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Best Amazon Price Tracker

Price tracking is essential for both Amazon sellers and buyers. Amazon is a competitive platform. Millions of sellers visit the platform to sell different items. As a seller, you will find thousands of sellers selling same item as yours. You need to use all possible means to stay competitive and make sales. One of the ways to remain competitive is by offering an optimal price of your item. Your item's price must be optimal compared to that of your competitors. This requires you to keep tracking the prices of your competitors' items. You will then keep adjusting the price of your item continuously. As an Amazon buyer, you're looking for the best deal on the platform. The price of the item you are interested is critical. You need to check the prices of different items and choose the one with an optimal price.

The good news is you don't have to do it manually. There are various apps that you can use as Amazon price tracker tools. Before we dive in price trackers, try IO Scout's Free Estimator Tool and Free Tool For Fba Calculation to estimate product sales, get information about product sales profit and Amazon fees.

Can you View Price History on Amazon?

Both sellers and buyers should track item prices on Amazon. The reasons include:

  • A buyer may want to know how the item's price has fluctuated over time. This can help them predict when a nice deal for the item will be available. They can time and purchase the item then. This will help them save money.
  • For sellers, tracking item's price is important. After analyzing the item's performance over time, the seller can determine whether item is worth selling or not.

Unfortunately, Amazon doesn't provide a way of viewing item's price history. Amazon only shows the current price of an item. The only way to view an item's price history on Amazon is by using an Amazon price tracking tool . Most price tracking tools shows item's price fluctuations for past 30 days. With tracking tools, you can track item's full data history. They display item's sales on graphs, making the data more understandable. The tools save buyers and sellers from browsing through a list of thousands of items comparing their prices. This saves time. Again, when doing it manually, there are high chances of missing out on some of the best deals on Amazon. By use of a tracking tool, you'll never miss out such deals.

amazon price checker

Amazon Price Tracker 🏆 IO Scout Rating

Here are the best Amazon price trackers you can go for:

Amazon Price Tracker

It's among the best Amazon price trackers available. Amazon price tracker is simple and works on all Amazon marketplaces. You purchase the app then create a watchlist of all items you're interested in. You also set the price threshold for each item.

amazon price check

The app will keep watching the items' price fluctuations. Anytime the price of any item goes below your stated threshold, it will alert you. You will be receiving item digests daily on your email.

Amazon price tracker comes in two editions, the Personal and Enterprise editions. With the Personal plat, you get single user license. With the Enterprise plan, you get unlimited user profiles.

The Personal plan lacks source code and allows tracking of up to 600 items. The Enterprise plan supports private self-hosting and includes source code. The Personal plan costs $29 annually while the Enterprise plan costs $299 annually.

To use it, you first need to create a list of items to be tracked, the watchlist. You simply get the Amazon URLs of the items and feed them into a google sheet. It is supported on all Amazon marketplaces. You are only notified when item reaches your self threshold.


Keepa has been in the market for long, and it's one of the most reputable Amazon price trackers. Keepa is mostly used as desktop app. However, there are versions for android and browser extensions. There are extensions for Firefox , Chrome , Safari and Edge browsers.

Keepa looks simple, but its features makes it the best amazon price tracker. Keepa has all basic tools for price tracking and generating alerts. In addition, Keepa offers alerts for the stock availability, new deals and price drops. You can see item's performance over time using graphs.

amazon price tracker

With Keepa, you can track items on US, European and Asian Amazon pages. You'll choose how to receive alerts and other messages. You can choose Twitter, RSS Feed, Facebook etc. For you to begin tracking an item, you simply tag it.

Initially, Keepa was free. However, it now costs $15 monthly or $180 annually.


Earny is a bit different from other price trackers. Other amazon price tracking apps help you track item prices. However, Earny watches an item that you previously bought and alerts you its price drops. It lets you know whether price adjustment are possible or not.

Earny scans your mails to determine all items that you've purchased. It also checks store receives received on your mail. It will track all items that you've purchased and under price protection. With Earny, you can track price of items you've purchased on Walmart, Nike, Overstock and other online stores.

The Earny app has versions for iOS and android. These apps are free unless you need access to premium features. However, 25% of your sale will go to Earny.

Invisible Hand

If you need to do price analysis quickly, use the Invisible Hand app. It has add-ons for browsers like Firefox, Safari and Chrome. With Invisible Hand, you can compare prices of different items on Amazon in real-time. It was made for British, Germany and American users. Use this amazon price monitor to monitor prices of airplane tickets, shopping, car rental and hotel prices.

amazon price check

After installing the add-on, tag an item of interest. Invisible Hand will show you item's prices on other retail stores. A notification with a link leading to the cheapest item will be send to you. Remember Invisible Hand is a real-time tool. This means gathering information may take a while, hence, be ready to wait.

