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MerchantWords Review - Amazon Seller Tools

How would you like to know what shoppers are interested in before you list an item on Amazon? No, it’s not strange voodoo or some kind of mind-reading. What is MerchantWords? MerchantWords collects this precious data from Amazon and bundles it into a handy tool. Sellers can use this to list popular items and increase their revenue.

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What is MerchantWords?

As an Amazon seller, you’ve probably often wondered what’s on the minds of your customers. Big-box stores spend millions of dollars a year to hone in on what their customer base is thinking. Knowing this invaluable information can help them attract more customers and land more sales.

It's always better for your business when you have a closer relationship with your customers. This is called building rapport. If customers feel like they can trust you chances are they're going to continue doing business with you.

MerchantWords is a huge database of keywords that shoppers have entered into Amazon’s search engine. Why is this helpful to you, the seller? Because it allows you to see what your customers are most interested in.

This is a huge leg up. Knowing this information allows you to better tweak your listing. You stand a greater chance of attracting more people by including popular keywords into your listing. You can also tailor your product offerings to what the customers are looking for. Maybe you find a gem of a keyword that lots of people are looking for, but has no product listing.

MerchantWords has been around since 2012. Their invaluable data has benefited well over 100,000 entrepreneurs. It has given rise to greater customer service and has helped businesses achieve goals they never dreamed possible.

Let's take a moment to look at the numbers backing up MerchantWords’ claims. They have over six years of experience in analyzing Amazon data. Since their inception, they have collected over 1.6 billion keywords from Amazon for analysis.

They have analyzed over 400 million Amazon products, they get their data from 11 different Amazon marketplaces, and they have helped over a 100,000 different businesses increase their revenue.

Those are some pretty impressive numbers. So, let's take a look at the process and how Merchant Words retrieves and distributes its data. A dedicated team scours every listing available on Amazon. Just like you would, they go to the search box, type in the letter A, and record every suggestion in the drop-down box.

Next, they add the next letter in the alphabet and record those suggestions. They do this until they have completed every letter in the alphabet. This results in the collection of hundreds of millions of keywords across all available Amazon marketplaces. These results then get saved into a batch.

Natural Language Processing program is used to analyze each and every search term. This method closely emulates Amazon's proprietary A9 algorithm. It has very similar artificial intelligence to give them more accurate results.

It does this by breaking down the keyword language into shorter pieces. They use these pieces to understand how they relate to other words across Amazon. This process lets MerchantWords’ team calculate and rank each individual search phrase. Their proprietary algorithm then looks at what kind of demand and ranking these phrases have across Amazon.

Along with these keywords, MerchantWords takes into account how many shoppers visit Amazon each month. They then put that allocated number against the search volume for every single keyword on Amazon.

Once MerchantWords has sufficient data, their team of engineers, data analysts, and product managers carefully look over the results. They look over them numerous times to assure they are accurate and up-to-date before releasing them to businesses worldwide.

Any data retrieved from Amazon is used against the data of MerchantWords’ proprietary software. That same team of engineers and analysts then get to work in checking the accuracy of their resulting keywords to assure they are ready to be used by the public.

Since Amazon is constantly updating and changing the way they do business, MerchantWords must work hard to keep up with Amazon. Remember, MerchantWords does this for other markets besides the United States. This means there are completely different keywords, languages, and numbers that MerchantWords must analyze for those markets. 

It is a constant battle, and MerchantWords must ensure that their algorithms are up to task every single month. Because MerchantWords has been doing this for 8 years now, they have developed a streamlined system for indexing these keyword searches to give you reliable metrics no matter what changes Amazon makes.

MerchantWords’ algorithms change just as often, if not more, than Amazon's algorithms. This ensures you, the customer, that you are getting an up-to-date and accurate resource to help you succeed in your Amazon selling experience.

MerchantWords is a fantastic tool that you can use to better shape your marketing campaign and drive in solid sales figures. MerchantWords gives you much more than just keyword data. It is loaded with tools and features that will help improve your brand.

We'll go over each of these one at a time so you get a better understanding of what they do and how they can help you. First, let's discuss the pricing and what you can expect to pay for MerchantWords services .

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MerchantWords Pricing

MerchantWords offers three different plans for you to choose from. They are Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Below, we will cover each plan individually and show you what they include. Try to get M erchantWords discount on their website when choosing a subscription plan.

The Silver Plan costs $29 a month or $290 a year. When you subscribe annually, you get two months of Merchantwords free.

  • Amazon data for a single country
  • 10 Keyword collections
  • 500 Monthly searches
  • Keyword search volume
  • Keyword seasonality
  • Page One analysis
  • Performance metrics
  • Keyword history

The Gold Plan costs $79 a month or $790 a year. This MerchantWords pricing plan also gives you 2 months free when you sign up annually.

