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TOP 13 Amazon Chrome Extensions [2020 Update]

It’s no news that businesses continue to expand at an astronomical rate, especially with the use of the internet. Twenty years ago, starting a business pretty much involved getting a location, stocking it with the required goods or service personnel, some form of advertisement, and finally, the patience for customers to come. Today, things are quite different; you could start and run a full business from the comfort of your apartment, without hiring anybody, or stocking up on physical goods. 

Best of it all is that there are a ton of available resources and tools designed specifically to help make the running of your business smoother. Plus, when the time is right, you could also expand your business geographical, either by partnering with other firms, companies, and individuals, or going out there on your own to make things happen.

Amazon continues to remain a formidable component of the online business scene. As a business-oriented individual seeking to dominate the online business space, you most likely have some knowledge of working on amazon. Thankfully, there are a ton of tools designed to help you make the most of your time while working online.

Google Chrome extensions allow useful software tools to successfully layer over web pages. As an Amazon seller, these extensions can be designed to perform a specific task that helps make your business smoother and better, ultimately adding more business functionality to your web browser. It has become common practice for online businesses too, in one way or another, seek to harness the power of Amazon FBA Chrome Extensions to facilitate business operations. This article covers our top extension picks, designed specifically for Amazon. 

1. IO Scout Chrome Extension

amazon chrome extension

When you are selling on Amazon as a new seller or as an experienced seller, you can experience quite a few bumps in the road. However, IO Scout has a suite of tools that can help to make your life as an Amazon seller better and easier to navigate. One of the most useful Amazon seller tool is the IO Scout Amazon Chrome Extension. 

If you want to be a successful seller on Amazon, then you need to have access to a lot of important information about various products. You need access to the demand for the product, for example - books. You need analysis of the potential book sales on Amazon. You need to know if the book niche you are considering is popular, or if it is a total flop. To see more information about how to sell books on Amazon , read our comprehensive blog article. However, getting access to this information on your own is complicated and sometimes seems impossible. 

This is where IO Scout can help. The IO Scout Chrome Extension makes all of the information that you need accessible in an instant. In fact, you can even view all of this information without ever leaving the Amazon page that you are currently stalking. Some users even claim that this particular browser extension makes it a bit easier for them to work on their Amazon research while they are on the go. 

You can use the IO Scout Amazon Chrome Extension in a number of ways. One of the most popular ways that users employ this tool is to analyze the potential that a particular niche might have for them as a seller. While on Amazon, you can actually search for the product you are thinking of and see all of the analysis right there on the web browser. 

Top Features

You can evaluate all of the most important information right in IO Scout chrome extension.

IO Scout chrome extension will show you all of the following: 
  • Average prices within that niche
  • BSR Rankings for Products
  • Average number of reviews left by customers
  • Average Ratings for Products
  • The total number of Revenue
  • Total Volume of Sales

Using this information you can actually estimate your own success within this particular niche as well. Taking a look at the data that the IO Scout Chrome Extension has provided you, you can actually calculate the fees and the profit that you will make per sale using the information that you can see within the browser. With the extension, it is actually easier than ever. There is no need to toggle back and forth, you can see all of the information that you need without ever leaving the web page. 

Another useful feature for product research is that you can tell the extension to start tracking a product’s success if you want to watch how it changes. Simply add the product to bookmarks within your Seller Chrome Extension and the IO Scout extension will begin to collect data about that particular product. 

You can also use this extension to dig a little bit deeper into a product category that you might be interested in doing research for. If you want to do so, you can actually visit Amazon and just go to the category that you are contemplating. Once you do so, IO Scout will filter all of the details about that product category for you. Including a breakdown of the potential within that niche. As you can imagine, this can be useful for building a product listing that is successful within a category. 

Lastly, if you want to explore a product as a potential for your own Amazon business, then you can actually select the product to take a look at the IO Scout analysis of that product. 

Within the IO Scout browser extension for Amazon sellers, you can actually access anything that you might need for your product research. The convenience of this product is what makes our users fall in love with this particular tool. Once you have access to it, it is hard to go back to doing research the old-fashioned way. 

Not only is this tool convenient, but it is extremely accurate. You can rely on the analysis that you are given through our IO Scout browser extension tool without having to worry about trusting the results you see.

IO Scout Pricing
  • Pro 1 month - $39
  • Pro 3 month - $33
  • Pro 12 month- $25

2. Helium 10 

chrome extension amazon

Helium 10 is the “almost” perfect Amazon seller assistant. This comprehensive software suite works well to address business maintenance, customer tracking, and sales growth needs. This extension offers tools that will enable the sellers to refine their product research so they can make better sourcing decisions, estimate profits plan ahead and revolutionize your research; all this happens through optimized potential product opportunities validation.

