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6 Amazon Sales Estimators: Best in the Market

Listen, it is true that buying and selling will never go out of style, but it is also true that tons of sellers on online platforms like Amazon, and the rest surely do go out of business every year.

With millions of active individual sellers trying to get on top of the food chain, and snag the title of the “apex of the niche” seller of their individual product niches, the competition is incredibly high, especially when you are just starting out on the platform. Most times, trying to stay afloat on most of these online market places comes with pain that is worse than the one in the neck.

There are so many tips and tricks in the book that swears to help you stay in business on an eCommerce platform like amazon, and one of these tools that have been tested and trusted to do the job exceedingly well, is the amazon sales estimator.

What is an Amazon Sales Estimator?

An amazon sales estimator is a sales and marketing tool, which works with factual data that is gathered from the amazon online marketing platform, to help provide insight to sellers looking to make head way on the platform. In a nutshell, an amazon sales estimator helps a seller on the platform to predict the number of estimated sales he or she can make on the platform for a specific product or product category.

These predictions are made based on both real time and historical data. i.e., when the sales data of your preferred product is analyzed, you are able to observe patterns and the overall sales number over a period, which ultimately gives you an idea of the number of sales you can make with the same product, on the amazon platform.

These sales estimators are sometimes called amazon sales calculators or amazon sales volume estimators. This kind of makes sense, as its main function is to offer near accurate and sometimes accurate calculations in regards to sales volume.

Do I really need an Amazon Sales Estimator to succeed on the platform?

The short and long answer to the question above? No. You do not need to employ the use of an Amazon sales estimator to succeed on the amazon platform. Tons of people did it before the first ever sales estimator was created. The above being said, there are some added benefits of employing the use of an Amazon sales estimator in your marketing endeavors, and they will be highlighted below.

Because the data and metrics employed to help you make these informed decisions as a seller on amazon are historical data and data collected in real-time, you are able to:

  • Decide if a certain niche is ideal for you based on profit margins and general outlay. Let us say that you want to go into the sale of xxx, with the help of the Amazon sales estimator; you can get a rough idea on if this venture is worth your time and investment
  • If the stats provided by the amazon sales calculator aren’t favorable for you and your ideal profit margin, you might decide to switch to the selling of something else, which provides a profit margin and sales volume that is ideal for you.
  • It also helps to weigh out your competition on the platform, and assists you with the better structuring and working of your marketing plan. If you have an idea of the volume of sales your competition, or would be competition makes in a month or year, you have an added edge, which helps you do better at your own marketing and sales endeavors.

Though the benefits highlighted above are incredible, the amazon sales estimator performs no magic, and knows nothing about witchcraft. Being armed with real-time and historical data is the only way that any sales estimator is able to do its job. It is also important to note that the data provided by the sales estimator is hardly ever exact; but notwithstanding, it does go a long way to help refine your selling endeavors on the amazon platform.

Below is a highlight of some of the best amazon sales estimators worth investing in at the moment.

Some of the Best Amazon Sales Estimators worth investing in:

IO Scout Sales Estimator

amazon sales rank estimator

IO Scout has a full set of tools that are able to help you make your business with Amazon completely successful without having to spend 70 hour work weeks in front of a computer. One of IO Scout most well-known tools is a completely free tool offered by IO Scout to Amazon sellers at all experience levels. 

The Amazon Sales Estimator offered by IO Scout for completely free, allows you to analyze the estimated number of sales within your category. This is calculated by taking a look at the monthly data supplied for that product’s BSR. For this reason, you may also see IO Scout’s Sales Estimator referred to as Amazon best seller rank calculator (Amazon BSR calculator) if you are reading about this on other sites. 

Understanding Amazon’s BSR ratings is a nearly impossible task. Amazon uses a complicated formula to look at current and historical sales patterns (as well as other information) in order to come up with a product’s BSR rating. That rating is available for sellers to use a guiding tool to understand how their product is doing in comparison to other products within the same category. 

Typically, your product will fall into more than one category. This means that your BSR can get pretty complicated pretty quickly. Your product could theoretically be within the top 100 BSR in one category and in the 20,000s in another category. 

Regardless, using a sales estimator helps you as a seller to evaluate your sales volume and potential within that particular category. Further, you can evaluate the potential for new or existing products that you have within various niches on the Amazon platform. 

Being an Amazon seller requires significant amounts of research. This research does not end once you have your product listed and available either. In fact, your research should not end even if you become one of the top sellers for your preferred product. You might still want to keep an eye on the people who are in direct competition with you. 

Further, you can use the IO Scout Sales Estimator to predict your sales for a particular season or during a promotional sale. Further, if you are considering expanding your business into further categories, then you might want to look into the potential for those categories using the Amazon Sales Estimator to predict future success. 

One of the reasons that so many Amazon sellers are using the IO Scout Sales Estimator is because it is a tool provided for completely free. Although there are plenty of additional tools that you cannot access for free with IO scout, this one tool is both valuable and reliable which makes it a go-to for many Amazon sellers. 

