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AMZScout Review - Is it an Effective Tool?

Amazon is among the most popular and trusted platform for both selling and purchasing goods as it has millions of shoppers which brings the opportunity for merchants for earning a handsome amount through it while one of the reasons for it being popular among shoppers is that it offers almost any all types of items. From hairpins to laptops, the marketplace has everything you need.

Did you know it started as a company for selling books online? That is right! When it was founded in 1995 it was just offering books but it started to add other categories and now it is among the biggest online retailers. 

Many merchants from all over the globe have earned a fortune by offering something on this platform and many are still earning. Because of this, it has now become one of the most reliable and popular ways of earning income and now many people are launching their online business on this platform. Since there are now plenty of merchants on this site the competition here is increasing day by day which has made the process of achieving success a bit difficult especially for the beginners. However, with the right plan, strategies, and tools, anything is possible.

Are you planning of launching your first item on this platform? Well, that is great! But have you considered whether the item you have chosen is even desired by the purchasers because if its not you will have a very hard time getting orders from them which means no sales.

Secondly, have you estimated all the expenses associated with introducing your item? Do you know how much it will cost you to ship this item? There are many other questions that you need to ask yourself before launching the item.

The fact is that being successful on this platform is not only about signing up, putting your item up for sale and magically start getting hundreds of orders. To stay ahead of the competition you must consider each and every aspect that can assist you in improving your performance. That is why people say selling on this platform is not a piece of cake.

From picking the right item to sell and tracking the performance of your rivals to perfectly optimizing your listings and tracking your reviews, you have to focus on every element.

Some factors must be considered before introducing the item such as estimating profits etc. but the struggle doesn’t end here. Once you have launched the right item, you must work on making them visible to the buyers because if they can’t find your goods how are they going to purchase it?

However, don’t panic thinking how will I manage all these things by myself because you really don’t have to. Why? Because fortunately there are several high-quality tools and software available that can help you deal with all of these aspects within a short span of time such as Amzscout. With a database of around 20 million goods, this powerful toolset is among the most efficient ones.

In this detailed article, we have reviewed all of its features and tools including amzscout fba calculator and many others.

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amz scout pro

What is AMZ Scout?

AMZScout is an effective solution for all your selling needs. This tool not only helps the sellers with finding the best items for selling but it also lets them enhance their listing by bringing them the most suitable keywords. Furthermore, users can get sales and revenue estimation, calculate the expected profit and keep tabs on their competitors. Not to mention, it also displays sales history trends and provides you the option to find the right suppliers for your goods.

This toolset is available in the form of a web-app as well as AMZ Scout pro chrome plugin which is not only easy to use but comes with several useful features.

The product research tool is one of the major features of this app which helps the merchants in analyzing the marketplace so that they can pick the most profitable goods and understand which factors are most important for success.

All in all, this outstanding toolset lets you make informed decisions that can help you operate more efficiently and smartly.

If you are interested in understanding how these features work and how you can use them to your benefit, keep reading the article as we have discussed them in detail.

AMZ Scout Packages and Pricing

When it comes to the subscription plan of the web app, this tool offers 3 different types of packages with different prices. All these packages offer the same features the only difference is the number of items users are allowed to track with product tracker varies.

The basic plan is available for $29.99/month or if you go for the yearly subscription it will cost you $179.99 which when calculated per month only costs $14.99 which means you save 50% when you pay annually. This package gives users access to the database, keyword tool, and product tracker, etc. It allows you to track 20 items.

The start plan can be used for $39.99 month or if you want to save 50% you can go for yearly package available for $239.99. As mentioned before, users will have access to all the features offered by the other two plans but this package allows monitoring of 40 items.

Lastly, the business plan is designed for those who want to track a large number of items as it allows you to keep tabs on as many as 80 products. This plan can be purchased for $59.99 and for those who want to opt for the yearly subscription it costs $349.99.

The good news is that all these packages come with a free trial which allows you to get the taste of what this tool offers so that you can decide if you want to continue using it or not.

The pricing of amz scout pro extension is divided into two simple subscription plans. You can either use it for $44.99 per month or you can go for the lifetime subscription which only costs $199. No yearly subscription is available. Free trials of both these plans are also offered. 

