branded stores
  3. Items which are exceptionally hefty or cumbersome
  4. Items which are difficult or expensive (or both!) to ship

Top Tips on How to Find the Best Items To Sell On Amazon

A top tip is to explore the Customers Also Bought portion of Amazon. The perceptions you can uncover are really valuable, and present fantastic prospects to discover other bestselling items.

Amazon usefully suggests to Amazon seller businesses a good amount of meaningful insights into which categories are the most popular, and which are the most inundated. When it comes to obtaining the best- selling goods to amplify your return on investment, it doesn’t come down to one single part.

Pay cautious attention to categories, shipping weights, breakability, and current inundation of the market. There are an array of helpful tools to be observed on product research, product finders, product price trackers, and the like, to assist your search for the best-selling items to sell on Amazon. 

But back to the Best Sellers Rank, which we need to explore in additional detail.

check amazon sales rank

What is the Amazon Best Seller Rank?

Otherwise referred to as BSR, the Amazon Best Sellers Rank is a categorization given to items on Amazon’s Marketplace based on its orders, in comparison to other items with the same categorization, based on a set time period. You can find the Amazon BSR in the item description section of the item.

The Amazon Best Seller Rank (or BSR) is the score that Amazon’s algorithms work out to place products based on the sales. This algorithm calculated by Amazon is a mystery to most people, and probably known by a select few at Amazon’s headquarters!

Historical data of a product is less of a sway than recent sales data of a specific item that is currently selling on Amazon’s Marketplace. 

Why is the Amazon Best Seller Rank Important?

The Amazon BSR is a vital measurement for Amazon FBA sellers. Get it right on Amazon with your product listings, and your business will be more profitable and successful.

By using IO Scout BSR Calculator you need to know that calculations for Amazon BSR is based on categories, and sub-categories, not keywords. The Amazon BSR is a good indicator of product sales, and potential product sales, at that. 

How is the Amazon BSR calculated?

Firstly, the Amazon BSR is not based on reviews or ratings of a particular product; but exclusively on the sales of the product. And it’s worth noting that BSR varies on the different Amazon Marketplaces globally. 

Amazon BSR is revised on an hourly basis. This is done by working out the sales of a product at that moment in time, and also the historical sales data. For example, a product ranking at No. 1 reveals that it has sold in greater numbers than any other product with the same categorization. Kudos indeed. 

The Amazon BSR is merely gauge for sales estimation figures. It gives an overall view of the product’s sales, and ebbs and flows wildly.

What is the difference between Amazon Best Sellers Rank and Organic Ranking?

Your Amazon BSR is how well the item is ranking according to number of sales, whereas the organic ranking statistic is how well the product ranks for a particular keyword. The items which appear on Amazon’s search engine results pages are classified by Amazon as the most significant items for that particular keyword. 

Amazon Best Sellers Rank and Organic Ranking

If you are in the business of creating and manufacturing your own items to sell on Amazon’s Marketplace, then organic ranking is going to be paramount. The greater up the listings on Amazon, the more chances your potential customers will see the listing, and go ahead and purchase from you. However, for working out the sales regularity of particular products, the Amazon BSR is a useful tool, when viewed as product categories.  

Where is the Amazon Best Sellers Rank?

Follow me. Let’s navigate to the product page you are interested in, and voila!

sales rankings

In order to view the Amazon BSR of the top-selling products, head to this page , and filter by department.

Is there software available to help calculate products using BSR?

Absolutely. IO Scout and CamelCamelCamel are useful tools to have in your armoury, as they will track and check the ranking history of products, so you can check for accuracy. 

IO Scout

IO Scout is a piece of sourcing software which aims to provide you with projected monthly sales in accordance with the Amazon BSR and historical data of the product. Use this in conjunction with CamelCamelCamel, and you should be able to ascertain some accurate data for your business projections.

It’s easy enough to get started with IO Scout using the free features, and zero requirement to register. IO Scout offers a 5-day money back guarantee so you can try-before-you-buy.

Some of the top features and tools of IO Scout include:


First thing to say about the tool that is CameCamelCamel is that it’s FREE. So it’s worth setting aside some time to check it out, because there really is nothing to lose, but everything to gain. Top features:

Amazon Price Drop Alerts

Choose to be notified via the medium of Twitter or email to price drops on Amazon’s Marketplace, and you can stay 100% in the loop to the price happenings on Amazon for your intended products, or products you are keeping an eye on.

It’s worth noting that the Price Drop Alert tool can be especially lucrative if you take advantage of sourcing and purchasing new inventory items when stock is priced low. 