This tool allows Amazon sellers to estimate their monthly sales based on the category they are selecting within the Amazon platform. 

You also can use this tool to determine what your BSR will be if you reach certain sales volumes. Additionally, you can use your own goals to determine your BSR if your product is to reach certain monthly sales goals in order to help you achieve your personal goals for your Amazon business. 

If you want to use the IO Scout Sales Estimator, you will need to launch IO Scout. Then, select the category from the menu that you want to research using the Sales estimator. In order to do this, you also need to know the BSR for your product which you can find on your Amazon Seller’s dashboard. Simply click on calculate sells. The sales estimator will analyze the information available and send you the estimated sales based on the information that you provided. 

This is a tool that is incredibly user friendly. Within the platform, you can easily see the steps that you need to follow in order to take a look at the analysis that IO Scout’s unique platform is able to provide you with. 

If you are impressed with the insight that you get from IO Scout’s successful Sale’s estimator, then you might check out the other features that they are able to offer you. When you are ready to take your business to the next level, IO Scout has all of the tools that you need in order to be successful.

AMZ Scout


The AMZ Scout sales estimator is also another good and popular amazon sales estimator, which works quite similarly to the first sales estimator we talked about IO Scout.

To get the sales data you require of a product; you need to make available the sales ranking of the product you are researching on, just like with the IO Scout Sales Estimator.

The product categories options you can base your research on include but aren't limited to grocery, kitchen appliances, general electronics, health, general household products, etc. Once you input the ranking of your research product, you are fetched the appropriate sales estimate of the research product.

The AMZscout’s sales estimator lets You can gather sales and product information from a number of amazon market points from all over the world, covering countries like UK, Italy, Canada, India, Spain, Mexico, Germany, the US to mention a few. It has been said that you get even more reliable sales data, from the US market places.

At a time, this sales estimator was anything but one of your top go-to sales estimators, and they only became one of the more high ranking sales estimators recently. Before now, the AMZscout sales estimator was not quite reliable, up until they changed things on their end. With a total restructuring of their algorithm, and their ability to give even more near-exact sale ranking data than before, they began to climb up the top sales estimator’s ladder in no time.

Today, they are one of the more dependable sales estimators you can achieve great success with in regards to your amazon platform sales endeavors, and your online marketing endeavors in general. In regards to if the pricing of the AMZscout sales estimator is affordable or not, the opinions vary.

It’s pricing lies at $49, $99, and $199 for their monthly, yearly, and lifetime fees, respectively. When compared to lots of other sales estimators out on the market, it might seem like quite a lot, but when you really think about it, paying a one-time payment of $199 for lifetime access to this tool isn't a bad deal.

This lifetime payment option of theirs is one of their major selling points, in addition to their re-branding and restructuring endeavors. 

Seller legend


If you are on the lookout for that ultimate amazon sales estimator that does way more than just sales estimating, then you might just want to check out the seller legend sales estimator. They do not only provide users with extensive sales data, but they also present said data in ways that just about anyone can get great benefits from, in regards to their amazon marketing endeavors.

You don't just get raw data thrown at you; instead, the sales data representation is given to you in the form of easy to understand pies, graphs, and well-done charts. The high point of this sales estimator is that it offers near accurate sales data for every inquiry you make. It has also been tagged as the ultimate tool for near accurate profit maximization and sales estimation.

In regards to the pricing of this sales estimator, it comes in four packages which are tagged the starter, advanced, professional, and enterprise. And they are priced as $50, $60, $70, and $100, respectively. These prices are paid on a monthly basis.

An excellent perk that accompanies the most expensive package, is that you can take on a whopping 50,000 orders per month, and up to 10,000 SKU. Also, the advanced, professional, and enterprise packages offer you the analysis of a year and a half's order history. In addition, all the packages come with an offering of syncing of unlimited seller central accounts.

Unicorn smasher


Not being able to afford the extra cash to invest in sales estimators for your amazon endeavors, can happen to the best of us. When that happens, the unicorn smasher is an excellent free sales estimator you can turn to for the time being.

This tool works as a chrome extension to help you gather sales data on the Amazon platform as a seller. Their sales estimate is also data-driven like with any other sales estimator. Armed with the data they provide, you can make those constructive, and well informed decisions that help your business succeed in both the short and long run.

You are offered all the sales data you require all in one place, in a very easy to understand form, and it all takes very little time. Not only is this tool free, but it also saves you a world of time. All that is required of you before you can begin is to input your email, and then have the add-on attached to your browser, and you are good to go.



For even more accurate sales estimation on the amazon platform. You are assured an accurate monthly sales volume for a wide range of products and product categories. Although, it has quite the rave on the internet via their numerous positive reviews, its pricing is a bit higher than most sales estimators. But, with their top-notch set of sales research tools at your disposal, I would say that the asking price is worth paying.

Before we dive into its pricing, let’s first take on a brief highlight of its tools and features.

