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If you are an entrepreneurial Amazon seller or a particularly savvy shopper then you probably know about Jungle Scout, a tool for researching Amazon products. Jungle Scout is a very popular and excellent tool to assist you in product research. 

Many sellers use Jungle Scout for searching for high demand, low competition products to sell on Amazon and it works well, but it doesn’t do everything. There are certain features that Jungle Scout misses out on and there are tools that provide those features.

If you are looking for something new to assist you in your best-selling dreams or you want a feature that Jungle Scout just doesn’t have then you may be interested in looking at the top 10 alternatives to jungle scout.

IO Scout

Efficient and straightforward were the design goals for IO Scout. The primary goal of using IO Scout is to discover goods with the lowest competition and the highest demand. You can use IO Scout to find those low competition, high demand goods. It has the added feature of being able to set up filters that are especially useful when researching product niches. You can group and bookmark different sets of products to get accurate data on competitor’s product sales or simply monitor niches that you are interested in.

IO Scout’s most profitable modes of product sourcing are retail and online arbitrage, drop shipping, and private labels. It has high accuracy when determining product sales and has a database of over 150 million products to help you make sure you are getting the most accurate and helpful data for your product research endeavors. Using this data you can analyze trends and discover market gaps.

One of the more important features that IO Scout provides is the ability to automate the tracking of the activity of your competitors so that you can get insight into how your product is performing for other sellers. If you notice that one of your competitors is doing well with your product then you might consider offering a sale or coupon to drive customers toward your product and increase your sales. Use IO scout to determine the optimal price for your products. You can use their search tools to discover what other products in your niche are being sold for and ensure that you aren’t setting a price that is too high or too low. 

You can even use IO Scout to review your products and see what the competition sees when they are looking at your products. This allows you to analyze each of your products’ performances and ensure that you are only working with the most profitable products.

Helium 10

free alternative to jungle scout

This alternative to jungle scout, Helium 10, is a collection of 13 online software tools that are hosted on their website. One of the features of Helium 10 is a Google Chrome extension that interfaces with the Amazon marketplace. Usually, as an Amazon seller, you are required to subscribe to multiple tools to get the most out of anyone tool, but not with Helium 10. All the information you could need is available through the Helium 10 dashboard.

Helium 10 has a user-friendly interface that is intuitive to use and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes of exploration to get the hang of. Helium 10 comes with 13 tools to assist you in your e-commerce endeavors:

1.     Black Box

Using this tool you can specify the product niche you are looking for and find products that match it. You can use the tool to filter its results based on many different factors including monthly revenue, price, review metrics, and shipping size tiers. The Black Box tool doesn’t just search in Amazon North America, the tool pulls information from international Amazon stores as well.

2.     Magnet

Magnet is a keyword research tool that, used in conjunction with Cerebro, will fill out a keyword master list. Using your suggestions the tool will mine Amazon data for keywords similar to the one you searched. All of the data that Magnet searches through comes directly from Amazon so there is no question that it is accurate and related to your needs.

3.     Cerebro

Keyword optimization is one of the most important aspects of selling on Amazon and that is where Cerebro comes in. Cerebro is a very versatile tool with many uses in all stages of the selling process. The most useful of its functions is the reverse ASIN lookup feature which will show you all of the relevant keywords attached to products of the type you are looking for.

4.     Frankenstein

Magnet and Cerebro are great tools for finding keywords, but once you’ve found dozens of keywords related to your product you are likely going to struggle to decide which keywords you want to use for your own. Frankenstein is used to polish up your keyword list and provide a set worthy of your product.

5.     Scribbles

This tool shows the most relevant and searched keywords and phrases for use in your listing. The keyword list provided by Scribbles will provide a color-coded organization method for your keywords showing you which ones are the most useful and which ones aren’t worth keeping.

6.     Keyword Tracker

The Keyword Tracker will track the rank of keywords for your or your competitors’ listings. This will ensure that you know how you’re comparing to other products in your niche.

7.     Index Checker

The Index Checker will display which keywords are being tracked by Amazon so that you can eliminate keywords that are holding your product back.

8.     Alerts

If you are concerned about the safety of your listings, which you should be, then Alerts is the tool for you. You can sync Alerts to your Amazon account, after which, it will notify you if your listing is being edited or copied in some way. This is an automated way to monitor your product listings and ensure that you are notified in nearly real-time if something nefarious is going on.