Top Features

The following are our top useful tools in Helium 10 Chrome extension:

  1. X-Ray – statistical data research tool for over 450 million active Amazon products.
  2. ASIN Grabber – Discover how 100 other competing products rank for desired keywords.
  3. Profitability Calculator – You can monitor the statistics you need to know to be profitable selling a specific kind of product.
  4. Review Downloader – monitor reviews dropped by customers about your competitors and efficiently found several ways to improve your product.
  5. Inventory Level – compare your stock with your competitors and monitor when they might run out.
Helium 10 Pricing

Helium’s versatility cuts across all aspects of its design, including pricing, hence you get a wide range of pricing plans to choose from.

3. Egrow

amazon extension chrome

Egrow is designed to help you save time spent on market analysis by helping you easily find products that you can sell through daily analysis of millions of products in the Amazon marketplace and aggregating sales data in easy-to-understand charts and panels.

Egrow extension plugin is available for download in the Chrome Store. After download, you can register for a free Egrow account and use your login details from the Egrow website to login to the extension window after the installation.

Top Features

  1. The following are our top useful tools in Egrow Chrome extension:
  2. Highly accurate estimated sales data
  3. Egrow offers the biggest database of daily-analyzed products from Amazon.
  4. Super-fast response
  5. It comes with keywords and positions rankings in organic Amazon search results.
  6. Intuitive and easy to use user interface
  7. synchronized workflow within one browser extensions 
  8. Up to 90 days access to product history changes (sales, price, review, keyword)
Egrow Pricing

There are four packages available for Egrow users

Basic Plan offers five products and five keywords research over 11markets. 

  • Standard Plan - $16 per month
  • Plus Plan - $22 per month
  • Premium - $28 per month

Egrow is touted to be the faster and more accurate amazon extension, and the best part of it all is that it’s mainly free, you can test all features without any upfront payment or contracts; however, all other payments are billed annually.

4. Zonguru 

chrome extension amazon

If you’re a seasoned Amazon seller in need of services like product research, eBay listing, email automation, and more, then Zonguru is designed just for you. With Zonguru, you get competitor sales volume tracking; eBay listing and order processing; sales rank tracking; negative review notifications, keyword optimization, buyer email automation, and keyword rank tracking.

The Zonguru Chrome Extension also helps make product research a more relaxed and intuitive process by giving you tools that make you feel confident when deciding whether or not to invest in a new product.

Top Features

The following are our top useful tools in Zonguru Chrome extension:

Business Dashboard – use the dashboard to easily get important Business Metrics updates and. You get quick access to the most important trends and metrics of your business on Amazon, which is crucial for all businesses. Zonguru’s Business Dashboard feature ensures that you stay updated with how your business is performing

1. Email Automator – for any business to continue to thrive, keeping in touch with existing customers is important. This extension tool, with its built-in templates, helps you curate beautiful emails. You could also make use of its intuitive and easy to use interface to add professional graphics, product pictures, company logo, etc. to your mails.

In addition to crafting beautiful messages for existing customers, you can also program this extension to send automated personalized emails; these emails can be programmed to contain the Varying Substitution feature so that they appear to have been handwritten by you.

Automated emails can be programmed to add necessary attachments, which help in preventing your emails from ending up as spam. Want to introduce new products, do after-sales follow-ups, or just simply enhance your overall customer experience, the Email Automator tool is a must-have.

2.Keyword Tracker – Easily monitor the performance of your keywords by using the built-in keyword tracker to focus on words that directly affect your product rank. As an Amazon seller, optimizing your product for search engine result appearance is key to an effective sales campaign, and this tool helps make this easy. With the keyword tracker, you eliminate the need for manual keyword checking, which allows for better optimize listings and sales growth.

3.Product Monitor – As a business person, you need to have complete control of your business at all times, Zonguru’s product monitor ensure you have that. Get timely updates on product reviews and product listings and take full control of your business. The product monitor can also be configured to keep tabs on your competitor’s listings and regularly update you with what your competitors are doing so you can take effective measures.

4.IP Monitor – IP Monitor is an advanced tool created by Zonguru. The IP (acronym for Intellectual Property) Monitor helps protect you from IP theft, such as the use of duplicate pictures to the pictures of the products in your store by other sellers. You can choose to receive an alert when someone uses an identical photo of your product, even if they have doctored or retouched it.

