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Amazon is the biggest marketplace for selling and purchasing any type of items. It might have started as an online platform for selling books, today it has every type of category. From salt lamps to washing machines, the marketplace has millions of items. This is why hundreds of shoppers from all over the globe purchase their favorite stuff from this platform every day. Shoppers also love to buy from this platform because they know they can trust Amazon to provide them quality service. Furthermore, they have several options available and most of the items on amazon offer great deals and discounts from time to time.

Not only shoppers but merchants are attracted to this marketplace as well. That is right! Everything that is offered on Amazon is not sold by them rather half of the items are sold by third-party merchants. Selling on Amazon is now among the most reliable ways of earning money right from your home because it gives merchants the opportunity to reach a massive audience. Furthermore, programs like FBA and brand registry make it even easier for them to sell on the platform.

FBA makes their fulfillment process easy as through this method, Amazon takes care of the storage, packaging, shipping and customer care of their items. Not to mention, they handle the returns and exchange as well whereas the brand registry offers them access to several useful tools, protects their branded goods and provides them more freedom over the way they shape their listings.

However, due to the increasing demands of shoppers and high competition on the platform, you now need to be more careful. It is true that these programs make the process of selling easy but there are several other elements involved in this process that must be considered otherwise you as a merchant will struggle on the platform.

First of all, you can’t just introduce an item without analyzing its capacity, demand, and competition. To determine capacity in terms of sales and profits you have to examine important details such as sales, reviews, and price, etc. of other same items while demand can be determined by the total amount of sales; if the item sells a lot of units daily or monthly, it is desired by the buyers. To determine the competition, you have to pay attention to the no. of merchants offering the same item.

If you don’t pay attention to these factors and pick up any random item, you may end up with the one that is not needed by the shoppers or that has too much competition. This, of course, will directly result in fewer sales.

In the same way, there are many other factors such as listing optimization for landing higher in search results, profit estimations to determine the potential of the item, etc. which must be considered to achieve success on this marketplace. One such factor which has a huge impact on your sales and performance is reviews. The more the number of positive reviews on your item’s page, the better will be the conversion rate.

Reviews are those comments that shoppers leave on the item’s page after they receive the item. It is an opportunity for them to leave their opinion about the item. However, getting reviews is not as easy as it may seem. To help you with getting reviews for your item and increasing your no. of sales, there is an efficient and smart tool available know as JumpSend or now known as Launch.

If you are interested in understanding what this tool is, the features it possesses and how it can be used to enhance performance, keep reading this jumpsend review.

What is JumpSend?

JumpSend is actually a useful app for merchants especially for those introducing a new item. The app is now called “Launch” and is now offered as a part of the famous seller tool Jungle Scout. Even when it was available as a separate app it was owned by Jungle Scout right from the start but now they have made it a part of their suite of tools. 

Launch offers the same features as JumpSend, it is only the name that has changed. It offers two main features. First of all, it gives you access to a large number of shoppers and lets you create discounts and offers on your item so that it can sell quickly and have more amount of sales.

Jump send has its own marketplace which is basically a place to sell Amazon items on discounts and the sales you make through it are counted as Amazon sales. Thousands of shoppers search this marketplace daily for jumpsend deals so if you launch your item here, you have increased chances of getting order which can be difficult for a new item.

Secondly, the tool helps you with getting reviews on your product’s page and reviews also affect your conversion rate. What this tool does is that it automatically sends emails to your buyers, on your behalf, requesting them to rate your item.

In this article, we will discuss these features in detail and will tell you why are they important for your success.


Since JumpSend or Launch is now a part of Jungle Scout, it now comes with 2 of the 3 packages that Jungle Scout offers. Basically, Jungle Scout offers 3 packages; one which gives access to the plugin, the other gives access to web-app and lastly there is a combination of plugin and web app.

The extension only package doesn’t come with launch/ jumped amazon whereas the two other packages offer this feature. These packages also come with several other useful features offered by Jungle Scout such as product database etc.

The web app is available for $49/month or if you want to save some money you can go for the yearly package which costs $468 which is to be paid yearly but when calculated per month it costs only $39.

