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Personal Assistant is the game changer

IO Scout is not only a powerful All-in-one solution for Amazon sellers, but we also provide a Personal Assistant to help you build a successful business on Amazon.

  • Our consultants have a lot of experience with Amazon business, so rest assured that you will succeed with us.
  • Ask any questions about the Amazon business, not only about the product.
  • Receive tips from your personal assistant through live chat.
Personal Assistant screen

What is the Personal Assistant?

Personal Assistants are online consultants who have great experience in Amazon sales and agreed to help beginners on IO Scout platform.

How does it work?

You need an IO Scout subscription. You will have a live chat where you can ask any question about Amazon sales. How do I find trending products with low competition? Should I jump to the Amazon FBA model? How to get customers from Amazon search for free? And hundreds of other questions.

Is it better than webinars and trainings?

Webinars and trainings are created for the broad public. They often give a lot of general information with no practical tips. They also are high-priced and require a lot of your time. Alternatively, when you have a Personal Assistant you are free to ask the exact question you have and move forward.

Why is it important?

Entrepreneurship is challenging and full of doubts. How do I start? What if I can’t make it? Do I have enough money? What do I do if anything goes wrong? Your Personal Assistant will always be there for you to help and overcome all the challenges.

I subscribed for AMZ Scout / Helium 10 / Viral Launch but still have no sales. Why?

Viral Launch and Helium 10 are just tools, like an exercise machine in your gym. Gym membership does not guarantee an athletic body. To get your dream results you will need a personal trainer who will mentor and guide you. The process will also require efforts and self-dedication from your side. This is what IO Scout was created for, it’s not just a great exercise machine, it’s a personal trainer.

Why shouldn’t I keep my Amazon business for later?

Well, most Amazon sellers have doubts at the very beginning. How do I start? Do I have enough money? What do I do if anything goes wrong? However, 70% of beginners who decide to start find their first success in 3 months on average. The only thing they regret is that they did not start sooner.

Why do skillful Amazon sellers agree to become Personal Assistants for beginners?

First of all they receive a percent of IO Scout revenue. Secondly, they get a free subscription to all IO Scout services. Finally, a lot of them love mentoring and helping people:)

Can I be a Personal Assistant?

Sure, if you have experience in Amazon sales and are willing to help new people. Please contact us and we will consider your candidacy.

How much does it cost?

Our pricing is here.

More than 45,000 sellers trust IO Scout

IO Scout vs. Jungle Scout

Information updated 09/21/2020. Source.

IO Scout logo Jungle Scout
Plan IO Scout Pro $39/month Suite $69/month
Money-back guarantee
Cancel any time
Included seats 3 1
Chrome extension
Product Tracker Unlimited 150
Historical product tracking data Unlimited 3 months
Reverse Asin ×
Keyword Tool
Historical keyword data Unlimited 1 year
Marketplaces 9 10
Supplier Finder
Listing Optimizer
Amazon Daily Trends ×

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