Invisible Hand is free. With Invisible Hand, it'll develop the ability to learn then adjust depending on your needs.


This Amazon browser extension will help you save money while purchasing on Amazon. It compares item prices for various sellers and gives you the best. It also helps tracks item's price over time. The extension can be installed on our favorite browsers like Chrome, Firefox etc.

Honey alerts you anytime you visit a website that the extension is compatible with. The status bar's extension icon turns orange. You then tag the item of interest then add it to Honey droplist. You set the highest price you're ready to pay for the item and the period of time you need to track it. Anytime the item's price drops below the threshold, Honey will notify you via email.

It's a cool tool since it automatically searches then applies available coupons and discounts. This helps you save much money on Amazon. Honey is installed for free.


It's a simple amazon price watch tool. It offers users with easy navigation and comes with advanced statistics and tracking options. It's a browser add-on. The app comes with Android app and Siri shortcut. Popular browsers like Firefox , Chrome and Apple Safari (coming soon) support it.

amazon price tracker app

CamelCamelCamel gives detailed item's details right on its page. Its notifications about item's price drop are done via Twitter. It is applicable to various international Amazon marketplaces, allowing users to search for items using their Amazon URLs. It filters items via their category. It has a wishlist sync feature.


PriceDrop is an amazon price check extension that can be installed on Chrome and Firefox. it alerts its users about various items from Amazon.

It keeps on watching items for future price drops and alert its users to take advantage. PriceDrop will check an item for price drop after every 18 hours. This makes it the fastest price tracker tool. It's supported in various countries, including Canada and UK.

To use PriceDrop, install its extension on your browser. It works on the item's Amazon page. You can start tracking the item right from there.


It's an online community that informs its users about nice deals in the market. The deals include coupons and discounts. Currently, it has millions of users with the interest of knowing about great deals on the net, including Amazon.

track amazon prices

Its site mentions all kinds of deals, and it has been rated well by its community. With SlickDeals, you are guaranteed of getting nice price deals from the effort done by teams and deal editors.

 SlickDeals has a web app with which you can track the price of any item. You can also track items on other sites. Get its mobile app from iTunes or Play Store.


Zingsale will alert you when the price of an item of interest goes down. It's a free price tracker for Amazon items and a service for giving price alerts. It helps buyers save money and make their shopping cheaper. Its user interface is simple and comes with various categories for items. It allows tracking of multiple items at once.

To use Zingsale, first signup, which is free. You then identify items of interest and add them to Zingsale's Alert list. It will then treat them as your interested items and begin to track their prices. When the price for any of the items goes down, zingsale will send an immediate notification to you. This way, you'll stay updated and take advantage of deals at any time.


It's a shopping site for bookmarking items. It offers its users with price watch engine. It's said to be the simplest amazon price tracker app of all Amazon price trackers .

You simply identify the item of interest. ShoppingNotes then allows you to bookmark it with price and image. Next, simply customize all your bookmarks in one page. Its price tracker alerts users once items of interest change prices. You must be tracking the item for an alert to be issued.

amazon price tracking

To use ShoppingNotes, you need an email address and the URL of the item. In this case, it's the items Amazon URL. The email will be used for sending alerts. Once the item's price drops, ShoppingNotes will alert you via the email.

Shop It To Me

This tool is used as an online service. It was developed for tracking items like shoes, cloths and accessories. You simply input the brand name and its size. It will notify you once the item's price has dropped.

It's the best tool for buyers interested in above item categories. There's no need to scroll through several items. You only choose your brand of interest and its size. It's capable of searching through thousands of brands.

The attributes, that is, brand and size are changeable at anytime. Many leading retailers use it for price tracking.

Notify Price

From its name, it notifies users when their item of interest records a price drop. The notifications are send to your email. You simply need to enter your email address and the item's URL. Notify Price will begin to track its price. Immediately the price drops, you will get a notification on your email.

amazon price check

When using its advanced options, you get more details results regarding the price drop. It shows the type of price drop, where it currently is and where you need it to be.

Price Pinx

Price Pinx is a free price tracker that alerts you anytime the price of an item drops. It allows the creation of alerts and the tracking of prices for Amazon items.

amazon price monitor

Price Pinx saves you from having to scroll through many pages to look for item of interest. Customers usually scroll through Amazon pages, looking for nice price deals. Avoid this with Price Pinx. It uses a bookmarklet to integrate with your shopping experience.

