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Top 5 Things to do to Increase Sales on Amazon FBA

Every Amazon FBA seller wants to make more sales, right?

With that in mind, IO Scout wanted to share some of the top tips on how to go about maximizing your Amazon FBA selling business, and make more sales, and ultimately, profits! And notice that Amazon Fee Calculator and Sales Estimator Tool are completely free tools by IO Scout!

Register with Amazon Brand Registry Scheme

It’s fairly uncomplicated to register with Amazon Brand Registry Program.  

And when you do, you’ll be rewarded by Amazon, and enjoy the perks of your competition trying to sell fake items under your branded business name. 

This Brand Registry ensures your business has a professional platform, and offers you many perks, such as advertising tools and marketing features. 

When you submit an application for the Brand Registry, you’ll need to go ahead and give these details:

  1. The name of your business brand
  2. The serial number of your business brand with the USPTO
  3. The names of the countries in which your items are produced and delivered. 
  4. The picture of your brand name on an item
  5. The picture of your items’ label
  6. The picture of your item

Bear in mind that Amazon only register those businesses which have a registered trademark. These trademarks must be issued by the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) in these areas:

  • USA
  • Brazil
  • India
  • Japan
  • France
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • UK
  • European Union
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Australia
  • Italy

Usually, the Brand Registry procedure takes from 24hrs to a month. Which is quite a wide timeframe, but being on the Amazon Brand Registry is a necessity, so this step cannot be skipped if you want to become an Amazon Store Seller. You’ll receive a code which you can use for verification purposes. 

What are benefits of the Amazon Brand Registry Scheme?

  • Enables accurate product listings
  • Enables various product listings
  • Enables product variants
  • Enables protection of your brand
  • Ensures more product sales!
  • Removes bad product listings
  • Ensures authenticity of products
  • Delivers enhanced image searches
  • Delivers shoppers accurate information about a product 
  • Enables complete management of your own brand at all times over your item listings
  • Enables ASIN bulk search features to save time

Better Photos

Do you ever wonder why your competitors are receiving more orders than your online Amazon store? One of the reasons could be that your product images are not quite up to scratch. 

Keep in mind that the images of your products are the first impressions of your business’s brand. And that first impression should be a strong representation of your brand in a digital format. 

Competing in the e-commerce world is tough nowadays. And to make sure you are holding your own, it’s crucial that your product listings are up there with the best. 

First impressions count. And this is even more true when your shoppers are browsing your products on Amazon. Apparently, the brain processes images 60,000 times faster than content which is written. So- it stands to reason that if you get your images right, you’re going a long way to convince your browser to turn into a shopper!

Photography Equipment

Check out this list of equipment for your “do it at home” photography sessions:

  • A quality camera – this is of course top of the list! 
  • A decent tripod – essential for stabilizing your camera and making sure your images are clear and crisp, with absolutely no shaky or blurry photos!
  • Memory card – the SD card stores your images, and are extremely handy to have as you can use them for storage and simple uploading to your Amazon product listings
  • White paper roll – fairly inexpensive to purchase (probably from Amazon!), you can use your white paper roll as your backgrounds for all your product photos 
  • Natural light window – as we’ve mentioned, natural light, if you can get it, is your best possible option
  • Duct tape and clamps – used to secure your white paper roll where necessary
  • Folding table – used to lay your white paper roll as preparation for taking images

It’s not all about photography, but it is a major player in your product listings. For the most part, this article will look at how you can enhance your product photography to drive more sales, but quality product listings are also made up of some other factors, too. 

Follow these instructions to take high quality product images:

  • Put the table near to the window with natural light
  • Spread the plain, white paper roll from the table’s bottom, extending it to the wall, forming a smooth curvature.
  • Attach the paper roll with the wall and table applying the duct tape or clamps.
  • Set your tripod to the required height and angle.
  • Affix the camera on to the tripod.
  • Begin taking images, and try out different angles to check the end results, and which are the most favourable. 

Amazon have strict rules around product images and sizes. Ensure you adhere to these guidelines - so your product listings are not rejected!

  • Files for images have to be: TIFF/GIF/PNG/JPEG
  • Dimensions for each image require to be 1000 pixels at the very least
  • Colour mode is required to be CMYK or RGB
  • For each file, you’ll need the item’s identifier code – ISBN, ASIN, JAN, UPC,EAN, along with the period and file extension information

You can also integrate Shoppable Images. These images can be shown with lifestyle pictures, shown in locations that enable your shoppers to imagine how their chosen products will look, and spark their imagination. Your shoppers can click on these Shoppable Images, and they will be shown the basic product features and information, with the facility to then go onto the more detailed product page if they need further reassurance to go ahead and purchase said product. 