Zonguru Pricing

Zonguru pricing model offers a variety of options, all of which vary based on the type and volume of the extension tools you wish to subscribe to. You can however, test-run the full package for a week even without adding a credit card, after which you can go ahead and subscribe if you’re satisfied with the result. The annual plan requires that you pay the entire fees upfront; however, if you decide to opt-out along the line, you’re free to do so. 

5. Unicorn Smasher

chrome extension amazon

If you are new to Amazon or searching for a product for the first time, Unicorn smasher was designed specifically to help you overcome all the hurdles you may face, by providing a database of all relevant info related to any product you may be searching for. Unicorn Smasher is mostly free to use hence the reason why it’s popular among Amazon sellers.

The user interface provides an overview of all important information, ranging from price costing, best-selling ranks, buyer reviews, and any more information for any product advertised on Amazon. Unicorn Smasher captured data form thousands of products on amazon is regularly analyzed to provide you with authentic sales and revenue projections and estimations.

Top Features

Unicorn smasher comes equipped with great features designed to make your research process as smooth and easy a process as possible. We’ve highlighted the ones that will resonate with you.

  1. Organized dashboard
  2. Sales estimates and Opportunity scores 
  3. Real-time, reliable data to give you an insight on prices, bestseller ranks, reviews, ratings, estimated sales, and more for any product on amazon.
  4. Accurate sales and revenue estimates based on real data from tens of thousands of live amazon products.
  5. Ultra-organized dashboard to help you easily manage all of your product research in one place, saving you weeks of tedious research.
  6. Discreet sharing tool that puts your data in a super easy shareable format that doesn’t give away your product, making it easy to get feedback from other sellers.
  7. Discreet sharing tool
  8. Variation statistics
  9. In-browser analysis
  10. Order fulfillment: Integration with AMZ Tracker to give subscribers an inside edge on finding profitable opportunities.

The chrome extension is offered free for all its users.

6. Keepa

chrome amazon extension

Keepa remains one of the most popular tools for all those professional sellers on Amazon. It is among the top picks of amazon fba chrome extension. I got a spot because of It’s easy to use interface and efficiency, especially in monitoring products, and tracking prices helps it remain a favorite. This chrome extension provides unlimited access to deals section table, interactive graphs, sales ranks, and offers counts.

Top Features

  1. The following are our top useful tools in Keepa Chrome extension:
  2. Product finder: search on the tool’s database and find your product to add it to your watch list
  3. When it comes to a product’s monetary history, Keepa tends to win out again for a more intuitive display by showing you low dollar amounts on the bottom and high dollar amounts on the top.
  4. The same intuitiveness goes for a product’s sales rank, too, with the lowest at the bottom and the highest at the top.
  5. If you want to keep your focus super narrow, click to remove a set of data. And if you want to broaden your scope, just click back the data sets. Plus, a neat thing happens if you click back the Amazon data set because it comes back shaded to indicate it’s in stock (and white if it’s out of stock).
  6. You can also see the in-stock, out-of-stock history of an item, so you never have to compete directly with Amazon, which isn’t the smartest idea in the world.
  7. Product viewer: import your product lists
  8. Keepa shows you more immediate results by giving you the option to display date ranges of a day, week, month, three months, or all the data the extension has on file.
  9. Bestseller lists: the best-selling products on Amazon grouped by category
  10. Top seller list: Amazon’s top-selling merchants
  11. Price History charts
Keepa Pricing

Keepa is another amazon extension for chrome that allows for only two tiers of pricing (free and monthly subscription). With a free version, you will get access to the Product Finder, the Product Viewer, the Best Seller Lists from Amazon, the Top Seller List, and many other features. However, it limits your search of products and ASINs to 5 per search.

The Monthly Subscription costs $15 a month and gives you 5000-10,000+ searches for ASINs and products per search. It also allows you API access for five tokens per minute and a quota refill rate of 5% per hour instead of the 2.5% every 23 hours for the free version.

7. BQool

amazon extension chrome

Are you an Amazon seller looking to automate your processes? BQool, an amazon seller chrome extension is the perfect tool to achieve that. Its processes involve specialized streamlining to help to find and manage products, create and manage email campaigns, and oversee product reviews. BQool’s ultimate aim is targeted at helping you save time and minimize expenses while selling more.

If you also want to improve your sales rank, BQool also provides an option for that, both for new and existing products.

