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IO Scout vs Sellics

Perform a speedy search on Google, and you’ll be inundated with acclaimed “All in one” Amazon FBA selling tools – whether it’s product research, product pricing, product reviews, real-time data research, competitor monitoring, keyword monitoring, keyword tracking, listing optimization, price tracking – you name it, there’s a tool for it.

In this article, we are going to take a further look at the features of two of the biggest leaders on the market today, in order to make an informed decision on seeking the best Amazon FBA research tool for your own business, based on your unique business requirements. 

IO Scout and Sellics, to be precise. Compare and contrast, along with price plans for both platforms, to learn how to maximize your business selling opportunities on Amazon’s Marketplace. 

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What is IO Scout ?

better than Sellics

IO Scout is an online application tool for Amazon sellers to improve their selling success on Amazon’s Marketplace. This is achieved through tracking specific products to uncover potential worthwhile items to sell on Amazon. Offering the ability to increase sales through Amazon for Private Label Sellers and Wholesale Sellers alike, and saving time and money in the process. 

How much does IO Scout cost?

IO Scout’s 14-day money back guarantee offers peace of mind for Amazon sellers, a try-before-you-buy method, if you will. 

The three alternative paid options of IO Scout of $29, $49 and $69, offering increased search and facilities the higher the price-point of the membership option. From 25-45-85 products available in Product Tracker, 25-45-85 keywords available in Keyword Tracker, and all plans including Amazon Listing Optimizer , Amazon FBA Calculator , Amazon Sales Estimator , and unlimited Product History database, there is a plan on IO Scout for every FBA Amazon Seller.

Including key features such as:

  • Product Groupings
  • Analysis of 150 million + Amazon Items
  • Complete Item Filters
  • Discover Products with Minimum Resistance/High Ranking Need
  • Historical Data Information on each individual product 
  • Status of Inventory
  • Reviews

IO Scout’s membership packages encompass:

  • 200 million items database access
  • Limitless researches
  • Limitless historical data information 
  • Admission to Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Admission to IO Scout education resources
  • Product Finder & Tracker
  • Keyword Scout
  • Listing Builder
  • FBA Calculator
  • Sales Estimator
  • Sales Analytics Tool
  • IO Scout Google Chrome Extension
  • Amazon Sales Estimator
  • Inventory Management Tool

Onto our next all-in-one Amazon sellers tool, Sellics .

What is Sellics?

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Sellics is a platform promoting themselves as a “One Stop Shop” for Amazon sellers marketing their businesses, with no need for lots of separate analytics and monitoring tools.

As an all-in-one management tool, an overview of what Sellics provides are as follows:

  • Amazon SEO and optimization of product listings
  • Management of reviews
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Keyword Examination
  • Management of product stock inventory 
  • Amazon PPC Advert Campaigns 
  • Excellent customer service support – email or live chat feature options
  • Global data intelligence analysis from: USA, Mexico, Canada, India, UK, Italy, Spain, France and Germany

Sellics have noticed a gap in the market, and come up with an ingenious platform to combine absolutely everything an FBA Amazon Seller needs to maximize sales, and streamline business operations.

Citing “Success on Amazon” as their strapline, Sellics are arguably promoting some pretty powerful tools in which to elevate your Amazon selling business. Let’s take a closer look.

How much does Sellics cost?

Sellics’ Seller Edition price plan comes with a 14-day trial for free, so you can give all the tools a trial run to see if they will be a good fit for your business, and report on the data you need. 

You’ll enjoy tracking your actual profits using real-time insights, with Sellics handily calculating the fees associated with your sales, such as the fees incurred by Amazon, shipping, PPC, FBA, taxes, and the original cost of your product. 

The automation of your PPC campaigns on Sellics works very well indeed; and offers to automate your ad campaigns, saving you a shedload of time.

The pricing of Sellics’ Seller Edition plan is dependent on your approximate annual Amazon sales. As below:

$0 Approximate Annual Amazon Sales

The base plan is on a monthly basis, and costs $57 a month. 

$1K-$60K Approximate Annual Amazon Sales

$67 a month PAYG, $47 a month paid annually, or $57 a month paid bi-annually

$60K-$240K Approximate Annual Amazon Sales

$97 a month PAYG, $47 a month paid annually, or $57 a month paid bi-annually

$240K-$600K Approximate Annual Amazon Sales

$157 a month PAYG, $117 a month paid annually, or $137 a month paid bi-annually

$600K-$1.2M Approximate Annual Amazon Sales

$217 a month PAYG, $157 a month paid annually, or $187 a month paid bi-annually

$1.2M+ Approximate Annual Amazon Sales

$317 a month PAYG, $257 a month paid annually, or $287 a month paid bi-annually

All of these Sellics pricing plans come as standard with:

Access to:

  • All Amazon Marketplaces
  • Mobile App
  • The 5 Sellics features: Profit Dashboard, PPC Manager, Amazon Ranking Optimiser, Review Management, and Inventory Management 
  • Unlimited Products
  • Product Conversion Rates – see what’s selling well instantly, and what isn’t
  • Free Weekly Webinar 

IO Scout vs Sellics – The Final Word

After more of an in-depth delve into the logistics and features of Sellics as a total management tool for Amazon FBA sellers, it’s easy to see why so many Amazon entrepreneurs have turned to this platform to assist in their online selling activities.

A downside for well-established Amazon FBA sellers could be that Sellics are only able to offer information insights for the past 2 months. 

Amazon selling is all-consuming on your time, so if you are after a method to streamline your business processes, and save time, then Sellics could indeed work very well for you.

Granted, there are online tools out there that do the separate tasks of an FBA selling business better, but you have to weigh up the time spent navigating different platforms.

IO Scout is definitely an affordable solution for researching potential products to add to your inventory of your Amazon trading business. It’s uncomplicated methodology, and free trial offers incentives to try it out, compared to other product research tools such as AMZ Scout, Viral Launch, amongst others. 

For a direct comparison, IO Scout offers more for your money, and indeed, it costs less than Sellics. However, both applications do offer a free trial, so it would be wise to perhaps trial both tools to see which features cover your own requirements.

In contrast to other Amazon research tools, like Sellics, IO Scout is designed to be an efficient straight-forward solution for product research and tracking.

  • IO Scout is a perfect fit for online and retail arbitrage, dropshipping and private labels.
  • Users point out IO Scout’s higher data accuracy compared to other solutions.
  • Connect up to 10 researchers to your IO Scout account.

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