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Amazon Attribution Guide

As an Amazon seller, do you ever wonder what it would be like to see what kind of impact you’re making on various channels? You have your video (YouTube), social media, etc. But how much of an impact are you actually making? 

With Amazon Attribution, you might just have the answer right in front of you. We’ll be taking a look at what Amazon Attribution is and explain it in more detail. We’ll also explain how it will also work for your Amazon business. 

It’s always a good idea to get the word out about which products you’re selling on Amazon. If you fail to do so, the amount of traffic to a specific product you’re selling won’t be enough. Sure, there are millions of people who are on Amazon every single day.

Just because there are millions of people on Amazon per day, doesn’t mean you set the product page and let it take its course. You still need to do some kind of marketing and promotion to maximize your profit potential. You can start out with a couple of reliable channels and even branch out when the time comes. 

With that said, let’s discuss what Amazon Attribution is and how it can work for your business:

What is Amazon Attribution?


Amazon Attribution is a new measurement system that has been recently introduced to brands that sell on Amazon. The purpose of this system is for sellers to analyze the data across media channels that they utilize for selling their products. Since they’ll be using advertising channels across the web, they’ll need a tool that will help them read the analytics so they can make adjustments if needed. 

Optimizing your marketing campaign is important. You want your advertisements to work as effectively as possible so you get more traffic to your product page. You can find out what’s working and what isn’t. 

Not only that, but you’ll also be utilizing off-Amazon marketing tools as a way to reach out to your audience. You might be using Google Ads or even Facebook/Instagram ads. Either way, your goal is to convert your target audience into Amazon buyers. 

Knowing the analytics will help you double down on one marketing channel while making adjustments to another. You make the changes to your ads until it works. The fun thing with marketing is you try out different campaigns and make adjustments when and where it’s needed. 

How to Use Amazon Attribution

First off, you’ll need to meet the following in order to use Amazon Attribution:

  • Be a US vendor with active vendor codes or a brand seller owner based in the US
  • Advertising on channels that are outside of Amazon
  • Expansion to UK and EU markets will occur in the future (no set timetable)

Amazon Attribution will utilize reporting for both orders and revenue. This will be based on traffic that is originating from Amazon. If there is traffic originating from another website that is your own, it will eventually be converted to Amazon traffic. 

Amazon Attribution can measure plenty of analytics. The traffic can be organic or paid via social media channels like Facebook or Instagram. Brands can use Amazon Attribution as a way to create their own tracking templates so they can be able to read the stats that are most important to them. 

Brands Can Use Amazon Attribution To: 

If you are using Amazon Attributions, here’s what you’re allowed to do:

  • Measure analytics that will help you determine which channels are working best for you and how they impact your sales
  • Optimize when needed according to the reports
  • Plan any kind of channel performance and audience segmentation so you can be able to plan for future campaigns and strategies

Why Brands should be Driving Traffic to Amazon

It should come as no surprise that in today’s digital age, we rely on modern technology to drive traffic to Amazon. Not to mention, there are many people who find their next online purchase on social media (be it with intent or by complete accident). So it’s essential for brands to reach their ideal customers on social media platforms. 

Amazon Attribution will help brands with the following:

  • Increase their sales velocity
  • Allow them to reach their ideal customers using various channels like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Also, they will direct their customers from their eCommerce sites and eventually convert them into Amazon customers (with plenty of benefits such as customer service and Prime shipping)
  • Create new demand using the same platforms
  • Platform controls that ensure brand safety
  • Deploy consistent advertising throughout various channels and drive the unique traffic back to a brand’s Amazon page
  • Support for product launches
  • Create a pool of shoppers using DSP re-targeting

One of the abilities that Amazon Vendors can utilize is Google Ads. The intent would be to drive the ads to their original eCommerce website so they are able to eventually convert it into Amazon traffic. Plus, it’s easier to track so you can rely on the reports to make adjustments when needed. 