You can get a price alert using a single click. You simply need to identify the item of interest and begin to track it. The tracking can be setup in few clicks. Price Pinx will immediately begin to monitor the item's price. Once the item's price has gone down, you will be alerted.


Pricegrabber is a shopping website that offers users with price comparison tools. It's good for those in need of tracking prices of Amazon items.

It has partnered with many merchants, sellers and retailers. This has helped Pricegrabber offer exemplary service to users. It has accumulated huge amount of data and can give users a wide variety of items.

amazon price monitor

The company has gone through many changes until Connexity bought it in 2015. Pricegrabber comes with a tool that notifies the user upon variation in an item's price.

To use Pricegrabber, you must register. After complete registration, you will access a search bar that will help you access your item of interest.

Price Watch

Price Watch comes with a collection of online retailers, helping improve your online shopping experience. From these retailers, you can get your desired item at an ideal price.

Price Watch can monitor item's price on Walmart and Amazon. You need the item's URL and your email. After feeding these on Price Watch, it will begin to track amazon prices for the item. Once the price drops, Price Watch will alert you. The notification will be provided via the provided email address.

Price is available for Android and Windows smartphones. However, they've not developed an app for iOS devices.

Cheap Shark

CheapShark is a nice tool for game lovers. It has helped many find their favorite games at nice prices. It comes with a summation of games and a price tracker.

CheapShark gives its users best game deals by collecting many game deals from huge online stores including Amazon. The item's are categorized based on stores. Each store has various items and you can search for an item from your store of interest. There're filtering options in each store, allowing filtering of items for more accurate results.

Today, CheapShark features items from many distributors, all offering price deals. Note that they've not compromised on quality. With CheapShark, you see the game's current price and its previous price fluctuations. If you're a seller, you can decide whether to sell the game or not. If you're a buyer, you can choose to buy the game or wait for a further price drop.

After searching for a game, you will see present and past details. You ill also have the choice of purchasing the game from your favorite seller. If your goal is to wait for item's price drop, you will signup to receive a notification once it happens. You will be notified immediately the item's price goes down.

Price Jump

Price Jump is an amazon price tracking tool. Its usable on other online sites other than Amazon. With Price Jump, you can compare the price of an item between various sites. Buyers have used it to know the right site to purchase an item.

To know whether Amazon has the right price for the item, you simply copy the item's URL on Amazon and paste it on the Price Jump's search bar. You can also use keywords to search for the item.

There is an iOS app for Price Jump that helps you know the lowest price when shopping on the store. You simply scan the item's bar code. You'll then be able to compare the item's price on Amazon and other retail shops. It comes with an extension for Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Price Jump aims at giving you the best deal at a cheaper price. You can get cheap items from Amazon and other online stores.


It's a great item price history tracker for Amazon users. It alerts you when the right time for you to purchase an item has come. There is some profit after purchasing an item.

It means Slice helps you go for shopping. Slice tracks your spending habits on Amazon. If it realizes that you are eligible for a particular price adjustment, it will let you know. The notifications are send to the email address you provide. To sign up, you only need your email address. It comes with apps for Android and iOS. There's no need to scroll through several items. You only choose your brand of interest. You will be notified of nice deals when they are available on Amazon.


Price evaluation is important on Amazon. There are millions of items on sale on Amazon. If finding an item, you will be confronted with thousands or hundreds of choices. Your goal is to get the best deal. As a buyer, you want to save money by purchasing item at lowest possible cost. As a seller, you want to evaluate the item's performance on Amazon over time. This will tell you whether the item is worth selling on Amazon or not. This way, you will compare the performance of various items and choose the more promising one.

Amazon doesn't provide a way of viewing item's price history. Amazon only shows the current price of an item. That's why a tool to track amazon prices is needed. Most price tracking tools show item's price fluctuations for past 30 days. With tracking tools, you can track item's full data history. They display item's sales on graphs, making the data more understandable. There are many items on Amazon. Comparing their prices manually may be a challenge. The tools save buyers and sellers from browsing through a list of thousands of items comparing their prices. This saves time. Again, when doing it manually, there are high chances of missing out on some of the best deals on Amazon. By use of a tracking tool, you'll never miss out such deals. 

amazon chrome extension

Most price tracking tools are free. You use them without paying anything. They also provide a simple registration process. Only your email is needed to signup. Next, you provide item's URL to be tracked. Anytime the item's price drops, the tracker will notify you via email. You can take action like purchasing the item when its best deal is available. Most tracking tools also provide browser extensions.