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IO Scout vs Helium10

With millions of goods, Amazon has become a popular platform not only for online shoppers but for online merchants as well because it gives them the opportunity to introduce their goods to zillions of consumers from all around the world.

Due to the extremely competitive environment of the platform, merchants now have to operate very carefully to compete and become a top seller. They need to work on many factors such as picking the right with the potential to sell more units and generate high profits, finding the right keywords that can help them rank higher which also helps in generating more sales, tracking their competitors to make use of their best strategies and much more. Since all these tasks take a lot of time and effort, most of the merchants now use different tools to operate more efficiently. Among these tools are two powerful tools known as IO Scout and Helium 10.

Because it can get difficult to decide which of these two tools is the best, we will compare these two tools in this article so you can easily decide which is the right one for your requirements.

What are IO Scout and Helium 10?

If you don’t know what is IO Scout, here is your answer. Both IO Scout and Helium 10 are set of tools for online merchants, especially Amazon merchants, which help them in finding the right item that can generate a high amount of sales and bring them high profits and revenues. These tools bring users various useful metrics and parameters with the help of which users can determine the demand and competition of any niche or item.

Moreover, these tools also assist merchants in finding the perfect keywords for their goods so they can rank them higher in search results. And, you can also use these tools for estimating profits and sales. They also let users calculate the FBA and other costs associated with any item.

IO Scout vs Helium 10 Pricing

IO Scout has three paid packages Start-up, Seller, and Business . If you are a beginner, the start-up plan is perfect for you and it costs just $45/month. The seller package is available for $65/month and you can use it to track up to 45 items and find up to 45 keywords. For more established brands and merchants, the business plan is available as it allows you to track 85 items and research 85 keywords. It can be purchased for $85/month. An outstanding 62.5% available for those who wish to buy the annual subscription. Where else would you find such special offer?

When it comes to Helium 10 pricing, it offers three paid plans as well as a free plan but the features of the free package are limited. The Platinum package for beginners costs $97/month while the yearly subscribers have to pay $970/year. Next, the Diamond plan is available for $197/month, and those who purchase the yearly subscription have to pay $1970. The Elite Package, which is designed for well-established merchants, can be bought for $397/month. There isn’t any annual subscription for this package.

In terms of pricing, IO Scout is definitely more reasonable. If you pay attention, you can see that there is a huge difference between the prices of both the tools and IO Scout also offers a big discount on the annual subscription.

IO Scout vs. Helium 10 Features

  • Product Research
  • Keyword Tool
  • FBA Calculator
  • Sales Estimator

Product Research

When it comes to finding the most profitable and perfect item, IO Scout is capable of scanning over 200 million Amazon items and gives you real-time info of any of your desired items so you can determine its potential, for example the book sales information. The best thing about this tool is that it updates data every hour so you get the most up to date data for books category.

It lets you select your desired category so you can quickly find the right items that meet your requirement. To further save your time, the tool is equipped with tons of filters like reviews, price, and ratings, etc. Moreover, the tool also brings you the list of top items and displays their key details including sales and price. This way you can quickly figure out which item is the best one in the niche. And, you can also search for a particular item by its ASIN or title.

IO Scout also offers an IO Scout Product Tracker Tool with the help of which you can save the goods in the app that you want to analyze later. The details of these goods are also updated on an hourly basis. With this feature, you can also analyze the performance of your desired goods by examining their historical data.

Helium 10 also lets you pick the right item with its tool called Black box. It has over 450 million items in its database and it also lets you apply filters to quickly find your desired items. These filters include prices, amount of reviews and sales, etc. Moreover, it also shows you the price history of your desired item so you can examine their trends.

Both these tools offer various features for picking the best item however IO Scout is known more for its accuracy.

Keyword Tool

Both of these tools help you with finding best keywords for your goods. IO Scout’s tool lets you find the words that are most popular and most used by the consumers. It asks you to provide a seed word and then returns tons of relevant keywords. Moreover, it also shows the exact and broad search volume of every word which helps in determining the popularity of the keyword. And, you can also use this tool to build effective listings to convince consumers to buy your item.

Helium 10 offers a few tools that have to do with keywords such as Cerebro, Frankenstein and Magnet etc. These tools allow you to find the right keywords for your item by providing its ASIN or by entering a seed word. Moreover, it also removes unnecessary words from your listings to make them more effective.

FBA Calculator

IO Scout lets you calculate the FBA fees of any item within minutes through its ASIN whereas Helium 10 calculates the profits of any items by calculating all of its costs including Amazon FBA fees .

Sales Estimator

IO Scout estimates the sales of any of an item on the basis of its BSR so you can have an idea of how many units you will sell. Helium 10 also gives you monthly sales estimates.

Chrome Extension

Both the tools offer chrome extension with the help of which you can analyze data directly on the item’s Amazon page.

In contrast to other Amazon research tools, like Helium10, IO Scout is designed to be an efficient straight-forward solution for product research and tracking.

  • IO Scout is a perfect fit for online and retail arbitrage, dropshipping and Private Labels .
  • Users point out IO Scout’s higher data accuracy compared to other solutions.
  • Connect up to 10 researchers to your IO Scout account.

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