  • Regional Amazon data
  • 100 Keyword collections
  • 1000 Monthly searches
  • Keyword search volume
  • Keyword seasonality
  • Page One analysis
  • Performance metrics
  • Keyword history
  • ASIN Plus
  • Keyword multiplier

The Platinum Plan costs $149 a month or $1,490 a year. As with the previous two plans, you get two months of free service when you sign up annually.

  • Global Amazon data
  • 1000 Keyword Collections
  • Unlimited Monthly Searches
  • Keyword Search Volume
  • Keyword Seasonality
  • Page One Analysis
  • Performance Metrics
  • Keyword History
  • ASIN Plus
  • Merchant Words Keyword Tool
  • Two Concurrent Users
  • Digital Shelf Dashboard

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If you get lucky, you may also be able to find a Merchant Words discount coupon, but don't expect Merchantwords free.

MerchantWords Services

Are you wondering how to use Merchant Words? If this seems like a lot of information, don't worry. Next up we're going to cover they're listening advisor tool, collections, classic search, and keyword multiplier.

Listing Advisor

First up is listing advisor. You can find this in the side navigation panel under ‘La’. This is Merchant Words Amazon unique creation service for Amazon listings. How can this help you? These tools strategically place specialty words into your listing description. This works to boost your ranking so that shoppers see your listing first.

There are a lot of services out there that focus just on product descriptions. If you don't know what customers are looking for then you don't know what special keywords to use. By having MerchantWords invaluable resources at your fingertips, you can make a more accurate listing that will get shoppers attention.

When you buy MerchantWords, you get their full backlog of searched keywords, current keyword discovery, and total control in creating your listing. MerchantWords’ listing advisor then uses their fast network of data against the information that you provide them in your initial questionnaire.

This helps MerchantWords better understand your brand, the products you offer, and what makes you different from your competitors. After they've collected this information, they match you up directly with a marketing expert from their experienced staff.

This expert writer then begins researching their huge database of keywords that most closely match your brand and products. This writer will also look at other listings, competing products, different categories, trending keywords, related keywords, and more.

All this research helps them to better understand how Amazon users search for products like yours. Once the writer feels that they have sufficient information regarding your product and where it ranks on Amazon's Market, they will begin writing a description for your listing.

This includes product information, the title of the product, associated bullet points, and any related search terms. The data that the writer includes is keyword-driven. This ensures that you get the most results.

After this process is complete, you will receive your new listing in less than 10 business days. At this time, you can review the listing to make sure it is correct and accurate. Once you validate that everything checks out, simply copy and paste the provided information into your Amazon listing.

No private information is ever exchanged so you can rest easy knowing that your information stays secure and in your complete control. As a bonus, merchant words will give you a freeze list of the most popular Amazon keywords relating to your product.

You can use this data to increase profits, PPC campaigns, and alert any outside followers to your product. It's a great way to keep your customers in the know using the hottest and most used keywords.

One of the great features MerchantWords offers its customers is complete satisfaction. If for any reason you don't like their provided listing, they will give you a complete rewrite for free.

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On the side panel, Collections is found under ‘Co’. The collections tool is a great feature that lets you store and catalog all of your favorite keywords. Why is this important? It lets you see in real time how a keyword is faring on Amazon. You can see the search volume of that word so you’ll know how it's currently trending.

You can store these keywords in different categories. For example, if you wish to store key words relating to your listing, you can have a group just for that. If you're running a PPC campaign , you can store those words together to maximize your campaign.

Classic Search

In the side navigation bar, Classic Search is found under ‘Cs’. Classic search is where you're going to find all of the main keywords to use in your listing. What's handy about this tool is you can filter the keywords by different categories. This helps you get more refined search results. You can also filter by search volume, that way you're only using words that your set desired amount of people are looking for.

You can also check to see if these keywords are being used in other countries. With each keyword, you can open up a full analysis panel to give you greater data on individual searches. You can also see the keyword’s depth. This just means how fast the keyword appears in Amazon’s search bar.

When looking at the Amazon Search Volume feature, this shows you how many people are searching for this particular term on a monthly basis. As you're searching for popular keywords, you'll see an appearance tab. Under this is the keyword’s seasonality feature.

If the keyword says Evergreen, that means shoppers are searching for it every month. If it's Seasonal, that means shoppers are only searching for it every one to three months. Lastly, if it says New, that means the keyword just appeared and has not yet been established.