9.     Inventory Protector

The Inventory Protector tool will assist you with creating discount codes so that you don’t allow your entire inventory to be bought at a discounted price. Discount codes and coupons that have been configured incorrectly can be redeemed multiple times which will result in a massive loss of profit, Inventory Protector is there to make sure that doesn’t happen.

10. Refund Genie

The Refund Genie tool monitors your account and ensures that if any of your products are damaged during transit, you are reimbursed for the lost inventory.

11. Trendster

Trendster is a trend analysis tool that will automatically inform you if a product will be a good seller all year round or if it is a seasonal item that will fluctuate dramatically in demand. You can use this tool to track the pricing history and search history of a product and monitor their sales ranks.

12. Misspellinator

The Misspellinator is an excellent way to increase traffic to your product. It simply finds and adds common misspellings of your keywords to your listing so that it will appear when a prospective buyer accidentally types in a misspelled keyword.

13. Xray

The Xray tool is a chrome extension that overlays data on top of the Amazon marketplace. This crucial information can be used to assist you in finding product opportunities.

Helium 10 has a free trial associated with it that allows you to use it for 10 days free of charge before you buy. Helium 10 boasts a higher accuracy than Jungle Scout by about 1%. Helium 10 has a high product database at over 450 million items. You can use it to validate product opportunities with the chrome extension x-ray.


The primary goal of AmazeOwl is to find winning product ideas. This can be very useful for newer amazon sellers that are undecided on what they should be sourcing for products. AmazeOwl will describe products that are relevant to the one you are interested in and give details on why you should consider that product for your business. This tool also has the capability of monitoring your competitors and notify you of any changes they experience.

AmazeOwl comes in three different tiers, the first of which is entirely free which makes it an excellent free alternative to jungle scout. This is a major selling point for AmazeOwl because it is marketed towards entry-level Amazon sellers who have never sold a product before. AmazeOwl’s stated goal is to get a new entrepreneur on their feet by assisting them with choosing and selling their first product.

There are a variety of tutorial videos to watch that can assist you with learning how all of the various tools work. These tutorial videos can be accessed on YouTube or through the AmazeOwl app.

AmazeOwl also has a free trial for the paid tiers that lasts for 10 days.

Jump Send

One of the most challenging aspects of getting started on Amazon is getting the initial sales to increase your ranking and keep your products actively generating sales. When you first post a product you have no sales and thus your ranking is low. Unfortunately, without getting sales your ranking won’t go up, which means you won’t get any reviews, which means it is harder to get sales. It is very much a catch-22 situation. Thankfully there are tools out there to assist you with this problem, which is where Jump Send can be of service.

Jump Send is a tool focusing on increasing sales and acquiring more reviews for your products. One aspect of this tool that might seem strange is that a marketplace for buyers is already provided which means you are not required to pay for the premium service to promote advertising. There is also the added benefit of generating more profit due to the increase in sales that Jump Send is supposed to provide. This tool could provide you with an advantage by increasing your product’s ranking and driving more organic traffic towards your product.

 Unicorn Smasher

how much does amazon fba cost

Unicorn Smasher has the benefit of being the most amusing marketing tool to look at and say. The logo for their business is adorable and the name evokes a whimsical feeling. Unfortunately, that is the only way it compares favorably to other tools on the market.

Unicorn Smasher is a free jungle scout alternative. It always appears in alternative lists due to its low, low price of $0. Unfortunately, due to its free nature, it is not as effective or comprehensive as the other alternatives. It has a lower accuracy overall than any of the other product research tools and some of its features are not fully implemented.

Ultimately, the tool itself comes with a variety of features including sales estimates, canonical URLs, variation statistics, an export tool, in-browser analysis, revenue estimates, quick links, AMZ tracker integration, and a chrome extension, but the features themselves fail to impress and the lack of accuracy holds it back from being worth using.

This might be a decent tool to get started with due to the low cost but ultimately if you are serious about your e-commerce goals then you should seek a different alternative to assist you.

Viral Launch

Convenience and simplicity characterize Viral Launch as a Jungle Scout Alternative. You can immediately start a free trial from the home page and get started using all of Viral Launch’s tools to your benefit. User-friendliness is the name of the game for this tool, it has a very convenient and simple to use dashboard. Viral Launch comes in both a free and paid variant.

Viral Launch comes with 3 primary features, Product Discovery, Market Intelligence, and Keyword Research.

The Product Discovery section has the upside of being intuitive to use interface with a variety of options available. You can sort products by categories, sales per month, reviews, shipping tier size, or initial investment cost. This feature is mostly accurate in the data it provides you which makes it worth using.

