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The popularity of Amazon is rising every day. Every seller wants to join Amazon and grow their brand globally. A high number of sellers join Amazon daily. This has made Amazon a very competitive platform for sellers.

Joining Amazon is just the start of a long journey. A lot of work is required to make it on Amazon. Every Amazon seller should get any bit of help that's available in the market. When selling on Amazon, you'll make many decisions. However, the major decision that defines success or failure is choosing the item to sell on the platform. This is a key step every seller should be keen about.

All items don't sell the same on Amazon. Some face stiff competition, others face less competition. Some require more work, others require less work. Amazon items are divided into various categories. Items in different categories attract different types of fees. Some fees are only applicable to items belonging to certain categories. This makes choosing the item to sell a very critical step for Amazon sellers.

Luckily, the process of choosing items for Amazon has been automated. There are various amazon product search tools available in the market today. They make the task of choosing items simple and faster.

How to Research a Product to sell on Amazon?

Market evaluation is very important for anyone planning to sell on Amazon. Therefore, you must research on the potential performance of an item before selling it. Amazon product research covers market trends and how they are helpful to sellers.

A good profit margin helps run a sustainable Amazon business. Your Amazon item should be bought at lower cost but sold at higher price. The goal is to get high return on investment. Note, having a great logo and attractive packaging doesn't guarantee any seller success on Amazon.

As the seller, you've to write down items you need to sell and compare them with similar items being sold on Amazon. This will tell whether the items will be profitable or not. There are two approaches to this:

  • Manually- This involves checking Amazon best sellers and see the items they sell. Also, analyze what the techniques your competitors use to sell the item of your interest.
  • Automated tools- A modern approach to amazon product search is provided. It helps sellers save time. You use amazon product research tool to research the item you're interested in.

Top Amazon Product Research and Finder Tools

Most Amazon sellers experience challenges when researching right item to sell. Product research is frustrating and time consuming. Let's discuss the best tools for amazon market research :

IO Scout

IO Scout is the leading amazon product finder tool of all the available tools. This is clear from the reviews left by its users, both buyers and sellers. It is the most popular amazon product research tool for sellers.

IO Scout will help you find Amazon items with low competition and high margins. It's the perfect tool for private labeling, dropshipping and retail arbitrage. It's praised for its high data accuracy when compared to other product research tools. Signup now and get up to 10 connections to other researchers.

amazon product research

It's database feature over 150 million Amazon items, allowing you to pick the best one. This makes IO Scout a MUST HAVE tool for all Amazon users. It has filters for filtering items to choose the best. With IO Scout, you can track the performance of various Amazon items, with the database being updated hourly. It's good for tracking competitors' behavior. You the plan to be on the lead.

With IO Scout, you analyze the history or past performance of an item. This will give you meaningful insights regarding an item, knowing whether it's profitable or not. Its chrome extension gives item's details right from its Amazon's page.

Keyword Scout

This is an amazon market research. It's an accurate tool that provides comprehensive details about the market. It supports search using ASINs, keyword search and keyword exploration.

Keyword Scout allows searching global marketplaces to know item's popularity. It gives intelligence about item to know how it's performing in comparison to competitors. You create best listings using best keywords.

AMZ Scout

It's an accurate amazon product finder software . It's key for making smart Amazon decisions, helping you find items and track sales. AMZ Scout has three payment plans to fit budgets of different sellers, with basic one costing $19.99 monthly for keyword tracker, database, competitor tracking and guides in identifying easy items to sell. It tracks up to 20 items.

amazon product research tool

The Start package costs $29.99 monthly, tracking up to 40 items. It has all Basic plan features. The Business package costs $39.99 monthly, tracking up to 80 items. AMZ Scout website provides free FBA calculator and free sales estimator.

Sales Analytics

It's good for anyone wanting to start selling on Amazon. It analyzes an item to tell whether it's a viable investment or not. It helps track fees and check expected profits from an item.