Amazon Price History Charts

Viewing the Amazon Price History Charts on Camel Camel Camel platform is very straightforward; and demonstrates the sales ranking of any product at this point in time. 

You can gain access to most of tools without registering, but it’s worthwhile doing so, as you have free reign to everything this powerful tool has to offer your business. Read this article if you want to know more about CamelCamelCamel vs. IO Scout and other alternative to CamelCamelCamel tools?

Use the graphs provided to check when your products of interest were sold over the course of the last month, and use in-depth insights to see which the maximum price was, and the smallest. But it doesn’t end there. Historical data is available for products up to a year ago. 

It offers email notifications on your chosen products, so you’re never going to miss the important product highlights. If your product drops to your chosen set cost, Camel Camel Camel is going to let you know about it! 

Most people find the interface very easy to use, and you don’t need to be a tech-geek to get the hang of it! Also, CamelCamelCamel platform can be used on both mobile and desktop devices, so you can have the flexibility of being informed at the touch of a button.  

Another online tool worth mentioning to assist Amazon FBA sellers is Seller Labs.

SellerLabs have combined all the tools required by Amazon FBA sellers together in one streamlined interface. Your keyword, inventory, research, reviews and advertising are all taken care of under one roof, as claimed by Seller Labs.

Declaring “All the tools you need to grow your business”, Seller Labs are endorsing some pretty compelling reasons to get involved with their platform to become more profitable, and quickly. Let’s dive in deeper.

How to use BSR to find products to sell on Amazon?

  1. Find out the item’s Best Sellers Rank on Amazon’s Marketplace
  2. Make an assessment of the typical sales of the item on a monthly basis – this will ensure you have data on how frequently this item sells.
  3. Work out what the item should sell at. This comprises the cost of the item, along with the associated fees, and the potential fees to store the item if they don’t fly off the shelves! 

How do you improve your items’ Amazon BSR?

There are some steps you can take to improve your Amazon BSR.

Check out the competition

Firstly, check out what your competitors are up to, so do some keyword research on your competitors’ item descriptions. It may be that your competitors who are doing better than you in the Amazon BSR ratings are optimizing their keywords more effectively; it may be that they are more efficient at answering their customers’ queries in the item description. Perform some analysis, and work out where you can improve your product listings. 

Optimize your product listings

Once you’ve delved deeper into your competitors’ product listings, you will have a firmer grasp on how to potentially improve your own. But you can go one step further than that.

Did you know that nearly 65% of all clicks on Amazon’s Marketplace go to the first three items ranked there? 

So to have any chance of improving your BSR, you need to rank higher.

You can optimize your listing further by completing the following steps:

  • Conducting research analysis on keywords that are related to your item
  • Then going ahead and adding these researched keywords to all sections of your listing including the title of the item, the description of the item, and the item’s features
  • Consider inserting high-quality, professional-grade images
  • Concentrating your item’s highlights on your item’s uses and advantages, and taking into consideration your customers’ wants, needs and requirements before committing to purchasing your item

You can try your luck with Amazon SEO services, if keyword research and listing optimization is not your forte. You can enlist an expert to advise on lists of optimal keywords, and create descriptions for your listings to help you on your way to improving your products’ BSR.

increase amazon sales rank

Sort out your sub-categories

Another step is to decide which category, and also sub-categories you want your product to appear in. And revise this over time, too, to check the categories you choose are still relevant. 

The sub-category you choose will regularly give you the most significance and potential, as its often the case that categories alone have way too much in the way of competition to be seen amongst the ever-growing crowd. This is especially true for Amazon sellers who are new to the market.  

Check out these steps to check you’re choosing the best sub-categories for your products:

  • Perform analysis of the best-selling items that appear in your intended sub-categories, and decide if they are a good match for your product
  • Seek out categories that are more niche, with less competition 
  • Revise your product’s sub-category

And don’t worry, your sub-category choices are not set in stone, you can change them at any time, so try out various options to see what works, and what doesn’t. 

Key Takeaways

Selling products on Amazon’s Marketplace is not for the faint hearted. Not anymore. To achieve high BSR on Amazon, you need to put the work in, and it will take time. But invest your time wisely, and you too can achieve a profitable business like so many other entrepreneurs in 2020.

The Amazon BSR is not the most reliable tool to measure your businesses’ sales effectively. But it is a tool you can use to your advantage, in conjunction with all the other tools at your disposal. 

As with all Amazon selling tools, be it product research, keyword research, market research, and all-in-one tools, pick and choose the elements that you feel are a good fit for your own business model, and adjust accordingly.