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Keyword Multiplier

Amazon Merchant Words Keyword Research Tool another helpful tool from MerchantWords keyword multiplier. With Merchant Words keyword tool You can find this in the side panel under ‘Kx’. This valuable little tool allows you to enter in keywords and get back a list of related keywords. You can then use these related keywords in your product description or PPC campaign to get your listing greater visibility and more clicks.

Amazon Merchant Words Keyword Research Tool is a great way to ensure that you don't miss any potentially helpful keywords. Amazon shoppers often use a variety of search words and combinations when trying to find a product.

This makes it very easy for sellers to miss certain words, resulting in their absence from your listing. Everyone has different ways of speaking and searching for things. This ensures that you miss the fewest words possible, if any at all.

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Page one products

Found in the side panel under ‘P1’, page one products show you all the top listings for any keyword you enter. From this page, you are also showed the minimum price, maximum price, and the average price.

Use this helpful feature to your advantage so you know how to properly price your products. If a product seems to be trending low, you don't want to price it high and risk missing out on sales. Having this tool will allow you to better price your products to match what's currently trending so you stay at the top of the rankings

Beside each listing you will see its ASIN, its position among the rankings, the price of the product, and how many reviews it has. Next to that you will see its average star rating. If a product is an Amazon's Choice listing, it will be notated beside the rating.

You can then research each listing to see what attributes it has that makes it ranked so highly among the Amazon search results. This is a great way to fine-tune your own listings to ensure that they are seen by more shoppers.

Doing this will help to increase your bottom line, give you greater visibility, and help you to competitively price your product.


This feature is located in the navigation bar under ‘A+’. This valuable tool lets you see what keywords your competitors are using. If a competitor is successful, this will help you find out why.

In the search bar that's provided, you enter your competitor’s ASIN . Think of this as a reverse telephone number lookup, only with product numbers instead. Now, you can directly view what keywords your top competitors used to drive sales. This is especially useful if said competitor is highly successful.

The results are the same as the classic Search tool. You still see where the page ranks, how many reviews each product has, and more. A handy addition to the ASIN Plus tool is the CSV downloader.

This lets you download your scent desired amount of keywords. You can then use this list in your own PPC campaign or product description.

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Final Thoughts

MerchantWords looks to be another essential tool for any Amazon Seller. The fact that you can see what your competitors are using to drive sales is nothing short of incredible. It's almost like you have their playbook or you've copied their notes.

The results that MerchantWords displays has shown to be accurate and up-to-date. This ensures that you're using the hottest keywords that your customers are searching for on a daily basis. What better way to increase traffic and drive sales than to get a glimpse inside the minds of Amazon's shoppers?

All of these features are absolutely fantastic and work together to deliver an invaluable tool. But what makes this all worthwhile is the fact that it is so easy to use. Anyone can pick it up and immediately feel right at home. If you have had any experience with Amazon at all, chances are you're going to have no trouble with MerchantWords.

The product is clean and easy to understand, it is kept current, and it is loaded with useful features. If MerchantWords has a downside, it would have to be its pricing. For the best yearly membership, it is woefully expensive. However, the positive results that it can bring to your brand are priceless. It's not really an expense as much as it is an investment.

In the grand scheme of things, this may be pocket change compared to the increase you'll see in your revenue. If you're just getting started on Amazon, you may want to try the Silver Plan to start out.

Since it's only $29 a month, see how it does for a month or two. If you notice that its features are beneficial to your brand, consider going annually. This lets you try out a handful of features and not all of them at once.

Pricing aside, MerchantWords looks to be a wonderful investment. It has proven results to back up its claims, and if you end up not agreeing with them you can cancel anytime.

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Is my info safe?

Yes. MerchantWords never asks for any of your personal login or Amazon account information. This important data stays with you at all times and in your complete control. This is due to the fact that the new listing is in the form of a document that you simply copy and paste into your listing.

Does MerchantWords have a free trial?

While there is not a free trial available, MerchantWords does offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. This means that if you get a listing that you just don't like, MerchantWords will refund your money.

Remember, they will give you a free rewritten listing in the event that you dislike their first option.

Is MerchantWords reliable?

To better answer this question, it is important that you understand that Amazon does not release their true information concerning sales data. This fact is what makes MerchantWords so impressive. The creators have designed their own program with special algorithms that closely match this data.

From what we can tell, MerchantWords’ algorithms work pretty well. Some people will say that there are better programs out there that cater specifically to Amazon users. However, MerchantWords does exactly that. It is designed and sold for the prime use of supplying you with vital sales data from Amazon.

If you need to test this out for yourself, try out the Silver Plan for one month and see what kind of impact it has on your bottom line. If you don't see any movement or notice that the figures just aren't accurate, cancel your subscription. It's easy to use and you're not going to be out a lot of money.

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