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Amazon Wish List Guide

An Amazon wish list can be a great tool for either individuals or for friends and family that need to buy gifts for someone.  You can set up your own wish list, so you can keep track of items you want to buy in the future. Or, you can buy gifts for someone else off of his wish list, so you will know exactly what he wants. This eliminates the risk of buying an unwanted gift that will need to be returned. 

Amazon wish lists essentially acts exactly like a wedding registry, only you can use the wish list for any occasion – birthdays, graduations, or just-because. You can even turn on a “spoiler alert,” so you can still maintain some element of surprise when opening gifts from someone. 

Shopping from an Amazon wish list not only ensures you will buy a gift that someone really wants, but you will also be able to get it in the right size and color, so they recipient should not have to return it. Don’t also forget about the possibility of creating a wish list just for your own needs, to keep track of items you want to purchase in the future. Maybe you want to save your money, so you can buy this item when the price drops and you can afford it.  IO Scout will help you to understand what is an wish list and how it works.


What is an Amazon Wish List?

Whether you are looking for a gift for someone else, or you just want to keep track of a wish list for yourself of things to buy when you have a little more money in your pocket. It is real simple to add to an amazon wish list.

While there are many reasons for using a wish list, these are typically the top reasons people usually create and use an Amazon wish list:

  • Wedding gifts – you can even set up a spoiler alert, so that you are not notified of what is purchased, and you and your spouse can open the gifts together at some point after the wedding


  • Birthday Gifts – if you have a large family or a lot of friends who love exchanging gifts, they might want to buy you a present, but not be exactly sure of what to get you. This is a great way of helping a well-meaning loved one buy you a gift that you would enjoy.
  • Graduation Gifts – oftentimes, you might receive graduations gifts from family that you are not that close to. Maybe a distant uncle you only see once a year wants to buy you a gift, and if he has a list, he is more likely to buy you something you want instead of another pair of white socks. 


  • Wish List for yourself – you can use a list to keep track of items you want to purchase in the future, when you can afford them or when they come back in stock in the right size or color. Sometimes, having a visual list gives you a goal to work towards as you save money for the purchase. Use it as a motivational tool during long work days when you wonder why you are working so hard. 


How Does Amazon Wish List Work?

After you set up your list, you will want to add to your amazon wish list. Amazon Wish lists work by letting you add any item on Amazon to a personalized wish list. Then, you can share that wish list with others who may want to buy a gift for you. 

If you need any help getting started, you can work with one of our personal assistants who will help you whenever you need it. 

They can help with things like:

  • 24/7 online chat support – If you are having any technical problems with an Amazon wish list, we are here to help you any time of day.
  • Quick and easy support – You do not need to go through training courses, watch webinars, or read articles, you can just ask us a quick question and we will help.

Sometimes it can be tricky to navigate a wish list, and our personal assistant will help you work through any technical issues you have. 

Wish lists are also nice because whenever anybody purchases an item off your wish list, it will be removed, so there is not risk of anything duplicate being purchased. If you have any technical errors when purchasing off a wish list, our assistants can help make sure the wish list is accurate and up to date, so you do not buy a duplicate. 


How Does Amazon Wish List Work For Sellers?

As an Amazon seller, to be profitable, you need to do more than just list your product for sale on Amazon. You want to think about how to create targeted ads, but you also want to think about your target consumers. 

For sellers, you can attempt to use a customer’s wish list to understand his line of thinking. Think along the lines of a buyer, and try to understand the process a consumer goes through when purchasing a new item.

Buyers might create wish lists for no reason other than to track prices. Maybe there are 10 items they want to buy, but they want them all to drop in price. With a wish list, they can add these items and just constantly monitor for price changes.

Some other consumers add items to a wish list if the current size or color they want is out of stock. Adding it to a wish list can help them track it for when it’s back in stock. Sellers can use this information, and contact potential consumers by email notifying them in new availability. 

The best way to become a successful Amazon seller is to think like a buyer. If you were buying the product, what type of ad would target you? What type of wish list would you use? Would you buy something in a secondary color if the first color was sold out? Amazon wish lists can help you think like buyers, which can help increase your profit margins.


