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Sell 3D Printed Products on Amazon

Amazon is famous for being one of the best platforms to market and sell online as it cuts across millions of customers. You can sell whatever product as far as you comply with Amazon’s policy during product creation. 3D printed products are not an exception. The demand for this category of products seems to be on the rise. 

A lot of entrepreneurs and sellers are beginning to tap into the 3D printed products sector due to its high profitability. It is interesting to know that any product or item you can ever think of can be a 3D printed product provided it is a solid object. So, why not make and sell your 3D prints online through the Amazon platform? Before you start, check 3D printed products seasonal trends and history on Amazon to understand is this products are profitable?

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What are 3D Printed Products?

First, let’s understand what 3D printing is all about.

3D printing is a fabrication method used to produce molds for making items or objects. It could also be defined as the process of producing a three-dimensional object from a digital file. 3D printing can be used to create a wide range of items from toys, tools, jewels, clothing, and advanced 3D printing is often explored in printing some body parts. 

3D printing represents a variety of processes that start from scratch until the finished product is achieved. They are made by typically adding layers upon layers of raw materials into the printer until the end product is gotten. 

3D printed products are the end products of 3D printing. They are made through additive manufacturing (a process of 3D printing). During the addictive process, raw materials are added layer by layer until the end product, which is the 3D printed product, is gotten. 

Formerly, around the 1990s, the 3D printing method was considered suitable only for the manufacturing of aesthetic or functional prototypes. But as of 2019, the exactness, continuity, and the range of materials for 3D printing has risen to a significant level.

One of the primary benefits of 3D printing is its ability to make complex geometries or shapes that would typically have been considered impossible to produce manually.

The demand for 3D printed products has been on the increase ranging from personalized 3D printed products like jewelry items to any solid object you can think of. They are very durable and mostly lightweight. 

How does 3D Printing Work?


There are so many ways you can print an object using 3D printing. But they follow almost one similar process, which is the strewing of the filament from the nozzle tip unto the platform successfully in layers until you get the desired 3D product. There are also many types of 3D printers you can use. Some of these printers are;

  • Fused deposition modeling (FDM) printer
  • Stereolithography (SLA) printer
  • Rep Rap printer
  • Delta printer
  • Makerbot printer
  • Ultimakers

3D printing begins with a CAD 3D design model. It is used to send specific instructions to the printer about the location, amount, and type of material to be used.

The first step towards making a 3D printed product is to create a blueprint of the object to be sent to the printer. You can use a 3D digital CAD model as the blueprint. Here, layers of materials are successfully fused or deposited by a computer-controlled print head into the desired three-dimensional shape. You should know that no special operation is required; hence, little or no raw material is wasted. The 3D printing processes you should follow;

  • A 3D CAD model
  • STL file
  • Slicing software 
  • Layer slices and tool paths. You can also add the temperature, color, or basically anything you want to print. 
  • 3D printer
  • 3D product or object, which is the end product.

3D printing primarily works by employing either of these two types of printing, and they are;

  • FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling) or
  • SLA (Stereolithography)

The most common and widespread of the two is the FDM. 

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

Also known as Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF), it is the most common and popular type of 3D printing, and it is still in use up to date. It is an additive process that uses a filament type called plastic to produce 3D printed products. It's not too hard to use, not too wasteful and of course, it is cheap. It prints at 100 to 200-micron layer thickness, thus, giving smooth and beautiful prints. 

It is also said to be a method of production used for product applications, construction, and modeling of the mechanical system.

The method is based on the extrusion of heated plastic filament through a nozzle for the deposition of layers onto a bed. This then builds different levels of layers straight from a CAD model of the product. It takes place at a temperature of 190 degrees Celsius or around that temperature.

The FDM method of 3D printing is simple, reliable, and very affordable. Also, it needs no organic solvent, and there is no need for you to remove excess polymer powder. And these qualities have led to its global recognition and adoption by industries, consumers, and academia. It is also less time-consuming. Its applications include;

  • Creation of useful prototypes for testing
  • Construction of end-user parts
  • Construction of tools used for manufacturing

There a lot of filament types for 3D printed products and they are:

  • PLA (which is the most commonly used)
  • ABS
  • Nylon
  • Carbon fiber
  • TPU
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • PVA. 

You might be wondering where you can get the 3D CAD models to use for your blueprints. There is computer-aided design software you could use, and they are extremely user-friendly, especially for beginners. The CAD software is;

  • Google SketchUp
  • Autodesk fusion 360

You can also use Thingiverse for finding models to use. 

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What’s the Profit from Selling 3D Printed Products?

