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IO Scout vs. AMZScout

The common question when starting out in e-commerce is finding the best tools to help to discover products to sell on Amazon are. There are several tools out there with numerous functionalities to grow your Amazon business. In this article, we will compare two of the most popular product research tools IO Scout and AMZ Scout.

What is IO Scout?

IO Scout is a product research tool for Amazon marketplace , it functions as a Chrome Extension. You can seamlessly gain access to product detailed data and statistics straight from the Amazon website. This tool allows you to add specific items to your tracking lists and track them effectively. It is available in the UK, US, and other popular countries.

What is AMZ Scout?

AMZScout also functions as a Chrome extension. It is similar to IO Scout; however, some of its features are less superior to its above counterpart. AMZScout is available in the UK, US, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Canada, and India.

Similarities between IO Scout and AMZ Scout

Some of the significant similarities between these two product research tools include:

ioscout and amzscout comparison

1. Product Database

IO Scout allows you to access, monitor, track, and analyze more than 150 million Amazon items. Discover instantly exceptional products with massive potential by applying a variety of filters, including price, revenue, sales, reviews, stock status, sellers, etc. Users can easily set up these filters using the same storage. This ensures that any potential items are pinpointed and visualized when navigating through the Amazon website.

The product database also provides all the data and information required without having to click on the item. This can be used to monitor your competitors daily. Hence, users can easily access their product lists, sales, daily transactions, and any other traceable fluctuations.

2. Product Tracker

Track millions of Amazon products utilizing bookmarks to obtain accurate information updated hourly. Generate product categories for spying on your preferred products, niches, or best-selling products of your competitors. The IO Scout Product Tracker and AMZ product tracker enable users to monitor product market performance in real-time. It also tracks and monitors the ranking, transaction of sales, inventory, ratings of buyers and sellers, and any other valuable data.

3. Trends and History

Find trending products by utilizing historical analysis. IO Scout and AMZScout grant you a fantastic possibility of accessing the history of any product. This assists you in identifying trends and gathering valuable insights.

4. Chrome Extension

Analyze enhanced product and niche information and data directly on Amazon product pages with AMZScout Chrome Extension and IO Scout Chrome Extension. These extensions save you the time of analyzing Amazon product listings and bookmarking favorite products without traveling between tools.

5. FBA Calculator

Are you an Amazon FBA seller? Calculate Amazon FBA fees with the free Amazon Profit Calculator. The FBA calculator assists you in getting detailed data on future expenses related to selling on Amazon.

6. Sales Estimator

Predict your sales, and spy on competitors using the Free Sales Estimator . Get an estimate of the number of sales per month based on the sales rank of the product. Track categories and niches that possess the best sales potentials.

7. Niche Hunter

The niche hunter can be used to retrieve specific niches grouped by competition, demand, supply, or any other relevant criteria.

IO Scout vs AMZScout

Differences between IO Scout and AMZ Scout

1. User-friendliness

The IO Scout has some exceptional features compared to the AMZScout. The first is the user interface. IO Scout has an easy to use interface. The IO Scout Chrome Extension allows users to seamlessly gather information and data from a particular page on the Amazon.

With this user-friendly web app, users can generate a master file of filters that they can use to navigate the entire Amazon website and filter products according to their criteria and specifications.

2. CSV File Export

You can export your data as a CSV file for offline study. The IO Scout has the option of exporting data of 20,000 different products at a time compared to the limited products alternative offered by AMZScout.

3. Collaboration

The IO Scout research tool allows users to connect at least ten researchers or teammates to their IO Scout account.

Suppliers Search Helper

Get product data and information and market insights from the other top online marketplaces, including Alibaba, Aliexpress, eBay, and Google using IO Scout. Conversely, you can extract data from only Alibaba using AMZScout.

4. Tracked Product Limit

You can track 85 different products simultaneously on IO Scout compared to 80 different products on AMZScout.

5. Speed

The IO Scout product research tool has a faster loading speed. It loads at below a second while its counterpart, AMZScout, has a load speed of five seconds.

6. Pricing

The IO Scout, even with its superior features to the AMZScout, has a lesser subscription rate. The IO Scout costs cheaper annually, while the AMZScout pricing is set at $549.99 per year.

Wrap Up

In a nutshell, the AMZ Scout works in the same way as the IO Scout, however, the difference is IO Scout possesses more features and characteristics which are well enhanced to yield an efficient and effective output. AMZScout has a lesser load speed compared to IO Scout in fetching information and statistics during filtering. This is not to say that the AMZScout is totally inferior to the IO Scout. 

The AMZ Scout is on par with IO Scout on many features, including the product database, product tracker, niche hunter, sales estimator, FBA calculator, etc. However, it is recommended for anyone seeking to set up a successful business to go for the IO Scout even though ultimately, it is important to look out for personal specifications and preferences when choosing.

As you decide on which software to select, it is important to look out for specific functions that are peculiar to your business. This helps to ensure that you make the most suitable decision for your business needs. Reading other user reviews might also give more insight into the pros and cons of both software. 

In contrast to other Amazon research tools, like AMZ Scout, IO Scout is designed to be an efficient straight-forward solution for product research and tracking.

  • IO Scout is a perfect fit for online and retail arbitrage, dropshipping and private labels .
  • Users point out IO Scout’s higher data accuracy compared to other solutions.
  • Connect up to 10 researchers to your IO Scout account.

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