Sales Analytics will analyze sales data in real-time, helping you control your finances. You learn strategies to save costs and build profits, helping you earn more.

Its Inventory Manager makes inventory management simple. It notifies you when running out of stock, tells you amount of new stock to order and when to order. Inventory Manager uses data-driven technologies to monitor inventory needs in real-time.

Items can be marked using different labels like In Stock, Reorder Soon, Reorder Now, Over Stock etc. It calculates date/amount item should be ordered, costs to be incurred and profits to earn.

With Inventory Manager, you predict sales and profit, reducing storage costs for inventory disposal and returns. It ensures stock is ordered in time, and ensure there're no stockouts.

Sales Analytics has Alerts feature that tracks changes in items prices and reviews. you stay updated on critical item changes, helping you monitor critical item features like images, title, categories, new sellers etc. You can set alerts to get notifications about changes in item's pricing, ratings, seller rankings, etc. When item's price drops below set threshold, you'll be notified.

Performance snapshots are taken daily with alerts, helping you track changes in performance. With inventory tracking, you reorder stock in time and item will never run out of stock.

Jungle Scout

It's an amazon fba product research tool used worldwide. JungleScout helps sellers find opportunities online, reducing risks. It helps sellers maximize profit. It's usable as web application or chrome extension. With its chrome extension, you'll analyze an item without leaving your web browser. It shows potential profits for selling that item on FBA.

JungleScout browses entire Amazon catalogue, helping you identify most profitable item to sell. You can filter the Amazon's database by price, category etc., to find potential and untapped opportunities.

With JungleScout, you track your competitors in real-time. This helps you learn their behavior and adjust to overtake them. You will explore then validate item ideas as you browse. JungleScout shows the estimated potential sales, possible prices, FBA fees and possible profits. This helps determine whether item is viable or not.

It's web app is useful when finding profitable items, researching item data and spying competitors.

product research amazon

Its chrome extension is useful when needing instant estimated sales, verifying items' ideas and finding item's opportunity score. It's user interface is similar to that of web app and is updated regularly with simple features. It provides advanced data history.

JungleScout gives details history of an Amazon item and gives sellers price history of item they're interested in. JungleScout shows difference between item's price on Amazon and marketplace. Also, it gives data about sellers rank, units sold, item pricing, item history and current inventory.

This data tells past item's performance helping track its performance. Top ranked items are rated based on PPC, helping you track competition better. JungleScout has LQS feature (List Quality Score) that allows Amazon sellers to track item ratings using pointer system within scale of 1-5. This way, sellers make comparisons, improvising their own items.

JungleScout's Product Finder feature narrows down trending keywords with high demand, low competition. It shows how niches have trended overtime on charts and graphs. It has supplier database from which you find reliable suppliers for your items. These are suppliers recognized worldwide with their products used globally. With JungleScout, your item idea becomes a reality, helping you find suppliers and perform ASIN searches, reducing time to look for supplier. You manage orders and track suppliers on single platform. After agreeing on supply details, it generates purchase orders.

Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn Smasher is a known product research amazon tool. It gives accurate sales estimates and comprehensive data, allowing users to quickly move between item niches.

Its chrome extension makes searching items quick and simple. It gives potential estimated sales for an item on its Amazon page. You decide whether it's viable or not.

amazon product research tool

Its dashboard has all tools you need to perform item research. Unicorn Smarsher returns data full of insights like bestseller ranks, prices, ratings, reviews, estimated sales etc. It gives accurate figure about sales estimates for various items, allowing you make sound decisions before selling an item. With Unicorn Smarsher, you can predict profitability of any niche. You can integrate Unicorn Smarsher with AMZ Tracker to gain insights about other sellers.

Save your favorite searches and access them easily. It's the right tool to determine whether item is viable or not.