The 3D printing business sector is generating a large amount of money, which makes it profitable for investors. There are lots of benefits and incentives you can gain when you 3D print products and sell them. As mentioned earlier, the best place to sell these 3D printed products is on the Amazon platform. Your profits increase with how creative you are and also the niche of 3D printing you decide to venture into. 

Some of the lucrative niches in the 3D printing business sector are;

  • 3D printing of models and prototypes 
  • 3D industrial printing
  • 3D printing on demand
  • 3D scanning
  • Creating and selling 3D designs 

Although many entrepreneurs and sellers are beginning to venture into the 3D printing products, only a few are able to make 3D designs. This is where you have the edge over them. You can learn how to 3D print and monetize it. You can also learn how the machines and materials are used and employ them as an avenue to make money. Yes, the 3D printing business can generate a whole lot of income and wealth.

Selling your 3D prints online especially on the Amazon platform has advantages, and they are;

Lower Upfront Costs

As an Amazon seller dealing in 3D printed products, the only thing that will cost you is the 3D printer, materials, and tools you need when starting up your business. After that, there is little to no cost on you again. Even if you want to sell your tools, designs, or printer, you will still get double the amount you spent when starting up.

Faster Reverse Times

The 3D printing business is very time efficient. You don’t need to waste much time when manufacturing them. You can make up to 5 3D printed products in a day if your printer is highly efficient. You can also pack and ship them within a very short period.

The minimum time is needed when finding the right design or products to use. And in the end, you get your money.

Top Selling 3D Printed Products

There are a whole lot of 3D printed products. The question is, are they among the top-selling products? Here are some of the most sought-after 3D printed products:

  • Phone dock and sound amplifier
  • Nike Vapor HyperAgility Cleat
  • Volvo construction equipment prototyping. ...
  • General Electrics jet engines
  • Jewelry Replicator by American Pearl
  • 2000 tons bridge by YLE engineers
  • Wall outlet shelf
  • Question block case for switch cartridges
  • Personalized 3D printed products like jewelry
  • Toilet paper phone holder
  • Self-watering planter
  • Earbud holder
  • Secret shelf
  • Amazon Echo Dot Wall Mount
  • Beatles Wall clock
  • Modular hex drawers
  • Card deck shuffler
  • Fully compliant pliers
  • Pip boxes
  • Soldering iron stand
  • Space- themed cookie cutters
  • Nintendo switch joy-con grip
  • Collapsible coat hanger
  • Greek meander lamp
  • Custom six-pack carrier
  • Headphone stand
  • The little box
  • Non-climbing carabiner
  • Visor clips for Sunglasses
  • Screws
  • Jugs
  • Turbine faucet spout

Sell 3D Prints On Amazon

After producing your 3D printed products, the next big thing to do is to market and sell them. If you’re looking for where to sell them, the Amazon platform is the best place to do that because your product will cut across many people globally. Yes, Amazon has an amazing and unimaginable reach. 

But before you start selling on the Amazon platform, there are things to do to ensure you make sales and profits too. 

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Create an Amazon Seller Account

Of course, it is the first thing because, without it, there is no way you can market your 3D printed products on the Amazon platform. 

Before opening your seller account and your product page on Amazon, it is advisable to come up with meaningful and useful product names and descriptions and create beautiful designs. You should also know the seller plan you want to use. You can go through other sellers’ pages on Amazon to get a picture of what you should do. 

Having done this, you can now go to Tap on the "Register now" button, and you will be walked through for the rest of the registration exercise. After that, you’re on the Amazon sellers' platform. 

You should know that Amazon offers two different types of seller plans: the individual and the professional seller plan. It is always better to go for the Professional plan, but that is only when you are sure you can sell more than 40 items in a month. 

Search for Product Opportunities

To make more sales, you should tap into the lucrative and profitable niches in the 3D printing business. You should consider products that will easily be attractive and valuable to customers. You should also consider products that are easily sourced for by the buyers.

Also, your product details and photos should be easily accessible. Your product title should describe your product concisely. A short description will also do. You should know that all products on Amazon demand at least one photo, which is the main photo. Additional images are also acceptable.

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Decide your Method Fulfillment

You can only pick between Amazon FBA and FBM. Irrespective of this, like a 3D printer, you need to decide whether your product be made on-demand, forward stock, or both at the same time.

If you decide that your product would be made on-demand, then you can only produce it when an order is placed. In this case, the FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) can’t be used. Hence, you ship the product to the buyer yourself.

If you go for the forward stock, it means you have to make many products in advance and send them to Amazon for shipping when an order is placed. The only problem you face here is that all your 3D printed products may not be sold out.

The mixture of both that is the make on-demand and forward stock is usually the best option. You go for whichever is available or the best option at the moment.