The Market Intelligence section upon initial inspection appears to be mostly useless, but there is more to it for the discerning user. The Detailed Statistics page comes with a wealth of very useful information. The information provided by this page is extremely useful in determining product trends and what your competitors are doing to increase their rank.

The Keyword Research section is useful for ensuring that your listings have optimized keywords, but the accuracy for this tool overall isn’t very good. It missed the mark when it comes to the search volume statistic which holds it back greatly. That said, this tool still aids greatly in optimizing your product listings you just have to be a little more discerning with the information it gives you.


fba pricing

Keepa is a very impressive price watcher and tracker tool for Amazon. It is comparable to CamelCamelCamel in popularity and efficiency. Keepa functions as a Google Chrome extension. Keepa will provide an accurate look at a product’s pricing history which provides you an opportunity to measure its success over time and predict how successful it will be in the future.

You can also import data from your Amazon account such as a Wishlist and track those products. There is also the added feature of being able to enable notifications in real-time to assist you in monitoring products from your competition or ones that you have an interest in sourcing and selling yourself.

Keepa cannot operate in all Amazon marketplaces, but it does work in a lot of them including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, China, India, and Australia. Price history is available in 10 different local currencies and over 800 million products which can be downloaded and manipulated yourself.

Keepa is an excellent tool for reviewing a large variety of data regarding products you are interested in including, price history data, new and used deals, warehouse deals, FBA, FBM, Sales ranks, Offers count, rating and review count history, category details, searches and browsing, and bestseller list ASINs.


With online shopping so prevalent today and thousands of online merchants trying to take advantage of the online shopping craze it is more important than ever that you sell your products at the right price. Pricing your products can be a tricky process that requires many hours of research and a disturbing amount of guesswork which ultimately won’t matter because prices fluctuate constantly. Fortunately, there are tools to help you in this endeavor and take the work off your hands. CamelCamelCamel will ensure that you have the most competitive pricing for your product and keep the sales rolling in.

This alternative to Jungle Scout is perfect for those that want to heavily monitor price changing on their competitor’s products. The price change monitoring tool is very sensitive and will notify you based upon the smallest of changes. This tool is also capable of syncing with your Wishlist from Amazon and monitoring those products.

CamelCamelCamel comes with several features one of which is the Amazon Price History Charts. This tool will display a very easy to read graph of a product's pricing changes over time without you having to sift through a vast pool of reports.

This tool does come as a browser extension in the form of the Camelizer for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox which makes it very available and easy to use whenever you are browsing Amazon. Then it is just a simple matter of clicking on the camel button when you want to add an Amazon seller to your product watch list.


Sellics is a very popular and well known Amazon Marketing software package. It comes with a large variety of tools to assist in several stages of the Amazon selling process including Amazon sponsored product campaigns, SEO & listing optimization, review management, keyword & product research, competitor research, and Inventory management.

Fortunately, Sellics is fairly accurate with the data and metrics it gathers from Amazon and displays that data in clear and easy to read insights. It is convenient and intuitive to understand. Unfortunately, the data that Sellics displays only goes back 2 months which makes it difficult to get a real feel for the history of the products you are looking into which, in turn, makes it more difficult to predict how popular that product will be in the future.

The most interesting feature Sellics provides is review management. As soon as your product gets a review Sellics will notify you and you can respond immediately from the dashboard. This could have a very positive effect on your public relations by affording you an opportunity to become known for extremely quick review responses and feedback consideration. All consumers want to know that their voice is heard and this is an excellent tool to ensure that your customers feel that way.

Sellics is available in two tiers, the Seller Edition and the Vendor Edition. These are intended for those who work through Amazon's Seller Central or Vendor Central respectively.


Keyword searches and ASIN lookup are the primary features of this jungle scout free alternative. Extended searches are available to find keywords that are synonymous with the one you are looking for.

Sonar’s keyword research tool works by taking all of the keyword searches by Amazon customers and adding them to the Sonar Keyword database. It does not take into consideration any other sources, only the ones that come from Amazon due to the variability in user search behavior from other platforms.

Sonar is different from other tools of its type because it offers a comprehensive set of features while also being completely free.

Final Thoughts

Selling products on Amazon can be a complicated endeavor involving many hours of research and you can find yourself plagued with indecision and hesitation. Thankfully, there are a large variety of tools to help you find and sell the best product out there. No matter which tool or tools you decide to use, there is something out there that will perform the specific function you need to get your feet on the ground and start making money selling through Amazon. 

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