The combination package is for those who want to use both the plugin and web-app so that they don’t have to purchase them separately. It costs $69/month or alternatively $588 per year which means you save $240 on the yearly package. To make it risk-free, Jungle Scout allows you to ask for a refund within 14 days so that you can get your money back if you don’t feel like using the app after purchasing.

However, the pricing of packages is not that simple the above mentioned prices vary with the amount of units you sell per month. For example, if you get 500 or below orders per month the web-app package will cost you $49/month or $468 per year but if your sales go above 500 but are no more than 2000, the same plan will charge you $69 per month or $588 per year and so on. The same is the case with the combo package of plugin and web-app. The price of the extension when purchased as a separate package if fixed but if you are looking to get access to Launch, this package is not for you.

JumpSend Features

As mentioned earlier, it comes with two outstanding features. Below we have discussed these in detail along with why they are so important.

  • Customer Reviews
  • Product Launch and Discounts


  • Customer Reviews


Merchants on Amazon are always eager to get a review from a shopper who has received his/her order and for a good reason. Review is basically the feedback of the buyer about the item and plays a major role in the conversion rate of a particular item. 

The thing is that not every shopper who loved your item leaves feedback after purchasing it but those who didn’t like it leave a review without any hesitation. This naturally results in more negative reviews on the page of your item, even though there were so many shoppers who actually loved it. This is because they don’t know how important reviews are for improving sales and many of them don’t simply remember to leave a review.

To solve this issue, what many merchants do is that they interact with the buyer after they have confirmed their order. The popular way of doing this is that when the package is received by the shoppers, merchants ask them through email in a polite and friendly manner to leave feedback. This way even those who were not planning to write a review might leave one.

However, it is not easy to send an email to each buyer individually as it would consume a lot of time especially if you have so many orders. Now, this is where you need jumpsend reviews. It automates this process of sending emails to every buyer and asks them to rate your item.

Basically, the tool syncs with your seller account on Amazon to scan how many shoppers placed an order for your item and how many have received it. You can set an automatic mail sequence. For example, when an order is confirmed you can send an automatic “Thank you” mail to them. This will make them feel valued and they will have more trust in your customer service.

Next, you can save a customized email in the tool asking for feedback and when they receive the order the tool will automatically send them the email.

The tool also offers various email templates that consist of effective content but you can customize it if you want. Furthermore, you have the option to attach your item manual and warranty card, etc. with the email.

Furthermore, the tool also helps you create customized emails for those shoppers who ask for a refund. Once you activate this email, it will be sent automatically to the buyers. This will help you in minimizing the amount of negative reviews because when you respond to the queries of your buyers it will make them feel valued.

Now, to understand how is this feature so valuable, you need to understand the importance of reviews.

Since the review is actually a feedback platform through which shoppers express whether they are happy with what they received or do they want to see improvements, they don’t always have to be positive.

If shoppers leave reviews expressing which part of the item do they want to see improvement in, it should be considered as a valuable review because it is the opportunity for you to make your item better and shape it according to the needs of shoppers and when you offer them what they need they will definitely buy it which means more sales.

However, you should ensure the quality of an item before launching it on the platform. It is true that there is always a little room for improvement in every item but you should shape your item according to the demands of shoppers before introducing it because it isn’t a hidden fact that shoppers won’t buy something that doesn’t offer them what they want.

Moreover, the purchasing decision of shoppers is greatly influenced by the feedback of other shoppers who actually used the item. This means if you have more positive reviews, you have increased chances of conversion which ultimately leads to success. So, you need to maintain a good number of positive reviews on your item.

Not to mention, reviews are among several factors which Amazon’s A9 search algorithm takes into account while ranking the items in the search results of different queries of buyers. The more the number of positive reviews, the more will be your chances of landing higher in the search results and if your item is visible to the buyers it usually leads to conversion. This means amount of positive reviews has a huge impact on your conversion rate.

Another benefit of having more positive reviews on your item is that they help in winning the order through buy box. The buy box is that box on the page of the item where buyers place their order and because one item is usually sold by many merchants, they have to compete and one only of them gets the order.  

  • Product Launch and Discounts

jumpsend amazon

Most merchants face difficulties in making their goods visible to the shoppers even though they are offering a top-notch item. This is because their goods don’t appear in the search results of the shoppers meaning they have a very low rank. The reason behind this is that the amazon A9 algorithm ranks the items on the basis of several factors and the no. of sales is among them. So when you have just launched the item, it doesn’t have any sales and it is ranked lower by the algorithm. 

