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We are IO Scout

Our idea is as simple as answering one single question for ourselves and our customers:

“How do you grow faster?”

There is a lot of noise around data, big data, analytics and data science etc. But some things are left behind all these words. How do businesses get value out of all these data tools and data sources?

Businesses are overwhelmed with data (and tools for data analysis). Problems are not associated with absence of tools or data.The problem is that almost nobody uses data because tools are complex and there are plenty of them. And there is no time to learn all these complex tools!

We’re not developing yet another tool for businesses and teaching their teams how to use it. Our goal is to answer questions. Let it be “what product to sell” or “what margin will I get in case I sell this product on Amazon” or “how do we earn more money”.

We started as an analytical platform for media businesses, moved onto e-commerce and expanded to marketplaces. Nobody really wants to build data service that collects, clears, transforms and visualizes data in a way the customer wants it to be. Simple, clean, customized dashboard. Everybody just generates more tools and more data. But that’s exactly opposite of the challenge we work on - delivering answers to our users.


Years on market now


Customers achieve their goals

Why we do it

We love the activity, we love challenges, we love success and we love when our customers love us.
10 customers. 10 million customers.

How we do it

  • We measure
  • We learn
  • We change frequently
  • We work hard
  • We’re being sincere
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Our Values and Mission

Our mission is to be a world leader in answering business questions based on data for the users from all over the world.

Every IO person constantly works on personal growth leveraging every possibility for that, should it be books, trainings or new work challenges.

We don’t seek reasons, we seek solutions.

We always seek for growth opportunities, but maximizing long term relationships with customers go first.

We believe that we will succeed in every case with every customer even if it demands a great deal of efforts.

We know we make mistakes, but we own and fix them.

We communicate with users daily as it is the most valuable source of knowledge for us.

We value each other’s time and don’t waste it.
We respect our competitors and learn from them.
We support each other.
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75 Prodromou Avenue,
Oneworld Parkview House,
3rd floor, Office 301 Nicosia,