It's great for any FBA seller. It's free and requires only simple registration. CamelCamelCamel can be used as app or chrome extension. The website's homepage has a list of items with advanced search capabilities.

amazon product research

Other than item search options, it has numerous other features. It helps you watch interested items closely. It watches price drops and alerts you immediately. With CamelCamelCamel, item's price history is shown in graphs and charts. Knowing item's historical performance is key since it helps determine whether it's viable or not. The charts and graphs are updated regularly for accuracy.

to research item, you click it from menu and prices are shown in tables showing prices, price history and others. It has browser add-on for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. They're good for price watching.


AmazeOwl is the right tool to know whether item is promising or not. If you need to identify a profitable Amazon item, use AmazeOwl. AmazeOwl shows items with low competition and incurring low shipping costs. Definitely, there are the most profitable items on Amazon.

AmazeOwl tool helps sellers track their competitors. It shows competitors' active listing, changes in their items' prices, fluctuations in inventory and new entrants into market. It has a desktop app that helps you find items quickly. It searches through Amazon's listings to show items fitting your price, reviews, BSR score and others. With Amazeowl, you directly save listings from Amazon.

It shows the demand level for an item and competition. It helps sellers find suppliers for interested items. It gives history of competitors' listings, like photo updates, price movements and rating shifts.

AMZ Shark

It has powerful features that can help you make more money on Amazon. it's good for retailers and brand owners. Use AMZ Shark to find profitable item to sell. It shows price history of an item and its sales volume. It also shows fluctuations in item's sales rank over time.

amazon market research

It shows statistics for various niches. This helps discover potentially profitable niches to venture into. AMZ Shark tracks search rankings for an item in any marketplace and provides daily updates. It's a keyword exploration tool, helping sellers find best item keywords to improve item's ranking on Amazon. Such keywords are used in running ads. AMZ Shark explores your listings to find any weaknesses. You can then improve listings for item's benefits.

It supports keyword comparisons for up to 20 items at a go to identify profitable niches and sub-niches. AMZ Shark sends alerts to sellers about reviews and feedback from customers.


Sonar's database has above 74 million keywords. You search for best item's keywords and use them to improve item's ranking and optimize your ad campaigns. With Sonar, you find short-tail keywords for your Amazon items. It also identifies item's long-tail keywords. PPC campaigns are good for promoting items. Sonar gives you right keywords for optimizing such campaigns.

amazon fba product research

Sonar will help you make item's ads more visible. You minimize the possibility of bidding on keywords that are less relevant. The results can be exported to external files for further analysis. Sonar is available worldwide, and is usable in various marketplaces including EU, India and US. It helps you overcome language barrier when targeting overseas marketplaces.


Algopix is an amazon product analysis tool to help you do market research before selling a certain item. Its insights are data-driven, helping sellers make evidence-based decisions.

amazon product research

Algopix analyzes all expenses seller will incur selling particular item. Knowing item's expenses helps decide whether item will be profitable or not. If profitable, the seller can sell the item. If little or no profit, seller can consider selling another item. It estimates potential sales for an item. It gives insights for Google adwords, helping you do proper item marketing. Its bulk analysis feature analyzes the market demand for an item, shipping costs and the possible margins. This informs you whether item is worth your item or not.


This amazon product research tool combines various features into one. It offer research, SEO, reviews, PPC, competitor monitoring and inventory management features. It extracts data from amazon and translates it into actionable steps for improving our amazon businesses.

amazon product research

Many Amazon sellers have used it to improve their sales. It comes into two editions, the Seller and Vendor editions. The Vendor edition is good for businesses using Vendor Central Interface of Amazon. Its features makes product research an easy task. Its sales data includes profits, promos, refunds, PPC costs, and sales velocity.

Its good for rank analysis. The rank analysis tool offers features like item tracking, sales rank, pricing history and sales volume. Also, Sellics offers keywords analytics, PPC management, A/B split testing and other features. Sellics has simple interface good even for beginners. Its data is easy to interpret.

Ali Inspector

Ali Inspector facilitates faster Amazon item search without manual page search. It's a 3-in-1 software that creates niche keywords and analyzed bestseller items and uncovers the top performing dropship items quickly.