  • An unmatched customer support: Especially as a newbie in regards to using amazon sales estimators, you might have some slight difficulty with its seamless navigation. With the customer support like the Asinspector’s, you get all the help you need to get the most out of this platform.
  • Asinspector analytics: With the Asinspector analytics, you have access to the analysis of product pages. With a UPC bar-code scanner, that lets you carry out a comparison on the spot. Next, is the profit calculator, instant net payout, among other things.
  • Its Extra features: include the option of comparing sales data for products on the Alibaba eCommerce platform, via the find on Alibaba feature. You also get an impressive warranty and UPC packaging information, which lets you compare shipping and delivery services. In a nutshell, you are armed with all the tools you require to skyrocket your Amazon sales, and finally, get a solid hold on your amazon endeavors.

Now that we are done with the tool highlights let us tackle its pricing.

Asinspector's pricing comes in only two packages that both offer a one-time payment of $147 and $97, respectively.

The first package that carries the $147 price tag, gives you access to all the tools/features you could ever need for all your sales estimating and marketing endeavors. The only snag here is that you are required to pay a monthly fee of $10 for the pro license. The second package, which carries the $97 price tag, only gives you access to the standard license and the basic features of the platform and nothing else. You are still able to get a lot done with this package, but it isn’t as near impressive as the first package.

Viral launch (market intelligence)


Of all the sales estimators that are geared towards helping its users succeed on the Amazon platform, this is the most personalized.

If you are someone who has always had a not so great time using online platforms with little to no personalization, then, you will love the viral launch sales estimator.

Instead of the robotic feel you get from most online platforms, the viral launch platform's array of services takes on a more personalized feel. To make it even more personalized, you are also attached to a personal consultant. This consultant helps you better understand the work process of the sales estimator, and ultimately enables you to achieve desirable results on the Amazon platform.

Their most famed service is tagged market intelligence. Market intelligence is software that is geared towards the absolute success of your product in terms of marketing and sales on the Amazon platform. It helps you better understand the market and its mechanics. You have access to data that covers hot new sale trends, sales data history, and pricing, which enables you to build a solid marketing plan and strategy for your amazon endeavors.

By means of the software's inbuilt calculator, you can quickly determine various product costs and their profit. This way, you have an edge in regards to meeting and going above your sales target. The market intelligence software also makes strong claims of providing its users with credible data, which ensures incredible results in regards to beating the competition by employing both historical and real-time data.

Final thoughts

Yes, you can indeed do great things with your amazon endeavors in regards to sales without the fancy tools, heck, people have been doing it for ages, but can you do even better with using an amazon sales estimator? The answer is definitely! Employing the use of a sales estimator isn't compulsory, but it is very necessary to help break in to and ease the process of succeeding on the Amazon platform or any other eCommerce platform.

Sometimes, the price tags attached to the higher end sales estimators might be a hindrance to investing in one, but there are a good number of free alternatives out there which do just as good a job. The free alternatives listed in this article are prime examples. All that being said, I believe in the potential of a good amazon sales estimator, and the difference it can make in your eCommerce business.

If you had ever felt overwhelmed when it came to deciding on an excellent amazon sales estimator, I hope that the options listed in this article helps you on some level.


How to choose the Best Amazon Sales Estimator?

When you have more than a ton of these amazon sales estimators staring you in the face, how do you even begin to make the decision of which is the right one for you and amazon eCommerce business needs?

I would typically first ask that you take your specific needs in regards to sales estimation into consideration. When you have all these needs outlined, the next step would be to go through your list of sales estimators, and pick out which of them is able to meet your listed needs the most.

A quality sales estimator is an investment, and with every investment, if you aren’t able to make a profit, why even bother? If a sales estimator doesn't come with the features that are required to meet your needs, then it isn't worth your bother.

How do I find Sales on Amazon?

The best way to find sales on amazon is to employ the use of the best amazon sales estimator you can find, and work with the sales data you gather diligently. Armed with this sales data provided to you employing both real-time and historical data, you should be able to make informed decisions that would ultimately bring you more sales than you have at the moment.

What’s a good Sales Rank on Amazon?

A good sales rank on Amazon is an amazon sales rank that falls between the numbers 1-3. A sales rank on amazon generally is the number attached to sales in regards to how good said sales are. This number goes as high up as one million.

Let us say for instance, that I am looking to make a purchase of a pair of boots on the amazon platform. When I key in the boots keyword or phrase, the top list of product suggestions that I get, would be the ones to have the best sales rank in that category of products. If your sales rank is low, it would mean that potential buyers are more likely to make a purchase from you.

Yes, it is true that between the numbers 1-3 is the best amazon sales ranks that there are, but that doesn't mean that any number higher than 3 is terrible. Just keep in mind that the lower your amazon sales rank number is, the better your ranking.

You can find the sales rank of any product by checking at the bottom of the said product listing. This also helps you gather even more useful information on your competition, as most sales estimators require the sales rank of your research product, to provide you with the sales data you need.