Creating your product listing

After an evaluation of how your product should run on Amazon, the next thing is to create your product listing. Go to Amazon’s listing page and tap on the “Start listing” button. The other processes follow suit.

While doing your listing, product optimization is very important. Use high placed keywords. Also, take great and quality photos of your products.

amazon listing optimization


Having followed through with the processes listed above, just turn your listing on, and you are on your way to making great sales.

Sell 3D Prints on eBay

Selling your 3D printed products on eBay could be a great idea if your products or items are outstanding and unique. This is due to the fact that eBay sells based on auction, and the highest bidder gets the product. 

3D printed parts for equipment and machinery that are difficult to find can be sold very easily on the eBay platform at a profitable price. If you have modeled for the part, it basically means that you’re the only seller with that particular part and shape globally. 

If it is in demand, you will have the benefit of determining the price, especially when your product gets popular. Interesting, right? Also, you need not worry if another person copies your print since you are already the lead person in that particular 3D printing sector. Besides, everyone goes for an original product and not the imitated or fake one. 

There is a wide array of the parts of a specific model of an item you can possibly 3D print and improve. For example, rather than paying to get your chassis fixed, you can simply get a 3D printed one to replace that in your vehicle or machine. There are also 3D printed electronics accessories and parts, 3D printed clothing, and other products that are great for sale on the eBay platform provided that yours is unique. 

Many products can be listed on the eBay platform, provided it tallies with the basic guidelines. You can sell your products in two ways. Either as a “buy it now price” or as an auction. Anyone you decide to go for is great since, in the end, you make your sales and get profits.  

You can easily sign up for an eBay account. The process is very straight forward, and it won't cost you much too.

Sell 3D Prints on Etsy

The Etsy platform is another great place to advertise and sell your 3D prints. It is an excellent way of selling 3D printed accessories and arts. It is one of the best online platforms to sell handmade items, and the 3D printed items are inclusive too. This is just the best way to begin selling your local and handmade goods. 

It is inexpensive too. All you need to do is to open your Etsy account, and you're on the go. You also need to pay some fees, which are the listing fee, the payment processing fee, and the transaction fee. But the fees are very low.

The skillful nature of modeling a 3D printed item is an effective and free form of craft that is closely related to painting and sculpting. 3D modeling carries with an unimaginable quality when made into its physical form because it is straight from one’s imagination. 

On a ground level, aesthetic and highly creative 3D printed products are sold out rapidly on Etsy. 3D printed clothing, accessories, and jewelry are the most sought after on Etsy. 3D printed furniture is also searched for, provided its art is unique. Other common 3D printed products that can be sold on Etsy include rings, skulls, dolls, and lamps.

You should know that there are many amazing 3D prints you can market on Etsy. It is not always hard to establish your brand within this platform since its technology is still in the early stages and still growing.

Final Thoughts

The 3D printing business is a very profitable one if you know what you're doing and your products unique. 3D printed products are in vogue too. You can produce yours and market them on Amazon, eBay, or Etsy platform being conscious of the printed products that thrive more on each of these platforms. It is the best way to sell 3D prints online. 

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Is it Legal to Sell 3D Prints?

The 3D printing business is still evolving as the years go by; as such, there are no well-defined and specified rules governing it. So, it is hard to say whether it is legal or illegal.  

Although the patent laws forbid selling and volunteering to sell items protected by another patent, the law also forbids manufacturing those items even if you do not sell them. 

Selling 3D prints could be said to be legal. However, it becomes illegal when you try copying other people’s designs or products. Hence, violating the copyright and trademark rules. 

Can I buy and Sell 3D Prints?

The best way to make money from 3D printing is to sell 3D printed products. So, you can sell 3D prints, and there are many platforms on which you can sell your 3D products. You can use platforms like Amazon, Shapeways, eBay, and Etsy. Selling your 3D printed products on this platform makes your products available to a large number of people, and of course, you get more sales.

You can also buy 3D prints and sell them; however, there are conditions attached to it. Firstly, you must get permission and authorization from the sole owner of the 3D printed products or the designs before you proceed to sell them. You should also ensure that you’re not violating the copyright and trademark rules. 

Once you don't receive the authorization to buy and sell it, you should leave it to avoid any form of litigation. 

How To Sell 3D Prints Book?

Most entrepreneurs and sellers are going into the 3D printing business with little or no knowledge of how to go about it. They do not know how to design products or which platform is best to sell them.

This is where the “knowledge is expensive” phrase comes into play. If you have a very good knowledge of 3D printing, you can translate it into words and compile your 3D print books. Your 3D print book will sell depending on the quality of information and wisdom it carries.

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