New Program Updates (2019)

As of last year, Amazon Attribution has released the following program updates:

  • The program is now available to brand-registered sellers. As long as they are driving traffic to Amazon, they can be able to easily track it
  • Amazon Attribution now has the ability to track traffic that comes from social media channels. Prior to that, that was never the case. 
  • Bulk Line Item creator is now available

Best Practices & Off-Amazon Traffic Generation Strategies

Simply put, you’ll need to implement the best possible strategies to generate traffic. Of course, this can be done using Off-Amazon sites or sources. Here are a few reasons why these practices and strategies are so important:

  • By utilizing Off-Amazon traffic sources, it will allow you to expand your reach of potential customers. Thanks to advertising on platforms like Google or Facebook, you can be able to reach your potential audience with ease
  • You have a better chance of edging out your competitors. To better explain this, your competitors may not even think twice about generating traffic outside of Amazon. Not only that, but you’ll also be competing with those who are just relying on Amazon search results. All you’re doing is driving traffic to a website that will eventually redirect to your Amazon store (and your product listings)
  • Amazon might even reward you for driving external traffic to the site itself. If there is one thing they appreciate, it’s more traffic. Even though there hasn’t been any hard evidence of that, it could actually work out in your favor if that were the case. What is the potential reward? Better positioning over your competitors. 

Here are some other practices that you should consider following:

  • Consider setting up unique traffic orders per source
  • Capture maximum exposure by including all products

How Does Amazon Attribution Work? 

Amazon Attribution uses a unique tag. It works almost the same way as the advertising pixels that are utilized by Facebook and Instagram’s ad platforms. In short, the unique tag is basically a unique URL that Amazon will use for tracking purposes. 

When people click on the tracking URL, Amazon will inform you of the specific actions of those customers. You’ll be able to see who viewed it and who purchased the product itself. Impressions, sales, and everything in between will all be tracked. 

Creating Your First Amazon Attribution Tag

Now, it’s time to create your first Amazon Attribution tag. All you need to do is follow the on-screen instructions provided by Amazon. Once you have created it, you’re good to go and it’s ready to track. 

What Metrics Does Amazon Attribution Let You Track?

Here are the following attributes that you can track using Amazon Attribution:

  • Detailed page views
  • Purchase rates
  • Sales

Why Do I Need Amazon Attribution?

The main reason why you need Amazon Attribution is that it will help you attribute your sales that connect to your off-Amazon marketing. This will help you get a deeper understanding of your customers. You’ll be able to know where your customers originated from online.

Not only that, but you can also even manage your ads. You can double down on successful ads while you can be able to kill off any of the ads that are proven to be ineffective. You’ll also have the ability to shift any resources if and when needed in order to make your marketing strategy better. 

How Much Does Amazon Attribution Cost?

As of today, there is no cost to joining Amazon Attribution. 

How to get Amazon Attribution on Seller Central?

In order to sign up for Amazon Attribution, you’ll need to log in to Seller Central and sign up for it. Once you have signed up, you can then add the products that you want to track. Be sure that you generate the respected tags and implement them across your desired channels. 

One of the things that IO Scout provides for Amazon seller tools is analytics for every item that you track. Everything from the sales, impressions, and where your customers are coming from online. This powerful tool has everything you need at your disposal.

Whether you are new to Amazon selling or a seasoned vet, IO Scout will be the go-to option for seller tools. It will work in conjunction with Amazon Attribution (while there is no direct compatibility) to ensure that your analytics are accurate, lined up, and give you the best ideas on how to approach future marketing and sales strategies. 

It’s also the only Seller tool that has a built-in personal assistant. Aside from Amazon Attribution, you get it all to make your selling experience a successful one. Why settle for anything complex and hard to understand when you have tools that are easy to use and navigate?

Final Thoughts

Amazon Attribution might be one of the new kids on the block, but it can definitely help sellers in more ways than one. Since marketing is one of the most important aspects of your selling success, Amazon Attribution will make sure that you are able to do everything right (while having the stats to make the necessary adjustments). Don’t be surprised if it ends up being one of your best friends on this adventure towards Amazon selling success. 

Of course, any kind of traffic that you convert offsite to Amazon will not only be great for your success but also for Amazon’s as well. In fact, Amazon might even reward you handsomely for being able to bring traffic to their site (even if it is through your product page). Amazon Attribution is one of many tools other than what IO Scout offers that you should always keep on hand for obvious reasons. 

While IO Scout handles most of the Amazon business tasks, Amazon Attribution will specialize more in marketing. The more effective your strategy, the likelihood your sales will increase.