IO Scout vs Jungle Scout

All-in-one tool for Amazon sellers!

Product Finder. Sales Estimator. Keyword Research and much more.

You’ll be faced with a myriad of options should you search Amazon FBA selling tools on your choice of search engine. 

Be it product research, product pricing, product reviews, real-time data research, competitor tracking, keyword monitoring, keyword tracking, listing optimisation, price tracking and monitoring– you name it, there’s a tool and solution for it.

For savvy Amazon FBA sellers, a combination tool works well, saving not only money, but also time on tracking all the available different metrics on all the available different tools. That can be a full-time business in itself!

In this article, we are going to take a further glimpse at the highlights of two of the greatest leaders on the market today, in order to make an educated choice on researching the optimal on Amazon FBA research tool for your own company, based on your distinctive business requirements. 

IO Scout and Jungle Scout, to be accurate. Compare and contrast, as well as the price options for both applications, and discover how to maximise your business selling opportunities on Amazon’s Marketplace, as well as streamlining business processes and saving an awful lot of time. 

Let’s start with IO Scout.

What is IO Scout ?

better than Jungle Scout

IO Scout is an online application tool for Amazon sellers to improve their selling success on Amazon’s Marketplace. This is achieved through tracking specific products to uncover potential worthwhile items to sell on Amazon. Offering the ability to increase sales through Amazon for Private Label Sellers, Drop-shipping sellers and Wholesale Sellers alike, and saving time and capital in the process. 

How much does IO Scout cost?

IO Scout’s free trial presents a risk-free strategy for Amazon sellers, a try-before-you-buy method, if you will. 

The three alternative paid options of IO Scout of $29, $49 and $69, offering increased search and facilities the higher the price-point of the membership option. From 25-45-85 products available in Product Tracker, 25-45-85 keywords available in Keyword Tracker, and all plans including Listing Optimiser, FBA Calculator, Sales Estimator, and Unlimited Historical Data, there is a plan on IO Scout for every FBA Amazon Seller.

Incorporating essential features such as: 

  • Product Groupings
  • Analysis of 150 million + Amazon Items
  • Complete Item Filters
  • Discover Products with Minimum Resistance/High Ranking Need
  • Historical Data Information on each individual product 
  • Status of Inventory
  • Reviews

IO Scout’s membership packages comprise:

  • 200 million items database admission
  • Infinite researches
  • Infinite historical data information 
  • Admission to Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Admission to IO Scout education resources
  • Product Locator & Tracker
  • Keyword Scout
  • Listing Builder
  • FBA Calculator
  • Sales Estimator
  • Sales Analytics Tool
  • Google Chrome Extension
  • Amazon Sales Estimator
  • Inventory Management Tool

Onto the comparison tool, Jungle Scout.

What is Jungle Scout?

IO Scout better than Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout claim their application is “Your all-in-one platform for selling on Amazon”, indicating their platform is all an FBA seller could want. Providing valuable data insights to help Amazon selling businesses raise their sales and profits, and get the most out of Amazon.

But is Jungle Scout the greatest tool for your Amazon business? Let’s dive in.

Jungle Scout Main Highlights

  • Product Database – Offers a complete Amazon inventory to explore product ideas
  • Product Tracker – Ability to group together products; monitor product inventory, and offering the ability to quantify the success of every single product you sell. 
  • Keyword Scout - Jungle Scout’s Keyword Scout enables Amazon sellers to learn, and quickly – which keywords are prevalent for your intended products.
  • Profit Calculator – Demonstrating all the costs that are associated with selling a specific product on Amazon.
  • Product Ranking – See which similar products are ranking well, and their ranking position to understand the market for your items.
  • Listing Builder – Assists your products with ranking as high as possible on Amazon, with the careful use of relevant keywords, all backed by Jungle Scout’s data. 
  • Supplier Database – Discover the inventory of suppliers to source items across the globe.
  • Launch – This allows the flexibility to launch and advertise your items in an easy format. 
  • Sales Analytics – Track your Amazon sales, costs and profits in real-time. 
  • Inventory Manager – Calculate your inventory product requirements using real-time insight information. 
  • Global Marketplaces – Find items across different Amazon Marketplaces across the world.
  • Opportunity Finder – Find items that are high-ranking in demand from customers, but low-competition. 
  • Instant Insights – Explore item niches, and the profitability thereof. 

How Much does Jungle Scout cost?

Unlike several other Amazon pricing and product trackers, Jungle Scout does not offer a free trial. However, what they do present is a risk-free 14-days, backed by a pledge of your cash back, should you not be happy with the application. 

Jungle Scout Price Plans

Unlike several other Amazon pricing and product trackers, Jungle Scout does not offer a free trial. However, what they do present is a risk-free 14-days, backed by a pledge of your cash back, should you not be happy with the application. 

Jungle Scout Price Plans

Jungle Scout - $39 per month, or $468 annually

Jungle Scout base price plan enables the sourcing and launching of your products to sell on Amazon.

Jungle Scout & Extension - $49 per month, or $588 annually

The top pricing package combines Chrome Extension with all the other features of both plans.

Includes, but not limited to: Chrome Extension; Opportunity Score; Product Promotions; Alerts; Email Campaigns.

Jungle Scout & Extension is compatible with global Amazon Marketplaces – currently USA, UK, France, Spain, Germany and India. Keyword Scout is compatible in Europe, Mexico and Canada at this present time. 

Extension - $19 per month, or $228 annually 

Included in your Chrome browser, the Jungle Scout Extension price plan facilitates precise Amazon product research information. 

Includes, but not limited to: Chrome Extension; Opportunity Score; Product Promotions; Alerts; Email Campaigns; 20 search capped product database searches; 3 products tracked; 20 searches of the supplier database; 20 searches using Keyword Scout. 

IO Scout vs Jungle Scout – Which Scout Wins?

IO Scout is unquestionably a reasonably priced solution for researching potential items to add to your valuable space in your inventory. 

Its uncomplicated methodology, and free trial offers incentives to test the waters.

For start-up businesses and entrepreneurs just starting out selling products on Amazon, Jungle Scout certainly offers a variety of features and tools to promote your business. 

The Jungle Scout Chrome Extension is an exceptional addition to Jungle Scout’s base price plan, and worth considering if you are a more experienced Amazon seller on the Marketplace. 

In contrast to other Amazon research tools, like Jungle Scout, IO Scout is designed to be an efficient straight-forward solution for product research and tracking.

  • IO Scout is a perfect fit for online and retail arbitrage, dropshipping and Private Labels.
  • Users point out IO Scout’s higher data accuracy compared to other solutions.
  • Connect up to 10 researchers to your IO Scout account.

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