It has keyword generator tool that generates keywords for Amazon items. It also analyzes best sellers. This way, you identify top selling items in any niche. Its Download Assets Window helps download images of items, description and details and store it in more accessible files.

It allows download of any item's reviews. The reviews are then exported to an external file for analysis. This can tell the weaknesses of an item and concerns customers have raised about an item. Such are good for making item improvements.

FBA Wizard Pro

This is an amazon product research software for scanning websites to find pricing information by online retailers. Once it has found an item that meets search criteria, it notifies the user via email.

It also analyzes wholesalers' item lists to check for profitable items. It consider item's sales ranking, profit, ROI, European pricing etc., as items data points. With FBA Wizard Pro, you easily find profitable items from Ebay and Amazon for arbitrage, private labeling, and wholesale and is usable in various marketplaces including US and UK.

It offers filtering mechanisms when searching for items from a store, allowing you to dig deeper into item's sales history and other details then you add them into your shortlist.

FBA Wizard Pro scans URLs and categories for retailers, returning deeper details after item research. Such scans include Euro, wholesale, merchant, reverse scans and Ebay. Since the scans take place in cloud, your computer doesn't have to be turned on. You simply setup scans and allow it do its work.


ZonGuru helps sellers analyze Amazon marketplace and identify most profitable items to sell. It gives deeper insights about item's prices, bestseller ranks, ratings, reviews, estimated sales and others for any Amazon listed item.

product research amazon

It makes item research quick and simple, giving you confidence when looking for best item to sell on Amazon. ZonGuru has simple interface, and filters for filtering items during search. It shows the best performing item in each niche, its price range, and others. It also shows the worst performing items in each niche, helping you avoid such items. It's available in US, UK marketplaces.


Amachete was developed for helping FBA sellers start and run successful Amazon investments. You can use it as chrome extension. This means you will get item details right from its Amazon page, without leaving browser to open another app for item analysis. Also, Amachete offers competition analysis, profit estimator, rank and inventory trackers.

amazon product research

Amachete has great feature, Hijack Monitor. This feature monitors listings constantly to detect hijackers. Once an hijacker is detected, Amachete contacts you immediately. Also, the hijacker is shut down immediately to prevent them from gaining your sales. Most users have testified that it's more reliable compared to other tools. It offers ease of use, easy to switch between plans and offers a proactive customer service.


Market evaluation is very important for anyone planning to sell on Amazon. Therefore, you must research on the potential performance of an item before selling it. Research should cover market trends and how they are helpful to sellers.

Marketing Amazon items is seen as most critical step. Sellers use all possible techniques to market their Amazon items upon listing. Their goal is to reach a wider audience. This is good. However, choosing Amazon item is more critical. It defines your success or failure as Amazon seller. Choosing right item means success. choosing wrong item means failure. No seller wants to fail. This makes item selection the most critical step for Amazon sellers.

A good profit margin helps run a sustainable Amazon business. Your Amazon item should be bought at lower cost but sold at higher price. The goal is to get high return on investment. Note, having a great logo and attractive packaging doesn't guarantee any seller success on Amazon. There's a lot to be done.

All Amazon items don't sell the same. Some face stiff competition, others face less competition. Amount of work needed, for preparation of items also differs. Amazon items are divided into various categories. Items in different categories attract different types of fees. Some fees are only applicable to items belonging to certain categories. This makes choosing the item to sell a very critical step for Amazon sellers.

As a seller, you've to write down items you need to sell and compare them with similar items being sold on Amazon. This will tell whether the items will be profitable or not. You can this manually or via automated tools. Doing it manually will cost much time. It involves checking Amazon best sellers and see the items they sell. Also, it involves analyzing techniques competitors use to sell the item of your interest. Automated tools are recommended for item research on Amazon. They make work easier and quicker. With automated tools, you research a wide variety of items. This increases chances of finding a profitable item for Amazon.

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