AMZ Scout Chrome Extension vs Web app

The extension is designed to provide you details of items such as Sales history, estimated sales and information of the price of the lowest seller, etc. while browsing Amazon. You can use it on the page of any item you wish to analyze and it also automatically calculates the FBA fees of any item you use it on. Since items can not be sorted by a certain parameter directly through Amazon, the extension also helps you with that.

The extension is only available for the chrome web browser. To use the extension, all you have to do it is install it, go to the page of the item you want to analyze and click the icon present at the right side of the address bar. That is it, once you have hit the button you will get all the important details like average revenue and average price, etc. within a few seconds.

Although the web app is similar to the extension in terms of interface and ease of use, it offers additional features such as access to the complete database, keyword tool and monitoring of as many as 80 items to examine their performance. However, the app can not be used directly on Amazon rather you have to open it in a separate tab and provide some information to get the results.

AMZ Scout Tools

This smart toolset is packed with all most all the features required by an online merchant. Whether you want to discover the perfect item, improve your listings through the appropriate keywords or you want to track certain items, this will help you with all of this and a lot more. 

Below we have discussed the main features of the app in detail.

  • Product Database

amz scout pro

The product database is the key feature or tool of the app which is designed for the sole purpose of helping you discover the most appropriate goods within a few minutes. With millions of goods in the database, it gives you the precise and most accurate details of any item you wish to analyze.

The pre-set filters are designed to display those items that best match with the item you searched for but if you have any specifications about the price, rank and reviews, etc. the tool also gives you the option to apply several filers. This way you will be able to discover the perfect item that goes perfectly with your requirements quickly and without much effort.

For example, if you are searching for a product that has a weight of 10 pounds and a rating of 4.5-stars you can specify this while searching and in the results, you will see only those items matching these specifications.

The filters can also be saved for future use. Furthermore, users can also select a specific category the type of seller such as FBA or merchant. They can also export all the data easily to a spreadsheet.

The procedure for getting the results is quite easy. Users first have to select the category they are interested in such as appliances, automotive and electronics, etc. then you can put in the price, weight and other specifications if you have any.

Next, you can mention the type of seller you are such as FBA or merchant and that is it, you will get a list of goods that best match your criteria. The tool supports different Amazon marketplaces such as the USA, UK, etc. and you must choose the marketplace you want the search the goods on before hitting the search button.

If you are wondering how will all this research benefit me, here is the answer to your question.

Whether you are a beginner launching your first item or a seasoned merchant trying to expand your business by introducing a new item, finding the most appropriate item with little competition but high demand is quite important for generating high sales and income. Want to know why? Well, simply because shoppers are who actually pay for your goods and improve your sales. So, if the item you are offering isn’t what they want, they won’t purchase it which means no sales.

In the same way, the competition for a certain item is too high when the same type of item is offered by too many merchants. If you introduce it will be quite hard for you to convince the shopper that your item is better than the other similar items and they should purchase your instead of your rivals.

All of this makes the process of selecting the right item is very important for achieving success on this platform. This process includes examining the details such as reviews, rank, sales, and ratings, etc. of several similar goods to understand their capacity. These stats will help you decide whether a particular item is worth investing in or not.

  • FBA Calculator

Another important factor to consider while selecting the appropriate item is to determine the costs associated with it as well as the profit you will earn after paying for all the expenses. This is important because it will let you understand the potential of the items in terms of sales and profits.

There are different types of charges that every merchant pays before they complete an order.

The first fee that every merchant pays is the subscription plan charges. When you are setting up your Amazon account, it asks you to select one of the two plans to proceed. The individual plan charges the subscribes $0.99 on every unit they sell while the professional plan can be purchased for $39.99 per month. If you sell more than 40 units per month, the professional plan is definitely the right choice.

The next fee is the fulfillment fee, if you opt for FBA, the fulfillment program offered by Amazon, you will pay them an amount based on the dimensions and weight of your item for storing, packing and shipping your goods. Furthermore, Amazon also factors in the charges for customer service that they provide to your buyers on your behalf.