Top Features

The following are our top useful tools in BQool Chrome extension:

  1. 5-mins Accelerated Repricing
  2. Embedded Price & Profit Calculator
  3. Insightful Listing Data
  4. Customizable Repricing Settings
  5. Schedule Repricing
  6. Compete Against Buy Box Price
  7. Comprehensive Dashboard & Reports
  8. Repricing History Log
  9. Listing File Upload
  10. Favorite Filters & Groups
  11. Price Safety Net
BQool Pricing

BQool pricing has four subscription options. The major differences between the plans are the product listing amount, repricing speed, and the availability of sales reports.

Plan 1- $25 $270 1,000

Plan 2 - $50 $540 5,000

Plan 3 - $75 $810 7,500

Plan 4 - $100 $1,080 10,000

8. AMZ Tracker 

amazon extension for chrome

This chrome extension is designed as adequate marketing and analytics tools to help defend against threats and improve sales. This extension also doubles as a research tool as it allows for advanced mining of longtail keywords.

Another added benefit of this tool is that it can help promote and launch products at discounted rates, and when your products get listed and start racking in some reviews, you can configure AMZ tracker to alerts you when negative reviews are posted on any of your product or is a seller attempts to hijack your listing. 

If you dig deeper, you have the option of researching and finding out the flaws in competitors’ listings, while tracking their sales and rankings. `


AMZ tracker starts at $50 per month.

9. Amazon FBA keyword tool extension

chrome extension amazon

If you’re looking to kick off your online merchant career on amazon, then this extension comes in really handy. There are approximately 12 special tools designed to help you perform well. You get product management, research analysis, customer management, growth monitor, and more. You can also monitor and optimize your listings using specific keywords that are sure to keep your store well ranks on amazon search results.

Perhaps the best thing about Amazon FBA keyword tool extension is its very clean user- interface couple that with outstanding customer support, and you are sure to get your money’s worth when you make any purchase.

Other Amazon Tools Worth Mentioning:

10. Gorilla ROI

amazon video chrome extension

This tool isn’t a Chrome extension, but a Google sheets addon where you can import your Seller data into spreadsheets. Supercharge and automate your existing spreadsheets or create your own flexible Amazon sales tracker or Amazon inventory system with Google Sheets.

11. Vendio 

amazon seller chrome extension

Vendio serves as a multi-channel service extension for sellers dealing with handmade products. Use Vendio’s “Amazon Match & Publish” feature to import products from eBay, Etsy, or .csv file to Amazon. You can create a profile on Vendio and link that profile to your amazon account, which can then be used to organize your product-market properly. You can easily specify sale dates, provide rebate information, apply gift settings, and other Amazon-specific features.

Vendio also assists in Listing your products on different channels, such as eBay, Etsy, More Commerce marketplaces, Facebook, and your own website. When an item sells on one channel, Vendio will automatically update it on others. 


Plans start at $29.95.

12. FBA Toolkit 

amazon extension for chrome

FBA Toolkit is designed to provide sellers with three main accessories, and they are:

  1. Sales Rank Estimator: enter a sales rank and get an estimate of sales per day in a product category.
  2. Price List Analysis: lets you upload a spreadsheet of product codes and receive a report to simplify a purchasing decision. 
  3. Product Tracking: lets you view the price, stock, and sales of all the relevant merchants in a product listing. 

Plans start at $5 per month for ten tracked products.

13. Amazooka 

amazon chrome extension

Amazooka provides the average seller with adequate tools to launch, promote, and manage products on Amazon. You can also use this extension to generate sales with, automate customer engagement and offer sales support.

You also get real-time stats on your ads while using the built-in filters to target customer demographics by-product, the brand, marketplace, and date. And lastly, you can create and program automated custom reports via email or Slack


Plans start at $60 per month.

Final Thoughts

The statistic shows that there are over 6 million sellers on Amazon, and each of them comes equipped in one way or another with the techniques and skill needed to be above their competitors. As a new or existing Amazon seller, you need the proper leverage to balance things out and make the field even. IO Scout Chrome Amazon Extension can give you an added advantage.

amazon chrome extension

The Amazon Extension for Chrome highlighted in this IO Scout's rating has been properly researched and proven to deliver just as promised, but you don’t have to take our words for it, how about you give them a try, see how well they deliver based on your needs. The above tools are the most popular among top Amazon sellers and have been proven time over time again to provide an edge. 


Are Amazon Chrome Extensions worth it?

Yes, they are. Everyone wants to be productive and get things done very fast. Browser’s extensions are one of the sure ways to increase speed and productivity as you work.

How do I install Amazon Chrome Extensions?

Installing a chrome extension is generally easy. To install a chrome extension for Amazon, simply go to the official website of the extension you want to download. If you can’t find it on the website, you can go the chrome web store to search for the extension.