Photography for your products is an endlessly moving feat, not unlike your entire Amazon selling business. Your images need to be monitored, and optimized on a regular basis, to ensure they are performing for you as you want them to. All of these tasks are a must to stay ahead of the competition. Including high quality, professional, optimized images of your products within your Amazon listings is going to elevate your sales conversions. This is because they will increase customer engagement, alongside explaining fully all about your brand, and why they should consider buying from you, instead of some other merchant on Amazon. 


Optimize your product listings 

To really stay ahead of the competition (and there’s an awful lot of it out there!), you need to enhance your product listings to stay in front of the pack. There are lots of ways in which you can do this.

Primarily, sort out your keywords. Do your research, then do it again. You’ll need to be 100% aware of the keywords you want in your listings for your products to drive the most amount of traffic to your Amazon Store. You’ll want to include these researched keywords not only to your product descriptions, but also to your titles and features of the item, too. Cover all the bases!

You really don’t want your prospective customers to all flock to your new product pages in your Amazon Store, to have them let down as they didn’t find what they expected to find. Ensure your product titles, descriptions and features have those important keywords, and then make sure that you satisfy that description, so you are giving your customers what they want. 

Amazon’s focus is to match prospective buyers with the items that they are interested in purchasing, so make it super simple for Amazon to do this by matching up what you are selling with the product descriptions. 

For sponsored goods on Amazon’s Marketplace, ensure that your detailed product listings include: 

  • Related words to their keyword search
  • Valuable features for your potential buyer
  • Text and content which encourages and tempts your buyer into, ahem, buying!

An item page on an Amazon Store which converts, and converts astoundingly well, looks like this:

  • A thorough explanation of the item
  • Item pictures which are high-quality and professional (this includes videos, too)
  • Qualified for Amazon Prime and all its elements
  • An appealing title, which is also accurate and relevant to the item in the listing

By incorporating this invaluable content on your item pages on your Amazon Store, you will be compensated by Amazon, as the result of this will be buyers who are networking with your page, and experiencing lower bounce rates. 


Feedback and Reviews

Get more of them is our advice! 

In the process of gaining these vital reviews, you are also gaining customer trust, and it has been monitored time and time again that customer reviews are such a pivotal factor in driving customer engagement and sales, as consumers rely very heavily on like-minded consumers to offer their opinions on products. 

If your product ticks all the boxes in terms of a wonderful product, a product listing which is completely optimized, great product images, and you are a responsive and polite Amazon Sellers, chance are you will get those elusive initial reviews from your shoppers.

Amazon Stores

Amazon allows you to create your own brand by way of an Amazon store. By doing this, you can increase your sales because your brand is getting much more traction and visibility on the platform. 

An Amazon store is a visually rich platform where you can showcase your products, and create a lovely shopping experience for your customers. Due to the nature of Amazon stores, by having one you automatically enhance your consumers’ shopping pleasure, and drive more sales, as it makes it even easier to buy from you, and therefore, your brand. 

This is done in a few ways:

  • Gives you a chance to get your brand out there to customers you haven’t reached before.
  • Gives your existing customers a new look at your brand, and to tempt them into buying from you again.
  • You can create slideshows of your products with images, text, and videos, and is wonderful for launching new products, and making a huge fuss about it!
  • Heightens your SERPs within Amazon in an organic manner. 

The important factor that drives Amazon entrepreneurs to set up their own Amazon Store is to encourage more sales – sales with their existing customers, and sales with their brand-new customers. If you make your Amazon Store a really appealing place to be, and a pleasant shopping experience, more sales will come. It’s a very accessible method to shop, and one which shoppers enjoy – so why not go ahead and create that very platform for them to enjoy – and buy from you? 

Your Amazon Store is not restricted to desktops, either. The mobile shopping experience is second to none, so you can capture your prospective shoppers’ interest whether they are browsing your Amazon Store on their own computer, or mobile, or out and about. 

Amazon Stores are:

  1. Easy to set up, with customizable templates for you to simply follow, and populate with your products.
  2. You don’t need to be a web developer! Setting up an Amazon Store does not require any coding knowledge or skill whatsoever. Bonus.
  3. Visually rich, Amazon Stores are a pleasant place for your customers to be – as they immerse themselves in your product images and videos.
  4. You can create more than one page of products, depending on your own unique business requirements. 
  5. Your Amazon Store can be tailored exactly to your own specifications, making it unique to your business brand, and to stand out from the rest of the competition. 
  6. You have the option of social sharing integration with your Amazon Store, to drive more engagement, traffic, traction to your products, and, of course, sales. 

Final Thoughts

Following the aforementioned steps ensure that the chances of your shoppers staying on your Amazon product listings longer is much, much higher. They will want to know more about your brand, and potentially other products you may be selling that they will want to buy while they are there. 

Once Amazon appreciates that your merchandise page description is correct, and reflective of the product, and the price is appropriate, conversions will happen. Happy days.