However, it can take a lot of time if you manually calculate all these different types of fees of several items which is why this amz scout has designed this tool. Based on the information you enter, this tool determines the FBA fees of any item. Furthermore, it also calculates the net profit that you will earn after you have paid for all the expenses. This way you will easily figure out if the item is worth selling.

  • Keyword Explorer

This tool assists the merchants in discovering the most accurate and popular keywords for their goods. Its huge database consists of thousands of those keywords that shoppers mostly use for searching a certain item, hence it provides the users with the most accurate results.

The functionality of this tool not limited to only discovering the most relevant phrases and words for your goods rather it also shows you the number of times a particular keyword has been used by buyers for searching the items similar to yours. It is a very useful stat because not all the keywords can be used in the listings so it lets you pick the most important keywords from the list of so many relevant words.

Furthermore, it also tells you the depth score of all the keywords that appear in the results. This score ranges from 1 to 25 and is actually the amount of characters that were typed in the search engine of amazon before the engine suggested the keyword. The tool will also show the dominant category of the keyword and also allows the users to select the category as well as the marketplace they want to search the keywords in.

Another important parameter of this tool is the seasonality of the keywords. It shows in which time of the year the keyword generates the most traffic. It is best to use the keywords with “evergreen” seasonality because these words generate traffic throughout the year.

Moreover, the helps you in running an effective PPC campaign by helping you find the keywords for your PPC ads which will make your products more visible to the shoppers.

The question here is why are these words and phrases so important and why is every merchant always looking for these keywords. Before we explain it to you, let us tell you that these words have a great impact on your sales and profits.

Keywords are actually simple words or phrases that buyers use in the search engine when they are looking for a certain item. So when you insert these words in the content of your listing such as title and description of your goods, their probability of being viewed and purchased by shopper greatly increases because keywords help you rank better in the results of different search queries of the buyers.

All in all, keywords help you make your product more visible to the buyers and this is why is it targeting the right ones is quite important. However, you must avoid stuffing them because this will have a negative impact on your ranking. By right ones we mean those phrases or words that the shoppers actually search for when they are looking for a particular item.

  • Sales Estimator

amzscout fba calculator

Based on the sales rank, this tool predicts the sales that a niche can generate.

This software is definitely a great tool for those merchants who are trying to launch a new item. Let us assume, you want to introduce an automotive part or an electronic item on Amazon but you are confused if this niche has the capability to generate high sales or not, you can use this tool to figure this out.

To use this tool you first have to choose the category you want to estimate the sales for. Next, you have to enter the sales rank and based on this info the tool will show you the average sales for that category within a few seconds.

  • Stock Stats

This tool is a great way to keep tabs on the performance of your competitors, hence, it helps you in gaining a competitive edge. It lets you examine the sales rank of your competitors’ goods and you can use this information to figure out their sales.

This tool also lets you monitor the stock level of a certain item offered by your competitors. This parameter can also be used to determine the sales of the item. Suppose, an item has 200 units in stock 2 days ago and today only 130 are available, it means 70 units were sold in the last two days. If you monitor this parameter daily, you can also determine the daily sales of an item.

The tool also lets you find all the merchants that are offering similar goods and display the price and inventory level of their goods.

  • Keyword Tracker

This tool allows you to monitor the listings of your competitors as well as monitor the performance of your own listings.

All you need to track the keywords is the ASIN of the item. You can then set the time duration you want to track the listings for. When you track your own keywords, you can use the results to analyze which keywords have the highest performance in terms of ranking and sales. 

You can also use it to analyze which competitors' keywords are performing well and you can use those to your benefit while it will also let you know which ones should you avoid using based on their performance.

Final Thoughts

Amz Scout is a great tool for finding the most profitable goods and exploring the most relevant and in-demand keywords for your goods. Moreover, the tool also lets you track the performance of your keywords based on how they affected the ranking and sales of the item. Another great feature of this toolset is that it lets you spy on the inventory level of your competitors. You can use the results to determine their sales.

The toolset comes as both the web app and chrome plugin, both consists of some very useful features. You should carefully analyze which features these two versions offer and purchase the one that has the features that you need.


Can I use this tool for free?

The toolset offers different packages that can be purchased to access its features. However, it also offers a free trial that can be availed by signing up. One the trial period is over you can purchase one of the packages if you wish to continue using the features.