The algorithm is designed this way because Amazon is a marketplace and its goal is to sell as many units as possible. So it ranks those items higher that have a good track record of conversion.

For new items that have just been launch, a great way to increase the no. of sales is giveaways and creating discounts and offers on them. This way more people will buy them and hence it will have more sales. Deals can be created with seller central through discount coupons and you can set the discount percentage as you wish but the problem is discounts won’t rank you higher in the search results sales will. This is why JumpSend has created its deals marketplace and it has millions of customers.

JumpSend allows you to launch your items with discounts on this marketplace where you can reach a massive audience. This way you get to increase your no. of sales and hence improve your search ranking.

How to Use JumpSend?

The tool is quite easy to use with a simple interface. Due to its ease of use, it can be used by anyone.

Creating Discounts

To create a discount on a certain item, you will first select the item and the tool will then ask you to select the type of URL. Here, you have two options; you can either use the standard URL of Amazon or you can opt for URL with specific keywords. You can choose any of the URL because this doesn’t have much impact on anything.

Once you have selected the keyword, you will be asked to set the limit of units per buyer, if you want to. Now, this is a very useful feature. How? Suppose, you created a 90% discount and one shopper adds all 600 items in the cart. This means you sold your whole stock at 10% of the original price. Imagine the loss!

So make sure you set an order limit. However, this limit won’t only affect those purchasing the item through launch rather it will be applied to all the shoppers which also includes those who are purchasing the item at full price.

Now you can set your discount percentage, it is up to you how much discount you want to offer. The tool will also display the price of your item after the discount. Now the final step is to choose whether you want the tool to approve the total number of buyers each day or you want to approve each shopper manually.

Once the discount is created, your item will be up on the Launch marketplace and you can start receiving orders.

Automating Emails

This is also a very simple and easy process. You first have to choose the ASIN of the item you want to automate emails for. Then you simply have to select when do you want to send the email to the shoppers.

You essentially have four options for sending emails;

After the shopper’s order is confirmed. This can be something like “Thank You for Purchasing from us” etc.

When the package is shipped. You can inform them that their package is on its way.

When the package is received by the shopper. This is important because this is where you request them for feedback.

When a shopper initiates a refund. You can assure the shopper you are looking into the matter.

The email feature works with 8 different Amazon marketplaces Canada, Spain, and France.

How is Launch Different From Jump Send?

Jumpsend and Launch are the same tools the only difference is that Jumpsend was offered as a separate app by Jungle Scout and now that it is named Launch, it is offered as a part of Jungle Scout. The benefit of this is that when you purchase Launch, you get access to many other useful tools and features offered by Jungle Scout. These include:

Product database, which consists of millions of Amazon goods and shows you their key details such as sales, reviews, profit, and rank etc. to help you discover the right item which has the potential to generate high sales and profits.

Product Tracker. It lets you keep an eye on different goods including your competitors’ to understand how they are performing.

Supplier Database. It consists of details of various suppliers and manufacturers so that you can find the right one for your item. It allows you to search them by name or items etc.

Keyword Scout. It is a very important tool as it helps you discover the most appropriate keywords for your goods so that you can perfectly optimize your listings to rank higher in the search results. It also tells you how many times a keyword was used by a shopper for searching a particular item.

My Lists. It lets you create a list of important keywords so that you can keep an eye on how they are performing.

Listing Builder. It helps you create effective listings for your goods which consist of most relevant keywords.  


JumpSend which is now known as Launch as comes as a part of the Jungle Scout suite of tools is a very useful tool for merchants. First of all, it gives them access to a large audience through its marketplace where amazon merchants launch their goods with discounts and offers so that they can increase their number of sales.

Secondly, it lets you send automatic emails to the shoppers to increase the number of positive reviews of your item’s page. These reviews can help you rank higher on the search results which in turn can result in a conversion.

Launch can be purchased through the subscription packages that Jungle Scout offers.


Q: Is JumpSend and Lauch Same?

A: Yes. Jumpsend was also offered by Jungle Scout but as a separate app but now they have renamed it to Launch and offer it as a part of Jungle Scout tools.



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