Find Amazon Wish List

Any amazon wish list search should be easy to complete. There are a few simple steps to follow when you are looking for someone’s wish list on Amazon:

  • Click on Find a List from the main menu on Amazon
  • Type in the name of the person who has a list you want to find (you can also search by email address, if you know the email address tied to the person’s wish list).
  • Click the Search button
  • You are also able to save a link to the list after you found it by clicking on “Remember.” This will allow the wish list to be saved and reference in the future just by logging into your Amazon account. 

How to find someone's Amazon Wish List?

The best way to get started is to search for an amazon wish list. It is easy to search for a list just from the main menu on Amazon. 

Make sure you know either the full name of the person or the person’s email address. Spelling mistakes can be harmful and cause you not to find the list. You can search for a wish list either by the person’s name, in the steps above, or by looking for the email address associated with the Amazon wish list. 

Find Amazon Wish List by Email

Whether you want to find an amazon wish list by searching name or by email, you can find anyone else’s wish list on Amazon.

You can also hover your mouse over Account & Lists and then click on Wish List. Then, you will have the option of selecting the person’s name of anybody that has shared their wish list for you. If you do not have access to the list, you can request access by clicking on “email this message.” 

How to Add an Item to Your Wish List?

Once you’ve created a wish list, it’s easy to maintain it. Anytime you are on a product page on the Amazon website, there will be a button to click to add it your wish list. Underneath the “add to cart” and “buy now” options, there is also a button on the right to click “add to wish list.” Clicking that will instantly add it to your wish list so you can access it at any time in the future.

You can also use an Amazon Assistant browser extension, which will allow you to add items to your wish list that are not on the Amazon website. This can be a good tool if you are not doing all your online shopping specifically within the confines of the Amazon website. 

If you have an Amazon Alexa or some other electronic smart devices, you can also add an item to your wish list directly by telling Alexa, “add this item to my Amazon wish list.” This is one of the best features of using Alexa, as the artificial intelligence can work with you on shopping lists and on your Amazon wish list. Take advantage of how far along artificial intelligence as come, and put Alexa to work for you. 

How to Create a Wish List on Amazon?

Amazon has made it very easy to create a wish list. Just follow these easy steps:

  • After going to, move your mouse and hover over Account & List at the top of the page.
  • Choose “Create a list” from the drop-down menu and click on it. You can find this on the menu next to the three dots (…)
  • After that, you can choose “Manage List” from the menu, and then you can also make changes to your default shipping address, birthday, personal description or any other preferences

After you create your list, the hardest question to answer will be which of the many available items will you want to add to your list? Do you want to set price ranges, sizes, colors, or do you want to give the buyers a little more freedom in what they purchase for you?

You can also choose if you want to make your list public or private, and if you want to share the link to your wish list with any friends or family members.

How to Manage Your Amazon Wish List?

Managing items is fairly easy as well. You can easily edit or delete any item of your choosing. You just need to go to Accounts & Lists on the home page, and find “your lists.” Then, you can choose any list you want to manage. Once you click on the “more button” (the three dots…), you will be able to click on “manage list.” 


Managing your lists can be important if you are sharing it with other people. You will want to make sure it’s up to date and current, so that you do not get any duplicate gifts. You can also make your wish list private. Maybe you do not want to share it with anyone, and you want to use it more as a personal, private shopping list – you can set it up that way too.

How to Add an Item to Your Wish List?

To add an item to your wish list, click on “add to list” on the page of the item, underneath where you would click to add it to a shopping cart or “buy it now.” 


Does an item get removed from the Amazon wish list when it is purchased?

Yes, if someone is using a wish list, clicks on the product on the wish list, then purchases, it will be removed so that duplicate purchases do not occur. 

Are Amazon wish lists anonymous?

They can be private if you choose them to be. You have the option of keeping the list private, for only yourself to see, or you can make the list public and share with friends and family. Either way works, you just have to decide what your goal is. Are you making a personal shopping list or a list of gifts you would like people to possibly get for you?

How do you know when someone purchased something off or your Amazon wish list?

You will receive a notification whenever someone purchases an item. However, you can also set up a “spoiler alert,” in case you do not want to be notified – like if you are getting wedding gifts and want to wait to open the presents with your new spouse. 

Can you create more than one wish list on Amazon?

Absolutely - there is no limit to the amount of wish lists you can have. You can choose to have a personal list just for you, and then some public lists for different events like birthdays and weddings. There is a great deal of flexibility offered, and you can even share multiple lists with the same people, if that’s something you need to do.